Symboite fun in the greeenhouse with Ivy and Mystique

by mercury01
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Absolutely Everyone
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Previous Chapter The Night Beasts have their first litters, expanding their pack.

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(I apologize for the length)

"Hhhsssss! Fffffuck me!" Mystique hissed as she rode Poison Ivy's rod. Her lips parted, letting her serpentine tongue intertwine with the plant woman's. Mystique was the only one of them without a belly swollen with spawn. But as she felt each spurt of cum from Ivy's pseudo-penis deep inside her, she realized that she HAD been pregnant... all she needed was more semen to quicken the life growing in her womb.

"Mmmmm, may we?" Scream chuckled. She wrapped her mouth around Mystique's nipple and began to suckle. The midnight-blue shapeshifter cried out, arching her back as she felt milk flowing into Scream's mouth. Her pussy clamped down on Ivy's cock, orgasming from the blissful stimulation.


"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Raven shouted, gesturing mystically at Beast Boy. The green super-teen was enveloped in a field of magical resistance, holding him frozen. Raven smiled in nasty delight and sauntered up to her transfixed teammate, her wide, womanly hips swaying hypnotically. "Mmmmm, Gar... you're going to make three witches VERY pleased tonight."

"What about me?" pouted Starfire.

"Of course, Star," Raven chuckled. "You're welcome in out little coven."

"Mmmm, a coven, I like that," Wanda said with a grin. "Maiden, Mother and Crone. Of course, I think that after tonight, we'll all be mothers!"

"I can't argue with that," Zatanna said, tossing her top hat aside and letting her night-black locks cascade freely. "Tsaeb Yob si ylluf tcere!"

If Garfield could have spoken, he would have groaned, as his cock sprung to full hardness, tearing its way through his suit. Starfire and Raven licked their lips, guiding him into a supine position on the floor. They began to lick and suck his thick green erection, their lips and tongues leaving trails of saliva all over it. It rolled between their mouths as they french-kissed around the fleshy pole. Two extremes warred within Beast Boy's mind. One was almost panicking as it tried to think of a way out of this predicament. The other was beginning to drown the first in a sea of ecstasy. It wanted to take this as far as it would go!

Starfire blinked as she noticed something odd.

"Friend Raven... your eyes... and your teeth!" she exclaimed huskily, a string of precum drooping from Gar's cock to her lips.

Raven poked at her teeth with her fingers. They'd grown sharp and carnivorous with long canines. Her eyes glowed steadily like polished rubies, flooding her sight with red. She realized that it was only the first stage in her transformation...

"Nothing to worry about, Star," Raven said, showing her new, more predatory smile. "So who wants a ride first?"

"I do!" Wanda cried. Her pussy was juicing like mad and she could feel the maternal instincts settle on her like a comfortable blanket. She yanked the crotch of her suit aside and split her pantyhose with a fingernail, then climbed atop Beast Boy. Her voice rose in a lustful moan as she sank down on the thick pole, her wet cunt sliding around and gripping his hardness like warm velvet.


Spider-Woman didn't notice the two tiny figures fluttering into the bathroom with her as she entered. The Justice League had teleported back to their satellite with a sample of the virus. Everyone had decided to sleep it off and return to the problem with fresh eyes the next day.

"Poor Greer," she said quietly, unzipping her costume. "I don't know how she'll recover. *sigh* If only that virus didn't turn you into a sex maniac. I'd love to take a shot if they could bottle it. I bet it would do wonders for my fig- ouch!" Something had zapped her right in between her legs as she was about to sit on the toilet!

She rubbed her pussy, feeling a bit numb there. What she didn't see was the two tiny female figures disappearing into a vent.


Wasp and Bumblebee sped down the duct and zipped out into the night.

"Feel szzzo horny," Jan buzzed as they zipped out of the mansion.

"Yezz," Bumblebee agreed. She ran her hands down her tiny body. "Muzzt find mate."

"I know juzzt who to choozzze," Jan smiled. She led Bumblebee towards the Baxter Building. The tiny Avenger was able to get them through quite easily, and they quickly learned the reason why: Susan Storm was atop Reed Richards, riding her husband like she was breaking a mustang. Both were drenched in sweat and the room stank of sex, but their tryst wasn't what the two intruders were after.

Jan found a way to crack into Reed's secure lockdown with a few well-timed stings and cross-circuits. Jan used her ability to resize to return her and Bumblebee to human size. They had changed radically: Their eyes were faceted and gemlike, antennae rose delicately where there once were eyebrows, and glossy segmented carapace covered their arms and legs.

"I know it izz here szzomewhere," Wasp buzzed, flicking her gossamer wings in irritation. At last she found it: a secure container that her new chitinous claws made short work of. She picked up the object inside and went to the vault door. 

The door hissed open, and the two women found themselves face to face with the so-called Living Death that Walks: Annihilus!

He was shackled, clamped to the wall of a cell, his Cosmic Control Rod in a secure storage unit. His yellow eyes flickered as he registered their presence. "Who goes there? Release me and give me that, pathetic fleshling!"

Jan lifted the Cosmic Control Rod in supplication. "On one condition, mighty Annihiluszz... You make uzz your Queenzz!"

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