The champions step forward

by LesLes
Storyline Superheroines and Spaceships, Lesbians and Lasers
Characters Rogue Emma Frost Storm Power Girl Wonder Woman Shadowcat
Category Bimboization F/F Female Dom Harem Marvel and DC Mind Control Science Fiction
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[Think Flash Gordon, Barbarella, Barsoom, or the covers of dozens of cheesy pulp magazines. It's space opera with lasers and lesbians and spaceships and space-monsters and most of all hot women in scanty clothing.]

"Captain, you may remove your helmet and bra."

Strike-Captain AnnaMarie of Her Majesty's X-alted Marvellous and Exquisite Nymphs struck a fist to her breast in salute. Her hands went to the sides of her teardrop-shaped black helmet and twisted. The black armored visor slid up to reveal her green eyes and a face given to sudden switches between warm smiles and furious frowns. At the moment it was trying to mask pride and pleasure behind dutiful sternness. The rest of the helmet slid one part into another until impossibly the entirety had disappeared.

The black-clad captain shook her head to settle her hair, the long curls of auburn hair spilling more evenly down her back to her waist and the bright-white streak in it proudly visible. A myriad of invisibly tiny machines took advantage of the motion to individually guide each strand of hair with concealed force-fields. Her hair look tousled, but the effect was as artfully designed as any work of a royal beautician.

She could remove the upper-half of her uniform as easily, at a touch allowing it to fold smoothly into no-space like the helmet, but instead she understood that more of a display was desired. She crossed her arms, each hand going to a different shoulder, forearms each covering a leg of the red 'X' emblazoned on her chest. The uniform created seams at her fingertips and she opened them. The back of her uniform fell away immediately leaving her back exposed. The uniform also allowed the falling fabric to carry down the the fabric below her crossed arms, exposing her tight muscled belly.

Her crossed-arms still preserved her modesty. She slowly lowered them to reveal first the swell of her tits, then a teasing hint of her dusky aureoles and finally ever so slowly allowing first one then the other stiffening nipple to pop out before she cast the last of her upper uniform aside to reveal her flawless double-Ds. She stood rigidly to attention, titties on display.

"Ah, my Rogue-Captain, no bra? You know how much I enjoy lingerie."

Her Imperial Majesty Emma Frost, the White Queen, pushed into AnnaMarie's mind. The Strike-Captain did not resist: telepaths were set as far above her as her X-alted status placed her above other Flatscans. Any telepath had the right to read her mind or change her thoughts, and the queen's right was absolute. And it felt so good, so right, so sexy, as the queen pressed a new fetish into her yielding mind. Now the thought of wearing lacy bras, latex g-strings, garters and --yes-- corsets beneath her uniform would make Rogue almost as wet as the thought of revealing or removing them.

"Next time, sugah." Rogue winked and cuped her breasts in offering, then was briefly mortified to have addressed her queen so informally before she realised the queen was in her mind and in control. As was every loyal woman's dream.

Queen Frost sat on her wide throne, her legs dangling over an arm. The queen reached out and stroked a thumb lazily across one of her X-alt's large breast as she finished altering the woman's mind. Rogue's stiff nipples pointed away from each other, small caps on large conical aureoles that were like another set of tiny breasts.

"Such a impudent rogue you are, darling. But are you ready to serve me, captain?"

"Yes, my queen."

Annamarie could not keep the eagerness or excitement out of her voice. The choice of words teased her with the prospect that her beloved queen might favour her with a public fucking in front of her fellow officers.

The White Queen smiled at her as if reading her mind. ~I am~ the queen teased as her hands seized hold of Rogue's tits and cupped and groped them. The officer couldn't stop herself moaning in pleasure as her supreme commander used her as was the White Queen's right and Rogue's dearest wish. One of the queen's legs slipped from the throne's arm to reveal a white thong.

Rogue cursed beneath her breath as she felt a tremor. The start of translation. Emma felt it too, releasing Rogue's breasts and with a final gentle spank setting them jiggling.

"Perhaps tomorrow, if you please me," Emma suggested and ran a finger along her thong for emphasis.

The White Queen stood from her throne and placed both stillettoed feet upon the back of the rebel Kitty Pryde. The brunette in the rags of her previous life grunted in pleasure as she took the weight. Kitty shivered as her insane need for sex with a woman, any woman but especially the White Queen, warred with her absolute dedication to her majesty's every command. Her mind had been broken for her crimes and like any traitor these were the only two thoughts she was still allowed. So it was by instinct that she phased into the floor, smoothly lowering Emma Frost to the dais upon which her throne was set.

From the high throne at the heart of the battleship's bridge Queen Frost could survey the hundred's of black uniformed officer and sailors busy in preparation for the return to real space, each woman reviewing holoscreens and making minute adjustments. To either side of the queen at least two dozen X-alts and concubines stood in lines abreast. Each X-alt bodyguard wore a black uniform with a red 'X', most the same as Rogue's but many tailored for their individual powers. Only a few of the concubines, such as the red-headed MJ, lacked powers of their own but they wore a dazzling array of diaphonous robes and translucent loincloths, golden nipple-armour and bejewelled thongs.

