The beast have a good time, but her virtue is intact

by juliefleurie
Storyline Eviltales
Characters Snow White
Category Rape Disney
Previous Chapter The huntsman (in the same spirit)

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Hunt. The main objective is to catch a pray. Hunt's motives can be to feed or to have the thrill of the chase. Sometimes, you can even catch a prey, thus defeating it, and then either let it escape or release it so that it thinks that it is free. You then got a second hunt for the same prey, a second excitation, thrill and all that makes this pleasant. Of course, if you are doing so, be sure that it didn't escape for real. And when you catch it again, it will be so defeated that it will not try to escape nor will want to leave. In theory.

The huntsman is well aware of this, as it as the strenght of the beast and de cunning of the men. Right now, it desires so much to feast on it's prey. On, and more than all, in that slender sweet looking flesh, penetrating her, letting go all the pulsion in a sudden and intense intercourse. But it will be over. For sure, it will fuck her over and over, she will not be able to muster any kind of energy do defend herself. It will be quite enjoyable.

But if it abuse her, letting go the little cream that appears on top of a milk jar and somewhat restrains itself, than let her go, she will be scare, she will run, she will do anything to escape it. And it will be so good. Beside, it was it who brings her here, what's the fun in that? And she ridiculously falls on her oh-my-demon-that-I-want-to-fuck-that-ass. Too easy. It's not that fun. First thing first.

It approaches the frightening Snow White, trembling for the first time of her life, and as it lands its hand just beside her foot, she screams, pushing with her hands and feet on the ground toward behind her, crawling still sit, a first tear sliding on her cheek, then another and she cries.

- Please, don't hurt me, please, please.

Nothing to make dissappear the grin on its face nor the superb erection, her panicking defiance only arousing it more, still crawling slowly to savor the chase, making an incredible effort to not just jumps on her, holding tight its teeth to give him a little pain in his mouth to balance the ongoing desire, enjoying the devastation taking place in her. In fucking her. Fucking her in. Thought are beginning to scramble. Her back hit the end of the cave, so she bends her legs and stick them on her, protecting it by her arms, her body shaking, her mouth trembling.

- I'm gonna give you full of reasons do shake your body, thought clearly the beast.

At this point, her fear is for it an aphrodisiac, and the more it closes her in, the more it feels groggy, precum leaking now on the groud and if Snow White would have been able, she would have open her eyes wider as she's being more terrorized by the sight of itscock than by itsteeth, claws or eyes.

- I'm... i'm a virgin.
- D'ad was d'e deal, pred'y one.
- What deal?

She asks it, but she doesn't really want to listen the answer, she just want anything to happen, maybe have a good conversation with that thing, or maybe will it tells her that it's just a joke, a bad joke, but at least, she will not live that.

- I use your body for d'e res' of d'e mond', and I bring back your 'eard do d'e Queen

And it let out an animal laugh that cause Snow to let out a thin trickle of pee in her skirt. If fear is an aphrodisiac for the beast, pee is a catalyst and it stands still, focusing on refraining the urge to mindlessly defile that pure body of hers, his body at it turns shaking from the envy. Hunt is over. For now.

In two jump, he is on the fairest of all who let out a unusefull scream. His monstruous hands land on her shoulder, grabbing purple pieces of clothes and pulling without moderation, her two shoulder being uncover while white darker than her skin becoming red nail marks appear. Due to the pulsion of the beast, she's being tossed in front of her, hands hurting more roughly the groud than the knees. She finds now herfelf on all-four, her head not so far from her nightmare, stinky foam now dripping direcly on her body's side . Of course, instead of going under it to she can run toward the exit, she tries to do the exact opposite, but already the creature's hands are grabbing her sunny dress by her hips and tears it without any remorse, revealing her white slip.

It then take the newly revealed clothes just beside her cute ass and the top of her upper clothes, as it stands up, lifts her slightly in the air, worrying shredding clothes noises are clearly heard, flips her then let her fall on the ground. The impact is not hard, but it is enough to disorient Snow and allows the monster to shred what's left of the protection or her vertue.

All this excitation have made him drooling so much but now, at last, he can ungrind his teeth and let flow all the saliva that it has in her mouth straight on her face and naked body. For the huntsman, it's like cumming from its mouth. Snow is too disgusted par the smell and this kind of sticky texture on her body to move, to react, she's in shock.

