Fem Fang Foom offers Elektra to join her.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers Fantastic Four X-Men
Category Marvel M/F F/F Growth pregnancy Incest
Previous Chapter Thor meets the brood lords and queens of the Nest to give his bad news.

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Elektra held on for dear life as she was being held by a fifty foot tall abomination, the largest she had ever seen, it almost appeared like some humanoid dragon with its wings, tail and horns but what instantly caught her attention was its face, she instantly recognized it as Maria Hill.

"Well well well if it isn't my old friend Elektra Nachos, how have you been my dear?"

"Maria?!" Cried the woman as Fem Fang Foom smirked down at her prize. "What... What has happened to you? Your massive!"

"Why thank you, I designed this myself." Chuckled the monster woman as she tossed her green hair over her shoulder. "I came here to offer you an opportunity Elektra, I'm going to get back at those animals at the nest and I want you to come with me."

Being placed back on her feet Elektra backed away slightly as the giant scaley woman stood imperiously before her, a claw at her arched hip as she stood and waited for a response.

"Wha... How do you intend to beat them? You may be huge but they are legion! There must be thousands of them over there, hundreds of thousands!" Her response was blaring laughter that scared away the birds from her cabin for about a mile

"I AM THE MOST POWERFUL THING IN THE WORLD NOW ELEKTRA!" Bellowed Maria, the small woman clasping her hands at her ears to keep from going deaf. "I've already broke out the Red Hulk and Mr. Sinister, both now work for me and are eager for revenge as I am."

"Join me Elektra and I can make you as powerful as I am." Fem Fang Foom arched down until she was looking eye to eye with the woman. "Think of it, to be the most powerful living thing on this Earth, we could devestate that heap of a nest and make THEM the playthings that WE used to be."

Elektra was dumb struck at the offer, to either sacrifice her humanity for revenge or go back to living here in shame and defeat.

"So what will it be?"


After Thor had left to return to SHIELD, the brood lords went back to their tasks, Wasp looked especially stressed as she was carried back to her chamber.

Susan Storm had sashayed back to her own chambers while the other Fantastic Four trailed behind her.

"So she wants to get back at the Avengers for what she went through huh?" Asked Johnny aloud as they entered their home, a series of chambers created from Wasp's children. "She looks pretty tough now too."

"Indeed... I wonder what she had done to herself to become so pow... Susan?!"

The Invisible Woman wasted no time as she was on her knees sucking off her husband in front of her friends, a claw at his waist to keep him from moving as she pulled back to speak.

"I want it Reed, I want whatever power she gave herself, I want to be the biggest, most powerful abomination in the Horde!" Richards gawked down at his wife as she went back at his groin, eventually it was too much as he came hard down her throat, his claws at her head as she gulped him down.

Wiping her lips she stood back up before walking out of their home, reaching the entrance she turned back to look at Reed, Johnny and Ben. "Do that for me Reed and the next back of kids I bear will be yours, until then I think I'll go out and have some fun." Turning back out she sauntered out into the rest of the nest to find some entertainment.


Wasp cried out as she pushed out another child through her birth canal, milk spraying from her massive breasts as she gave birth to her latest brood. The shock of Maria's return had caused the brood mother's water to break, she had been giving birth for over an hour now and her litter already numbered well over several dozen. Another cry escaped her lips as she pushed out another, and another, and another. Her adult sons and daughters surrounded her as she added more to her expanding legion.

The serum that made her good again had repaired her sanity but her powerful body still had demanding urges that she embraced long ago, she was essencially a baby factory among the other abominations and she loved every single minute of it.

Crying out again in exstacy she pushed out another child that was carefully taken by one of her eldest daughters and tended to, some of her brood already being nursed as they cried to be fed.

With a final push her last child was born and she collapsed exhausted but satisfied, as if she had the best sex of her life. Her four claws roamed over her muscular body as it healed itself, hard abs replacing her dome of a belly from earlier. As she regenerated several of her adult children had descended upon her massive leaking breasts, sucking at her nipples to drink her rich milk, while others licked her body clean causing the brood mother to squirm and arch her back.

Wasp loved this attention, it made her feel like a queen or goddess; to have hundreds at her beck and call as she bore more to serve her. As she sighed in the treatment she gasped in shock as she felt a pair of clawed hands spread her thighs wider just as a raging hard cock pierced her pussy.

Looking over her mountainous breasts she found one of her sons thrusting hard into her, drool escaping his fanged mouth as he grunted his exhertion. "Nnn... Nooooo..." Moaned Wasp as she instinctively wrapped her legs around her current lover, his thrusts growing harder and deeper. "We can't do this.... Your my... my ... Ughhhh... Harder! Fuck me HARDER"

The need to breed consumed Wasp as she joined her incestuous lover to climax, the two roaring as she was pumped full with hot cum before he pulled out and was replaced with another, she was now surrounded by dozens of her children who either shoved cocks in her face to suck off or jabbed them into her crowded pussy.

She moaned loudly as her latest lover flooded her womb just as she heard a gasp from her chamber entrance.

"Oh my goodness WASP! What are you doing?!"

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