She succeed, but her torments only begins.

by juliefleurie
Storyline Eviltales
Category Disney Mind Control
Previous Chapter The corrupted wood is not a good place for this kind of girl.

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The forest ground is a hard surface where huge beings can stand up and do their things. The swamp, in an other hand, is soft, spongy, an ideal place for underground creature. It has water, stained, putrid, revolting water where defiled tiny creatures inhabited it, resting before looking for something more pure then itself do jump at.

Snow White manages to reach this haven from the moose, praying that the wolf will join her soon. She sees a little pathway crossing between many pond and she engages herself in it, each step being harder than the last one as from exhaustion and the suction of the ground on her already muddy boots. Keeping all her focus to ongoing on her escape, she fails to realized that each time she take off her last step, worm like creatures was clearly visible in her footprint. Nor that she realized that even with her feather weight, each bootstep awakes the tiny beings around her, gazing at her in pure amazement.

All of a sudden, from all direction, even from under her, mosquitos, flies, dragonflies, butterflies, all beings with wings take off the ground and merge toward her in a thick insect cloud. They try to find any avalaible spot, trying to enter into her shutted mouth, landing on her eyelids, penetrating in her ears, flying into her coat and in her boots, the deafening buzzing making her head spinning. She waves with no use her hands in the air, she tries to breath but insects was entering in her nose too.

The mosquitos begin to sting her, to taste her sweet and divine blood, all the flies family sucking on her skin to refresh themselves from her sweat. She want to escapes, she is desesperate to, walking blindly and she falls in a pond, ice breaking from the impact, being submerge by water, having a brief relieve of this madness as every insects stay right over the hole, awaiting her. Her skin twitching from this encounter. And she would gladly stay in this pond, but she didn't keep her breath, so she has to emerge, and she does it, she let out her head from the corrupted pool only to be assault by the living cloud. She tries to get up, but her furry coat, now soak up, is a heavy burden that prevent her from standing. She panics, she can't stay under water, she needs to breath, but she can't stay her head out, each breath takes in her not only air but little fiends too. She put back her head under water, keeping her breath, taking off her coat and feeling the unpleasant presence of flies in her throat, refraining from gulping those atrocities.

She is now naked except of her boots. And she realizes it. There are things on her body, on her face, everywhere, she does not see them, but she feels them, attached on her body, sucking. She merely feels the ever increasing sensitivity of her skin which is numbs by the icy water. She has to get out, so she stands up as a sharp pain hits her left breast to find herself once again in her flying hell.

If she would have watch closely around her now chilling naked body, she would have seen many of these insects floating liveless on the surface of the pond. Some have been killed from her two dives, but many more have been killed by the first wave of insect that had a taste of her as they have been converted to her purity. And even thought these beings are now purest, they are not spotten by their species as the bright divine light that is Snow White makes these little sparklights invisible. And thus, these beings try their best to shield her, killing their once fellowbugs. But for this girl, it doesn't help her much as their numbers is too great for such a small army.

She sharply stands up and walks as best as she can with her heavy soaked boots in the pond.

On her body, leeches are red from sucking greedily her immaculate blood, sending back their vile mixture containing both anticoagulant and muscle relaxing substance, fishes are falling back on the pool as they can't get a proper hold on her now red from both cold and stimulation flesh. The leech are then dropping down, full of pleasurable nectar, leaving new spaces to be abuse by the swarm.

Getting more tired from each step from the combinaison of her escape, this pool and the leeches, she falls down, her face landing in the living mud. Crawling, almost sliding on this unstable cold groud, Snow reaches back the pathway, her back full of bugs and her front full of sticky mud.

She is tired, she has no more energy, her skin quivers with a little pain from the stings, she just want to stay there, to let herself go, to submit to the somewhat now pleasurable kisses of the flies, a butterfly landing on her lips and begin to suck her sensitive lower lips. She lets her mouth open, moaning from both desire and exhaustion, her ass skin feeling nice, stimulated by the cold wind and those insects rampaging on it, the buzzing around her sounding relaxing as she wishes that she can falls asleep right now, her belly, neck and vagina feeling... feeeling, what is she feeling? As she opens her eys, she sees all around her, on the ground, worms and frogs and others creatures gathering toward her and, afraid, she finds the strenght to roll over herself to discovered to her horror that she was lying in a bed of sick white, muddy brown and hopeless black worms. She was so focus on this sickness that she doesn't realize that she is all coat up with mud and, therefore, only some spots of her skin are available, allowing the swarm to have rare access to parts of her body.

