The huntsman (in the same spirit)

by juliefleurie
Storyline Eviltales
Characters Snow White
Category Disney
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The huntsman. The man who do not live amongst man, but in the wild. So he has never met that little... goody bitch, he should therefor not be affected by what so ever affecting my own slave. The huntsman. Seven and a half feet tall, two fifty of carved heavy muscles, ore like beard, barbarian looking eyes, teeth that grind stones, hands that could almost ensnare my waist if I allow him. He looks like a monster. The huntsman. Half human, half what so ever beast. Wearing for clothes only a scrap kind of short. But certainly not human. And he is right there before me, not even kneeling despite my power or those three guards on the floor, bleeding, death, probably, I really don't care.

But he is not affected by my power. I should kill it right away. But I need it to do my bidding. Maybe after. Maybe I can use it to. I wonder how many women's pussy would shred by his cock, the delicious pain that they will feel, and their unwanted desire that they will get too. Cause they will certainly submit, their search of pleasure, of desire, anything to orgasm. They will look at this big fat, well, a monstruous cock and they will hope that it will satisfy their urge, their already sored and overused pussy raining of desire as they lick their lips, smelling the strong aroma of bestial needs, kneeling willingly in front of it, running theirs sticky noses all over his member, getting excited, touching eagerly his weighty balls and then sucking it, nose right to the jonction between the testicules and the penis which lay on their eyes, wide open in a attempt to brainwash themselves into total excitation. Drunk by this, their dull minds will then request their almost dribble mouths to open, licking this gloriness do drug themselves more while making it almost drown in a lake of saliva, and they will then fail to enter this mass of throbing flesh into their talkhole, being desesperate to suck on its tip, masturbing it with both hands. But then, it will take the lead and beastly choke those helpless soul, tears coming out for eventually helping this lubrication.

And yet, all they will feel is pain, torn flesh, blood, excitation also, but their needs will never be met.

- Huntsman, I, Queen of this land, thus making you one of my subject, command you to go in your forest with someone very dear to me, so dear that the only thing that I want you do bring me back her heart.

Having not shown any emotion until then, a cornered-smile appears on her blank face.

- You can do anything that you want in the meanwhile, if you know what I mean.
- I don' 'ake order from anyone.
- Think about it, huntsman. You are outside, in those vast forest, all by yourself and, generously, I'm offering you a nice young...

Her head still right, she slightly looked down at him.

- ... virgin, pure, innocent girl, unaware of the pleasure of the wild. You could have a great time with her.

She nods slowly while de half-man lick his lips with anticipation, his cock being clearly visible under his short fabric, his body getting incredebly huge with each breathing in and returning in normal when throwing a foul want to vomit and die at the same time breath.

- I might say, knowing her personnaly, it would be the time of your life. Do you really want to pass by this unique opportunity that I am offering you?

Its savage eyes are mixed with lust that might refrain even the whorish professionnal sex workers.

- I 'ave 'er and all I 'ave to do is bring you back 'er 'eart?
- Yes, and as an other gift from me, you are allowed to have your honeymoon until the reste of this month. As long as you uncivilized and savagely defile her all this time, and I look at you, I know that you will have so much fun, don't you think?

The queen make a huge effort to flaunt a large smile from ear to ear while the beast answer first by an animal laugh and then a deafening roar. The Queen turns her head to the left and barks:

- Bring me the princess.

Several minutes later, Snow White enters, her description corresponding at typing snow white on google in the image section, sweating nervosity and anticipation. Now that it has her in front of him, lust is slipping more easily in it.

- Stepmother, at last...
- Shut up!, barks loudly the Queen yet keeping her face quiet.
- Today, you are going for a field trip with it...

And with that, she points out the creature in front of her.

- You will do anything that it will tell you, it is a huntsman, it knows what's best for you, now, go!
- Oh, thank you, stepmother, answers Snow White while reaching the monster, then asks: can I go grab my scarf, it's winter and...
- No. Go! Now!

The huntsman begins to walk out the throne's room, followed by a more than excited and joyful girl. The queen stand still, looking her rivale going into her doom, and, just before she disappear from her sight, a twitch make jump for a moment her right upper lip.

- You, tight slutbag, it is the last time you are doing this to me.

Throught her first walk ever out of the castle in this very cold day, Snow White could not feel otherwise but sadness about the little town. Still, that little girl of just above five, maybe six years old having trace of unspoken things for her age on her, despite her condition, she lifts up her head and follow with her sight that marvelous little woman, healing something inside of her, and that woman, sitting on the stinking muddly snow, legs wide open, trying to give birth to something not entirely human, finds the courage to push it and not letting herself die, and that overdried stem that suddently hatch out for the first time in five years, and that dog that is terrorizing that old man which calm itself, allowing him who looks more peacefull to pat it.

And then, they enter the forest, trees being at the brinks of collapsing each time that a rare bird land in it. There's no leaves, no thorns, only feeble woods covert by greying snow. Still, from time to time, something green appears to the rejoyce of the curious human.

Five hours of march has not damper the spirit of the for this moment fairest of all, always following his new mentor, when they arrived at the den of the beast, a cave full of bumps of earth on the ground. The beast let her enter, a ugly grin on her face, his cock already throbing with sinister desire in his used pant, dribble drooling from each side of his jaw, his glance directly and entirely on its prey, the most easiest catch ever, and he will enjoy it until the very last minute.

Snow was curious about the bumps and was wondering with wonder if it was graves, so she turns to asks to the huntsman when she saw all of this, and, not giving a shit anymore, it take of its pants and begin to approah slowly, crawling toward her like if she was a prey that he did not catch yet even if he knew that there is no exist behind her. This thrill is making it even more mad with desire, his inconceivable shaft acting almost by his own will so much it was full of ardour.

She takes a step behind, realizing the danger of the situation, which was no more beautiful, nice, joyfyl, happy and all the other words that makes a great world. She takes an other step, her mouth open, she want to say a lot of thing, but she don't know what, her eyes are fully open and still all she sees is that big beast walking toward her and, when she takes another step, she totally forgot about the bump, stumbles over one of them, letting out a sharp scream of surprise, falls roughly on the groud, her legs casing the tomb, her yellow dress slightly raises over her knees.

- Please, I beg you.

The most easiest catch ever.

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