Meanwhile Thor visits the 'Nest' to see his old friends and see how they are doing.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Thor Avengers
Category Marvel Transformation Growth
Previous Chapter She downs the whole beaker and feels her body begin to ripple and change.

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It had been eseveral months since the abominations had been calmed thanks to the combined effort of the X-Men and remaining Avengers. All of whom now lived in the massive Nest structure where Manhattan once stood. From afar it looked like some enormous termite mound, with spirring structures made from the resins and webbing created by Wasp and Spider Beast's many children. Thousands of the insect type abominations buzzed about guarding the crude city from anything above while more powerful beings stalked the grounds below.

No one was allowed to enter the perimeter of the Nest, anyone who tried was either scared off by a small group of the monsters or were snatched up by SHIELD who kept a watch over the monsters.

Thor was an exception.

Floating down from the sky and slowly making his way through the towering spires of the Nest he came to visit his old friends to see how they fared. Eventually landing in what looked like a flat platformed area outside an opening to one of the constructs he looked around, noticing several of Wasp's daughters floating nearby and leering at him coyishly. Several of the abominations curious of having a visitor came out to see who it was, it always surprised Thor how proliffic his friends had made such... Large families. Researchers who camped outside of the 'no man's zone' had made an estimate that the nest was home to several hundred thousand of the monsters already.

"Greetings, mayhaps one of your parents be near? I have urgent news to give them." The dozen or so abominations looked him over, some sniffing his hammer while others tugging at his cape, obviously they were children... albiet 7 foot tall children.

As he was distracted talking his way through the group, a massive shadow came up from behind him which he noticed too late as something big loomed over him and snagged him up like a toddler just as he was nearly suffocated by a pair of bean bag sized breasts from the glomping hug he was trapped in.

"THOR!" Chirped She Hulk happily as she kept the Asgardian warrior pinned between her cleavage, laughing as she swayed back and forth, her spike tail wagging like a dog's as she set him back down. He had to steady his feet and crane his neck to look up at the sassy former heroine as she leaned down to see him. She was over four times his height with glossy green scales, sharp spikes on her back, arms and tail and curved horns that arched behind her head. Even so she was still the bubbly vivacious woman he remembered.

"What brings you here handsome?" asked the green giantess as a devilish smirk graced her fanged lips "If your looking for Carol she's kinda indisposed, seems to take five guys to get her off these..."

"NO! No... Thank you Miss Walters but I have dire news to share with you all, it seems there is a problem we must address."

Pouting slightly she nodded before grunting to one of the monsters nearby, who scurried back inside to inform the rulers of the nest.


Deep in the Navada desert there was a prison for some of the more... special kind of offenders in the world. The Cube; both a state of the art prison and research facility meant to study and contain some of the world's most dangerous monstrosities created by Gamma fallout or mad science. In one of the heavily contained cells sat one Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross now known as the Red Hulk who sat in front of a television set skipping through news channels to pass the time. Since his incarceration he was biding his time, waiting for the chance to escape and finish what he planned, to kill Bruce Banner.

As he watched a news report about strange occurrances outside of Vegas, something about missing people and livestock, the connection began to flicker and die out before the television turned off completely.

"Dumbasses, is it so hard to ask for cable?" Grunted the red skinned brute as he tapped the screen before his attention was diverted to the small series of quakes that shook his cell.

"What... the..." The wall of his prison was torn off and flung behind the shoulder of a massive creature that stared down smiling at the surprised Rulk, it snatched him up like a house cat and dangled him over it's smiling lips of what looked like one of the most gigantic abominations he'd ever seen. It had to have been over fifty feet tall with a long spiky tail, wings and horns, its green glowing eyes bore down at him as it smiled a cheshar cat grin at him.

"Good morning General Ross, I have a proposition for you." Purred the monster as she held him up with two of her clawed fingers.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU?!" Yelled Rulk as sirens blared out on the prison grounds, dozens of cannon shots being fired only to bounce harmlessly off the scales of the creature holding him up. "Just a moment, let me give us some room to talk..." Breathing deeply she blasted the tanks and guards with some kind of intense heat wave from her mouth that made everything burst into flames and melt into a bubbling heap of metals and slag before spreading her wings and flying up thousands of feet into the air, hovering above the clouds as Rulk clung on for dear life.

"Allow me to introduce myself, once apon a time I was Maira Hill, former agent of SHIELD and former personal lap dog to that BLOATED CONDESCENDING THUNDER CUNT WASP!" the last part of her introduction made Ross's eyes shoot wide open. "NOW I am Fem Fang foom... I know quite witty isn't it? I'm offering you a job really, I want her dead." Her eyes rolled back into her skull as she giggled maniacally before glaring back at Ross with a twisted grin. "ACTUALLY I want her beaten, broken, and humiliated with her kids dead, her friends mulch and her home burned to the ground so I can piss on its ashes!"

"So... what do you want from me?" Worried Thaddeaus Ross as he crung to the claws that kept him from falling a ten thousand foot drop. "EASY! I want you to help me do it, join me and the name 'Banner' can be added to that little to-do list I made up."

"And if I refuse?..."

His answer came from a deep long growl from the massive abomination, strangely the growl came from her stomach as she licked her lips at the red skinned hulk dangling from her claws. "Ever since I had my growth spurt I've had some interesting food cravings, I DO try to watch my figure but every now and then I see something that looks especially scrumptious..."

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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