She would like to cry, but she cannot, she has no energy as she feels undergroung bugs coming out from under her, sliding their cold tiny forms on her body. She lays down her head on her cheek, closing her eyes, feeling disgusted by both those insects crawling underneath her and by the incomprehensible mix of shiver of aversion and desire.

She lifts her heavy hand to put it on her bitten breast, remembering the sensation that she receives from the huntsman, and she carress it, the mud adding a somewhat stimulating refreshing feeling on her. She feels weak, and she knows that she should feel ashamed, but what the beast did to her was so nice, so soft, so pleasurable that, in her current state, even if she don't know why she feels like that, even if she knows that she should be terrorizes, she gives herself in, discovering a new world of forbidden state of mind, her second hand going along and playing on this body part that she never thought about pleasure, as only months ago it was still hurting from their final growth.

All around her, a sphere going from sky to subsoil is welcoming new being in this deadly alive swamp, as bitter snow continue to fall down, a pure white carpet recovering her.

In a sudden collapsing, the ground opens before her and all of her lower body is tilting in it, soil recovering her, she founds herself half-burried. She doesn't react, she is totally unable to think clearly, she only feels and now play with her breasts covered with a mixture of mud and snow. Between her toes, she feels tiny lovers sliding in, making her laugh in a dazed state, she feels it slide under her feet and she could not refrain the pleasure as shivers makes her excitation grow up, worms play between and on her tight, making her keep a mid-close eyes state as she does not realise anymore that she can lose her virtue, swaying gently her hips as the so seemingly long ago moment where she was enraptured by the magnifying development of her first lifetime orgasm, almost on the brink of wishing that this soil got a mind of its own and play with her like did the hunter. And the worms continue their conquest of her body as they invade the interior of her ass checks, poking the entrance of her anus as she gasps from this new feeling, bucking her hips with desire. Luckily for her, they are not strong enough to force her, but the increase wetness of her virgin ass threaten this statement. She laughs louder, on the edge of hystery as worms play on her button belly. She doesn't control her body anymore. Even if she is tired, her flesh discovers new sensation that sparks unholy life in it and it reacts without any will of its owner. And still massaging her breasts, worms invade this mindless act, and she rubs them on her sensitive bosom, frenetic as her eyes are fill with innocent lust.

Lost in her current state, she feels something bigger coming from within this now not so cursed land, sliding between her tight, soil compressed legs and an unknown chill is making her wanting it, whatever it is, her vagina getting a sudden surge of wetness, still swaying mindlessly her hips, and then it slide right on her clit as she screams of envy, her eyes opening wide with sexual heat filling her. And as it slide toward her upper body, she feels more of them as she begins drooling, her body squirming with anticipation, clearly knowing what her mind has not figure yet. And then, just before her eyes, emerging from the groung, a dark red protuberance emerge, going out slowly, and she kisses it gently, tasting the petrid mud and the surnatural coldness and it excites her. She lets out a long moan as the first one hatch itself on her left tit, sucking pleasantly, then a second one engulfed her so little inexperienced clitoris, bucking uncontrolly, her tongue getting out of her mouth from the intensity of this experience and, while at it, she licks more of her almost out lover, panting heavily. And as it close by her mouth, she hold her breath, wanting this floppy being all way down to her throat, even if she doesn't remember why. An other one is crawling for her butthole and she desire it, its poking should have made her crazy if she wasn't already in this state. And as her mouth lover is at last free from this soil, her eyes widening with anticipation, a small cloud of flying insect dive toward this newcomers, mosquitos stinging it, flies bitten it as the slug wiggles to get free, backing up than plunge back in the groung.

- No, I want it, I want it.

She cries of rage and despair at the sight of this promising beauty who should have by now invade her body. But things are turning out.

All focuses on her new experience, the animal kingdom around her is at war, the so stupid war between good and bad, between purity and corruption. Their numbers in the sky are higher and the mosquitos are spreading the virus of purity to even grounded animal and, all around her, a shield of animal beings protects her from the ever increasing afflux of wild animal while, in the ground, small worms now try to create tunnel to deviate the huge worms. The soil is getting more unsteady and little by little, the insane sex-starving princess is getting sunk in the ground. A flock of birds appear throught the animal cloud and land all over Snow, picking in the ground to catch in their beak one or two worm than flight off to throw it away before coming back. And as for the leeches who has a good taste of her, they are sliding in the ground in hope for forgivness as they hatch on the bigger worms to suck them dry, even if they have to die.

Snow is sobbing quietly, lost in needs as one by one, every beings is going off her freezing body, leaving her alone, her who desire them from the deepest of her mindless soul, her body tingling and shaking relentless, shivers vanishing from her body and, eventually, after a long torments of loneliness, the pass out into an empty sleep.

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