Tigra joins in, just as Spider Woman begins to change more.

by MasterShake3
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Corruption Growth M/F F/F Transformation
Previous Chapter Spider-Woman's feeling curious and horny, so she rationalizes a trip down to visit Captain America and Tigra.

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Cap and Jess were going at it like beasts in heat.  sweat rolling down their skin as their love making was so hot the prison walls began to fog.  Greer stood and watched with devilish intent, her hand probing her already swollen pussy as it leaked all over her thighs.  While Cap was going at Jess as she orgasmed again, a change began to stir in his body.  The virus was mutating, and Steve's body began to change with it.  Since he had been with the cat woman Tigra, Steve's virus was changing him to better suit the cat creature. 

While his stiff rod proded and rammed into Jessica, it began to stiffen and grow.  After adding another few inches bringing his cock to fourteen inches.  His once human like cock was now something more wicked.  Much like a cat, Steve's cock was now almost 5 inches thick.  at the end of his head, small barbs like a cat now grew.  At first they had caused some discomfrot for Spider-Woman, but after a few thrusts she began to like it.

Not noticing the changes in herself, Jess too was becoming more feline like, as dark fur began to spread from her pussy out to her arms, legs and face.  Her eyes now fearl and cat like.  "Meeeeeyooooowww" she moaned as another orgasam washed over her fur.  Tigra licked her lips at the thought of licking her friend clean.  Cap too was now all cat like.  Like a lion, his tail flailed back and forth playing with Jess's tail.  His once blonde hair now formed a mane around his head.  Cap roared as he showed off his new fangs.  "Ah, Ah, Ah, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaraaaaaaor"  moaned Jess and Steve came hard into her.  Soon she'd carry his cubs.  Tigra leaped to his side as she cleaned off his throbing member.  Still erect and hard waiting for another go. 

"OH MY GOD STEVE!?!"  The group looked over to see a shocked Black Widow.  Steve's cock aimed at his next target.


"Witzzh plezzzzure" quipped Jan as she took off Annihilus's shackles.  What the poor instectoid didn't realize was that like all insect kingdoms, the queens are the true rulers.  No sooner did they release the monster did pin him to the floor.  His large insectiod cock now plunged into Jen, the wasp women rode him like a bull.  His pre cum was like nothing she had ever felt.  hot and cold sensations were sent all over her chitin skin.  Her antennae stood on end as the beast grabbed her soft but erect breast, nipples leaking a honey like fluid. 

"Yezzzz, YZZZZZZ" moaned Jan as
Annihilus could take no more.  His seed splattered hard into Jan and the floor.  As Bumblebee licked was was left on the floor. Annihilus stood up and was instantly met with Bumblee's ass, her stinger nearly stabbing the creature as she bounced on his throbbing cock. "Youuu, didzn't zzzay it wazzzz thiz good!" she shriked as the cosmic cum began to lube her already wet pussy.  While she distracted Annihilus Jan looked at the
Cosmic Control Rod.  If her plan was to succeed she needed to at fast. 

Using the phaylic object, she thrusted the rod like a toy into her pussy.  Back and forth the rod went between her legs as she pushed her lips around it.  "UUUUUGH, AAAAAAH" moaned Jan.  It's cosmic energy that kept Annihilus alive was flowing through her.  Reacting to Jan's shirking powers, she make the rod small enough to fit in her vagina at all times.  Like a vibrator it pulsed in her walls filling her with new found energy.  Realizing what was happening Annihilus pushed off from Bumblebee and ran to Jan. "Noooooooooooo!" he cried.  "What have you done!"

Jan's belly swelled as her body began to glow.  From her stinger she now used as a birth canal she moaned.  "I...I feel thz power" .  Jan pushed hard as 15 egg's erupted from her rear end.  Each larva sack glowed like she did.  Her skin cracked as she was changing further into an insectoid. She was evolving. 

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