Thor meets the brood lords and queens of the Nest to give his bad news.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers Fantastic Four X-Men
Category Marvel Transformation Growth pregnancy
Previous Chapter Meanwhile Thor visits the 'Nest' to see his old friends and see how they are doing.

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Thor was led into a massive chamber filled with thousands of abominations, all gathered around they're apointed rulers of the horde. After they had regained control of themselves so many months ago the heroes decided that their most powerful should be their leaders from then on.

Wasp laid on her side at her throne, now remade as a bed for the insect abomination as a dozen of her daughters pampered her with food or carresses, one waved a fan made from shed wings from her brood while another fed her fruit and meats, all the while she rubbed the dome of her pregnant belly. She always seemed perpetually with child with her wild libido and high metabolism, it was no wonder that the majority of the flying abominations were the fruit of her loins alone.

Magneto sat on a throne with the others, his face, shoulders and thighs were covered with metal that had been twisted and reshaped by his powers to cover him as his old suit once did, his face almost completely obscured except for his glowing green eyes. Polaris and Scarlet Witch laid by his feet taking turns licking his shaft and massive sac while one female abominations that looked similar to Mystique massaged his shoulders and neck.

Emma Frost too was a brood queen herself, sitting with her legs crossed at her seat as Rogue, Psylocke and Storm stood behind her throne, equally as large and powerful as thier mistress. Unlike Wasp who lavished in her title as brood mother to the horde, she was more motherly then the other breeders. The clensing effect of the asgardian apples had washed away whatever bitterness or cruelty the former White Queen once had.

Xavier prefered to stand now that he could, the transformation repaired the damage to his spine and legs granting him the power to walk again, his mental powers made him far more disciplined than any of other abominations of the horde... although there had still been the odd night where all that control slipped, leaving him to awaken exhausted and finding several females plump with child in the process.

Finally there was Susan Storm, Sitting at a throne of her own as the rest of her 'family' stood around her as guards. The transformation had made her completely different thanks to the now feral nature of her new body and the sexual re-awakening she experienced thanks to Storm and She Hulk, the Invisible Woman was now the most wanton, lascivious female of the horde. As Thor approached she smirked at the Asgard licking her lips as several ideas of what to do with the immortal warrior flittered in her mind. Thor himself felt the hackles of his neck rise from the woman's attention as she drew a claw around her erecting nipple, gulping silently as he addressed the brood lords of the news he brought.

"My friends, SHIELD and HAMMER have found a rogue among your kind." Murmers echoed among the many thousands of monsters from his announcement, Rogue pointed to herself in confusion before Thor waved a hand to alleviate her worries. Picking a small device from under his belt he activated it, showing a holographic representation of the monster for everyone to see. "It... Or should I say SHE calls herself Fem Fang Foom, and it would seem that she is the largest and the most powerful of your kind that SHIELD has ever recorded."

"She is not of my clutch..." Husked Susan as she looked up at the image. "I would remember such a daughter if I bore her... Or the handsome lover responsible."

"Her face... it seems familiar..." Wasp's eyes narrowed at the creature in all its glory, with its massive wings, spiked tail and horns, Thor clicked a button on the device making it zoom in on the face of the creature presented. The result made more than half of the Horde gasp in shock.

"MARIA!" Gasped Wasp as she stood, her entourage calming her as she stared wide eyed in shock at the former agent.

"Yes... She has turned herself into THAT and has been rather busy. So far General Ross and Mister Sinister are missing from their prison cells, their prisons either demolished or obliterated thanks to her."

"What does she want?" Called out She Hulk as she sized up the monstrosity, her own tail swished angrily like a cat's.

"Revenge my dear friend Jennifer, she wants revenge."


Elektra sat in a rocking chair sighing contently as she breathed in the forest air, since she had been deemed able to carry on thanks to the many psycologists that helped her after the abomination ordeal she had moved out into a cabin outside of civilization.

In truth the fact that those monsters were still allowed to exist disgusted her, it didn't matter to her if they had regained their minds, the damage was still done! Millions dead, a city in ruins and a broken psyche from being Wasp's play thing for so long. She tried for days to hold out before she broke down and revieled the location of her friends before they were captured and killed in front of her by Wasp and her minions.

Secretly she wanted to get back at those creatures, to bring that 'Nest' to ruins and see to it that not one of those brutes survived. Instead they were watched over by SHIELD like some endangered species all because they felt sorry about what they did.

Shaking her head of such thoughts she went back inside to refill her drink when she heard a strange fluttering sound before the ground quaked from something heavy landing like a rock, her cabin shaking from the small tremor before the front bell chimed repeatedly.

Opening the door she was caught off guard as a massive green-sclaed claw reached in and snatched her up, lifting her well over her cabin roof to look into the eyes of a massive abomination that smiled back like a Chessar cat.

"Why hello Elektra, remember me?..." Smiled Fem Fang Foom as the woman gasped and held on for her life. "You and I have SO much to talk about."

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