She downs the whole beaker and feels her body begin to ripple and change.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel Growth Transformation Corruption
Previous Chapter Maria Hill steals a batch of the elixer and overdoses, vowing revenge on the Avengers.

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Maria Hill undid the stopper to the small bottle and drank its contents in one gulp before tossing the empty thing away, the sound of it shattering in the distance faint as she waited for the inevitable.

After waiting only a few seconds it happened, her eyes shot wide open as her irises turned emerald green. A flood of heat grew in her belly before spreading out to the rest of her body, her heart pounding like a hammer. And with each thumping sound of her heart in her ears she slowly began to grow, her muscles swelling larger as she grew taller to match. She clentched her teeth and moaned as she passed 7 feet in height, her cloths straining to hold her just as her sleeves split down the middle showing green muscles underneath.

"Hnnnngggg... Yes more! Bigger!" Groaned Maria as she continued to grow larger, her thighs tearing at her pant leggings, her shoes burst off her feet as they changed under her. She was forced to stand on her toes as they grew larger and thicker, sporting black talons to hold up her growing body. Claws had formed on her hands as she tore at the usless parts of her cloths, sickening pops of flesh ruptured at her arms and back as sharp spines jutted out and lengthened. Scales spread from her body as she finally outgrew her clothing, standing naked as she grew bigger still.

By now she looked just like the other abominations at the nest, yet she continued to grow. Her much longer tongue hung out from her mouth as she was drunk with the pleasure of growing larger and more powerful, her hair had lengthened until it was down to her waist, her breasts were now the size of her head and stood proudly from her chest like a pair of solid melons. Her hips grew wider as her butt rounded behind her, growing firm and bubbly. Grabbing her broader hips she groaned as a tail grew out from above her round ass cheeks and lengthened out until it was as long as she was tall. The end sporting the same fin of spines as her back and arms.

"YES! FUCK YES! MORE!!!" She was over 20 feet tall now and STILL she grew, her stance widening as she grew taller, her muscles spasmed with each jolt of growth in her, clutching her head now she felt nubs jut out above her forehead just as they ruptered the skin and formed thick curving horns that grew out like those of an antelope before stopping at 2 feet long each, forming a kind of crown obscured by her long green hair.

She rocked her hips as she grew, the whole experience was as erotic as sex to her as she continued to grow. With a final lurch she arched down just as a pair of bat-like wings exploded from her back, flexing and flapping experimentally before folding neatly over her back. Standing up to her full height she bumped her horns on the ceiling of the hanger forcing her to slouch somewhat to make room for herself. Looking down at her taloned hands her lips broke out into a toothy grin as she began chuckle before it became a maniacal laugh.

She was over 40 feet tall now from what she remembered of the dimension of the hanger bay, her entire body was solid with muscle and she was sure she could just grab one of the nearby helicopters and toss it like a beer can as far out as a mile. Looking down at the polished floor of the hanger she pursed her lips as she admired her reflection, her tail swishing idly behind her like a cat's.

"Hmmm... So powerful... So perfect." She hissed in pleasure as she traced her claws over her sensitive breasts and naval, her razor teeth showing again as she smiled. She was certain she was now the most powerful abomination ever recorded by SHIELD, her revenge would be sweet. She tilted her head looking down at her features, in some way she was reminded of Fing Fang Foom the dragon with her horns, tail and wings.

"FEM Fang Foom." Purred Maria as she flexed her muscled arm with her other claw at her hip, sauntering up to the hanger doors she tore them off their braces and hinges as if it was all paper to her, crumpling the mass of metal with her claws before spreading her wings wide and taking off into the air with the speed of a rocket.

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