The beast kneel over her, it massive balls and the base of its cock landing on her visage and, thanks to her now cute wet face, it rubs easyly and smoothly its organs on her soul's door while it lies himself all over her body as he begin to lick her smooth legs, smelling with delight the remnant of her urine. Snow have no other choice then to submit to this unpleasant situation, the weight of its member making hard to not have a strong draft of its natural pheromones penetrating her libido as surely as its beard on her legs, creating a huge red spot of scratching marks.

After what seems like two centuries but was in fact merely five minutes, the huntsman stands up, looks down at its captive and propose to either kneel in front of it and lick his balls and penis, swallowing every drops that may appear, or it will fuck her right now.

In an unstressfull situation, one might considerate that both options are degrading and that, even if one lick it, one will be fuck anyway. For Snow White, what she understand is if you lick my cock, I won't fuck you. So she put herself reluctanly on her knees, encouraging herself that it may be over soon, her eyes red from the crying, her face from the rubbing, and she shackily takes this monstruosity with one hand, the beast telling her that she is a good girl and reminding her that not a single drop must fall on the ground. She then licks for the first time of her life this thing, not thinking to anything, focusing  entierely on her task, and already precum dribble from this thing as big as her tiny forearm, swallowing it as other tears runs far away from her pain. She looks at him, working hard to avoid to lost her virginity to his, trying to plead with her what she hopes still pure eyes and, for the huntsman, it is such a marvelous view that it instantly cum on her face. She was surprise by the amount, the taste, the texture, the salty taste and that it is hot that she coughs uncontrolably.

When she looks at him, her lungs hurting, her face cover with sperm that she must wipe out from her eyes, she sees it looking at her, telling her that she's been a bad girl and that she must be punish for it. The failure, the threat, the betrayal of her stepmother, this dark cavern, everything comes up all together to her. She realizes that she is lost and stops thinking.

She does not complaint when it asks her to stand up, she turns aroung mindlessly when order to, then it lifts her in the air, and in the back of her mind, the found its grabs gentle, then it sits on a hole in the cavern's wall that makes a seat and, just below her, there is its shaft ready to destroy her innocence. She lays her head on its torso, close her dried eyes and let her arms hanging nonchalantly besides her body. She is resigned, she's ready for the things that no woman is ever ready for the first time.

It pulls her down, the tip of her cock touching her vagina and it continues, her vulva sliding all way down on its monster until her hips lays down between that huge thing and its belly.

- It has not impale me, thought Snow in despair as, in a far away distance, a wolf howl.

- Please, I was ready, don't taunt with me.

It is as if she would have talk to a deaf person. With his left hand, he presses his over thick penis against her belly, moving its hips slowly, sexually, while with its other and, he fondle surprisly gently her breasts while she begins once more to sob, but there is only one tear left, and that's the tear of her innocence that begins to become hot, wet. She tries to avoid thinking about her body, her feelings, even when her hips is beginning to match de sensuous yet shameful sitting dance that she has with her dominant partner or when she hangs her arms aroung her captors neck so that it can have a better accept to those areas where she feels confort? Goodness? Is that a chill of pleasure that I just feel or was I reacting to that other howl's wolfe?

As a mean of confort, she rubs her face on the forearms of her unwanted lover as she feels hotter by the minutes, sexier maybe? What is happening to me? I was sobing moment ago and now I am breathing as a way to either express my desire or to let out the accumulate pleasure that my face, my chest and even my virtue is experiencing. Is my innocence revolting against me? Will I lost my purity if I cum as it just did, my vagina being drench in it and I don't care, no, that's not what I think, I don't want it, but still, it's hot, sticky, and it made me feels something, something bad, or is it a gateway to pleasure? Why is it feeling so good, I have now this unholy thought that I would like it in me, but it will kill me as surely as if I found myself alone with this ever increasing wolf's bark, now. I don't think clearly. I want him, I'm ashamed of it, I'm ashamed to confess it to myself, my body is weak, i'm weak, my own's body is taking in charge my soul and my spirit, God it's good, God I like it, forgive me Father for what I am becoming, I feel it, I am almost ther, Forgive me God, it just sprays me with an other fascinating load of perversion, my eyes are half open, i'm breathing in a way like I've never experienced before, like that wolf that just enters in that cave. Then it hit me, something strong, devastating, mind blowing.

My first orgarm.

I've been sequestrate. I lost something, I'm sure of it.

As my body shakes like if I was hanging by the chains of pleasure, as I lost my little counciousness left, I feel that, deep inside me, I will never be the same again.

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