The Lady Storm, most favoured of the queen's concubines, stood just on the other side of the throne. Her mane of white hair was magnificent and the only contrast to her dark skin. She wore the queen's favour proudly, the only concubine permitted to be naked for the occassion. The Windrider stood with her legs slightly parted so that all could see her pussy lips glistening as she had watched her Queen fondle Rogue. Noticing Rogue's attention the chocolate-skinned concubine squeezed her own big boobies as a mark of respect.

Another longer deeper tremble. One that shook nothing but that every living thing about the battleship felt right into their souls. The battleship transitioned into real space, the journey of light-years complete.

The HMS Hellfire, pride of the queen's fleet, had arrived.

* * *

"We have no choice?"

"We have no choice," Diana of the planet Themyscira confirmed. The Princess of the Amazons wore a loincloth of thin blue silk. Her upper breasts were covered by an eagle wrought of gold, its outstretched wings sweeping down allowing concealed grav-engines to lift and separate. Its talons covered her nipples and held short lengths of even thinner red silk that hung sheer to the botton of her tits and served to emphasise their size.

"We have no choice", Diana repeated more gently looking straight into the other woman's eyes. Wonder Woman's were blue and kind but so commanding.

"I agree," the Bat Man growled. At that Power Girl ceased falling into the deep blue pools of Diana's eyes. The almost inhuman sound of the Bat made her shiver.

"If there's war we'll win." (Power Girl couldn't help noticing only her cousin Superman looked as certain as the Bat Man.) "But the Domain of Creation will be devastated."

"And Diana must be ready to lead the Amazons if we do not succeed. I am powerful and at the same time expendable. Very well. Time to face the queen."

Power Girl strode forward, ignoring the hand her cousin extended to try and reassure her she was not expendable. Two steps beyond the rest of the Justice Knights she stopped and composed herself. The screen ahead showed the White Queen's fleet, thousands of tiny fighters, a hundred or more capital ships and the dreaded Hellfire looming enormous at its centre. And this was but a fraction of her strength.

Power Girl gestured and almost immediately the threatening spectacle was replaced with one of almost overwhelming beauty.

The White Queen was dressed simply in white fur cape, white corset, white thong and white thigh-high boots. The stories had led her to expect less clothes and more diamonds. But the stories could not convey a fraction of her beauty. Power Girl felt giddy or drunk as open-mouthed she admired the swell of perfect tits pushed up by the corset and found herself intoxicated as she followed the curves of the most sexual body in the universe.

"We are honoured, your majesty." Distantly Power Girl was aware this wasn't the first time the Bat had quietly and urgently growled those words to her. She repeated them and by the end had regained enough of herself to blush as she noticed the Queen was flanked by a naked white-haired woman and a topless brunette with a white streak. They were both gorgeous.

"This is my champion, Rogue." The queen gestured to the topless woman. A mischevious smile passed quickly over the White Queen's face, so quickly Power Girl wondered if she'd imagined it.

"The Strike-Captain's fame proceeds her." The Bat had predicted correctly. Again.

"I am pleased you have heard of her. Word of your own beauty and strength has reached even the Empire of Marvels. But you have us at a disadvantage. My champion displays more..." The queen gestured.

Power Girl was confused. Surely she didn't mean-- The confusion passed. Of course, how improper of her.

"My apologies, your majesty."

Power Girl wore a short dress of white satin that ended just below her thighs and continued as bands of satin that wrapped around her legs and turned a brilliant blue below the knees. Set in the satin was a boob window edged in the same blue.

Reminded of her manners, Power Girl's hands went to the boob window and tore it open. Her enormous breasts-- No, not breasts. What was she thinking? Her fabulous funbags for fucking females sprang free. She shook her chest to make sure they jiggled. Behind her she could hear Miss Martian urgently consulting with the Bat, but she knew with certainty it didn't matter.

The giggling White Queen gave her champion a spank and Rogue joined in the jiggling with a smile. Seeking to keep the edge in even this competition Power Girl began to sway sensually, stroking and teasing and offering herself to the enemy. To keep them distracted. To show respect. Because.

"Very well, the battle will commence in the time it takes for your homeworld to complete one full rotation. Let us mix freely as if at peace till then. And once my champion has won you shall be my new concubine."

The image cut off and was replaced by warships in space once more.

"That went better than I expected," Power Girl announced as she rejoined the others. Then, suddenly remembering what she had to do, she tore the surprised Diana's golden breast jewellry away and sucking and slobbering with gusto gave Wonder Woman's huge hooters the attention they needed.

Tomorrow there would be a battle of champions between Marvel and DC.

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