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Storyline Eviltales
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The queen knows that she is beautiful in a perverted, depraved way. It was her obsession. And there was no one in the world that could witstand her empty beauty.

The next day, she set the King's quarters in the dungeon, and probably that it would have give him happiness if his heart was working. Then, the first thing that she made, before refurbishing the now old king's quarters, before even trashing away every king's first wife souvenirs, was to install a black hole like mirror on a black wood stand coming out from her carriage. She then, with the reverse of the hand, caress languorously its surface which begin to whirl in a looking sick way. But for this woman, love, a human form love appears on her face, her lips parting, breathing slowly with envy and desire. She kneels in front of it and asks in an impetuous way:

- Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who in this land is the is fairest of all?

And the mirror answer

- You, my queen, are fairest of all.

A wide smile appears on her lips, then she open her mouth, head reversed, and let out an inhuman scream for five long minutes of somewhat pleasure as she slide tightly her hand along her body from her hips, cupping her breats in the way and then pinching and twisting forcefully her nipples in the way. She then replaced her head, her mouth half open, her eyes regaining her emptyness, her face, expressionless, stand majestuously, get an evil smile on her face, then laugh hysterically for some time.

Then, she throws out almost everything, and in her room was left alone with the mirror her wardrobe, a desk with lots of witchcraft books and a bed with no sheets on it.

She then begin to manage the castle. No more fireplace should be in activity, every single candle of the castle is banned as every windows will be patch by stone, she require rotten food, crude water and overdue wine, then demand the presence of everyone in this castle to meet at the throne room. When the nanny enters last, holding Snow white in her arms, the Queen speaks:

- From this moment, you will pledge allegiance to me. I do not accept failure, misunderstanding and... what is that?

Servants get their legs shaky, as if the question as been growled by a hell dog, and this althought the sweet and innocent laugh of a child, of Little Snow White. The queen slowly lift herself up and ask in a autoritarian way, pointing the child.

- What is that?

The nanny stummer:

- It is Little Snow White, the king's daughter.
- Throw it away
- I beg you pardon?

At the first step that the queen takes, without any expression, the servents near her fall on their knees, their body shaking all over. At her second step, everyone exept the nanny falls also down on her knees, looking at their queen with fear, their hearts racing, shame appearing in their heart as they realized that in no circumstances should they displeased her, a wave of pain running through every nerves of their body. At the same time, they where also ashamed to feel a wave of excitement. Was it from the pain? Was it from her mere presence? If only they would not been that scare. At her third step, her hips sways irrationnal desire of total servitude in the mind of her soon to be devoted slaves to their queen, a sudden urge of blood creating painful erection, throbbing-like clitoris wanting to launch off the women vagina, nipples getting roughly sensitive by the slightless friction of the clothes, mouth-water that feels like desert sand, breathing of excitation crushes by heavy insanity air, head spinning of confusion between an increasing sensation of pain and desire. At her fourth step, she stops, as everyone  was now laying on the ground, shaking from head to toe from perpetual pain and excitement, sperms coating pants, woman nectar sliding between their ass cheeks, mixing with chilling perspiration, as they have no longer control of their mouth that tremble non-stop from the pain, the excitement, the orgasm, but certainly not pleasure. They have all orgasm without any form of feeling, nor passion, nor even depravation.

- Now why are you not on your knees, servent?

Yes, the unsteady nanny was still standing, trying all her might to not drop the baby in her arms, milk leaking from her nipples and sliding unpleasantly down her body.

- My queen, I...

She put herself on her knees.

- I didn't mean to disrespect you. I... I am sorry, my Queen. It is just that I can not just throw her away. She is king's daughter.

The queen don't even look at her, the nanny, stress out, began to shamefully pee on her.

- I... I could, my Queen, take care of her. Here, away from you, or even at my home? If you please.

And, while talking, she slide a finger on the chin of the child, getting assurance, feeling better, stronger, even happier in this sea of hopelessness. The queen was cold outside, and so is she inside. Who witstand her. This pathetic servent or the child. If it is the servent, then she will have to kill her. If it is the child, well, what can a child do? As long as she's not around her. She then decide:

- Here is my will. This child is king's daughter. As royalty, she must have a proper education. She has, as a princess to be, to learn the real meaning of ruling. To rule properly is to listen to to our people, is to understand their ways of life. Therefore, she will learn to obey your order, servent, and to assist in your work. As soon as she walks. I never want to see her around me. Ever.

Immediatly, everyone sobs , inconsolable tears crush on the floor.

And as the years goes by, Little Snow White get less and less little, the Evil Queen crush more and more the joy of life of her new people, throwing in the dungeon more and more people so that the ghostly king unliving in there may have senseless fuck with both men and woman, destroying and annihilating any living part on the subject's queen who goes everynight down to manage and enhance the efficiency of his faithful pet. Once done, they were set free to live deadly as other take their places, and the queen feels an ever increasing power, seing everyone around her looking so distressful, having pride each time that the mirror tells her that she is the fairest of all. Everything was perfect.

- Mirror, mirror, who is the fairest of all in my kingdom.
- My queen, I must admit, Snow White is now fairer than you.

First, she did not understant why she had not orgasm yet, her hands running on her nude body without any of the usual sensation. Then, for a rare time in her life, she blinks. And then an other two times while she lifther head up as her body.

- Snow White? Snow White?

Somewhere in her, a seed of rage try to take place.

- Snow White!

Snow White, the only one who she never saw, who she never will. How is it possible?

Yes, how is it possible? How is the servants always feels hope when they are around her. Why is the food looks alive and is not rotten and stinky. What makes a bird only sings to this fifteen year old always smiling girl. How is even the souless being feel a single joyful heartbeat when they pass by her?

This cannot be allowed.

The queen calls the nanny and demand that within her sixteen birthday, she's defiled by desesperation.

Of Course, how could she ever do that to her somewhat own child, her sunshine and every beautiful words that exists in the world? She could not.

At her sixteen birthday, being almost one year in awful deception, having no pleasure at all, the queen chains the servent in her own room, making her a cow by constantly milking her throught insanity, losing her mind.

She send two others servent to corrupts her before her seventeen birthday, reporting to her everynight, torturing her, terrorizing her, but still, they could not manage to stain this pure being. Their failure close their fate, enduring different everlasting tortures.

She send five mindless slave to settle her case before her eighteen birthday, but nothing change. The fairer than her have even made two of them laugh from deep in their heart.

The queen did not see any other choice. Is she want her more than overdue happiness, she will have to call the huntsman.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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