Spider-Woman's feeling curious and horny, so she rationalizes a trip down to visit Captain America and Tigra.

by Gorel
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Marvel and DC M/F Growth Transformation Pregnancy Corruption
Previous Chapter Symboite fun in the greeenhouse with Ivy and Mystique

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Stepping out of the women's washroom feeling woozy and flush, Spider Woman groaned as she staggered down the halls of the Avengers Mansion. "I must be coming down with something, feel so hot, I'm sweating like crazy." Fanning herself with her hand she didn't realize she had been infected with the breeder virus, now pumping into her system with every beat of her racing heart. Leaning against the wall she started to wonder about Tigra and Cap again. "Poor poor Greer, she must be going crazy herself, her belly was huge... And those tits!" Tracing a finger down her cleavage she didn't realize the fabric of her costume going tight around her chest, her nipples hard and pointed as her breasts swelled slowly. "And Steve, he was wrestling with that monster between his legs just to keep it under control, mmm... To think he had that in his pants the while time..." Oblivious to the creaking sound at her waist, her hips grew wider, her ass becoming more round and inviting just as the fabric of her costume split at her thighs.

"Maybe... Maybe I should pay them both a visit, just to see how they're doing." Finding renewed vigor to stand and walk, her hips swivelled sensually with every step as she made her way to the lab, where both her infected friends wallowed in isolation.

"I'm sure Steve would appreciate some company, maybe I can releive some pressure for him too..."


Diana smiled from the rough stone throne that had been built for her by her horde, her home island had been completely taken over by the Green Tide and her first decree as ruler was to smash everything in sight.

All of the temples, monuments and buildings had been reduced to rubble and raw stone, any trace of the amazon nation had been wiped out in an orgy of destruction and sex. In its stead was a tribal landscape of crude stone statues bearing her and her sister's images as hugely pregnant fertility idols. Even now she was worshipped as one as she sat with her legs forced open, her massive belly swollen with children that demanded to be born. At her sides were She Hulk and Power Hulk, wearing jewelry made from feathers and bones and little else. Both equally swollen with their own broods as they stayed by their leader's side. Hippolyta and Artemis had been the last patch of resistance to the Green Tide but now they had been completely overtaken. To Wonder Hulk's delight both women were in the thores of their own personal gang bang, having been taken for hours by each of the Tide's male members.

"Mmmuh-MORE!" Moaned Hippolyta as she was forced on her hands and knees, one of the brutes pounding into her from behind as others waited for their turn to breed her. "WANT MORE, harder, deeper, MORE!" Artemis had become just as aggressive sexually as she had been as a warrior. Dominating one of her lovers as she straddled his hips and sucked off three Hulks at once. "Arti-Hulk sexiest, demand more cock, you make fat with kids, fuck HARDER!"

Laughing at the scene Diana scratched at her plump tits, milk dribbling down her belly as the sight made her hot. "Green tide strong now, amazons make good breeders." Husked Power Hulk into Diana's ear, her staff rattling at her hand as she rubbed her belly. "Whats next Queen? Where go now?"


Stepping into the empty lab Jessica smiled at her good luck, everyone had gone under for the night, leaving both Tigra and Cap alone in their cells. Steve Rogers grunted as he fought with the foot long rod at his crotch, his baseball sized sack was blue and swollen as he grit his teeth, trying to hold down his cock. Tigra laid on her side licking her fur as she was weighed down by her full term belly, her breasts had swollen enormously now bloated J cups that leaked milk constantly. Even behind the glass Jessica could see the little jolts of movement in Greer's womb.

"Hi guys, just look at whats happened to you." Husked Spiderwoman, her hair was unkempt and tussled all over her shoulders and back, her costume split down the middle as her breasts demanded more room to grow. "I bet your both so lonely in there... Lets let you both out for a breather." Clicking the controls to their cells, the access code beeped, setting their doors wide open, the smell hitting Jessica's nostrils immediately and causing her pussy to moisten even more so then when she left the bathroom.

"Come here Cap, let me help you with that beast you have there." With a gurgle of lust Steve pressed up against Spider Woman, the aroused woman wrapping her legs around his waist as he pulled away at her remaining cloths. "That's it stud, let me take care of tha-ahhhh YESSSS!" Feeling him spear into her he began to pound away in a mad rutt, his thrusts driving Jessica awash in pleasure as she ground agaisnt him.

"YES! There... Right there, your so big, so thick, can't take it, gonna- ahhhh FUUUUUCK!!!!"

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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