The Night Beasts have their first litters, expanding their pack.

by MasterShake3
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Corruption F/F M/F Marvel and DC Transformation Pregnancy
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After ravishing Hercules for the rest of the afternoon the Night Beasts quickly retreated home.  Already at the peak of her pregnancy, Storm laid next to a sleeping Herc who now sported a spike collar around his neck.  Making sure they would not be tamed by any man again, Rouge had Emma help work up a physic controller collar that they women could control with their minds.  On the other side of room, Emma and Rogue were quick at work with an experiment.  While Herc was powerful and lusty after his transformation, he was still not strong enough to help them grow their pack. Emma saw to that, as she was working on a formula to increase the monsters output by a hundred fold.

Rouge on the other hand had other ideas.  While the need to increase breeding was important, making sure their cubs were strong was another important issue.  Mixing chemicals back and forth while trying not to knock over things like Emma with their new builds, Rouge slaved at creating  a formula to increase their cubs growth.  Each kick to Ororoe's large stomach made her moan.  It was almost time.  Within the next few minutes the first cubs of their pack were to be born.

"OHHH GODDESS" moaned Storm.  "They are here!"   Rogue had just finished the formula when turning to Storm's side.  First one, then two, then ten.  Each one that passed through her birth canal sent orgasms through Rogue and Emma who was still trying to work.  Rogue leaned in and gave Storm as passionate kiss.  "Congratulations are in order sister, five boys and five beautiful girls."  "Quickly Ororoe, drink this" handing the vial to Storm as she quickly downed it. 

Storm's cubs quickly surrounded her.  Drinking from her now massively swelled and leaking nipples for nourishment.  Rogue's formula was perfect.  As they drank, Storm came, squiring her female liquid all over the floor.  As they drank, each cub grew in years.  Within a few mins they had reach a young age of eight and in an hour they would be perfect.  Just then Emma fell to the floor, her time was fast approaching.  "Better make moar of that" cooed Rogue rushing to the table.

Opening the door to the mansion X-23 and Jubilee were dead tired from their night on the town.  Being a vampire now, 23 could only hang out with her friend via the nightlife now.  "Woo-hoo, now that was a party eh Laura?"  23 nodded with a semi smile on her face.  It was good being a normal girl for once.  After spending time with the X-men for so long the life Wolverine had promised her was starting to rub off.  While things were quiet the two walked down the hall.  23 quickly popped her claws *SNIKT*  "You smell that?" asked 23 looking with concern to Jubs.  "Sure do,  aghhhh, what is that??"  The two walked to the lower levels. 

Things were now creepy.  Not a single soul to be seen. Where were Emma, Gambit and all the others?  That's when they saw "it".  A large cat like male walked out into the hall stealthy.  "Stand behind me" whispered 23.  Slinking down the hall, the curious beast seemed to be on guard, watching them.  It was very unusual, it's dark black fur, and it's large twelve inch penis standing on end.  "Wonderful isn't he" a voice from behind called.

Shocked that something had snuck up on her, 23 whipped around to see something that looked like Storm."Storm!?" said Jub's in surprise.  The black fur white hair X-men nodded.  "Do you like my son?  He was just born this evening.  Why to think only an hour ago I was nursing him.  "That thing came out of you?" quipped the vampire.  "Mmmmhmmm, my sister's and I now run this school and our pack is law. "  "Weeeellll" stalled Jubilee, " I think we'll be going now"  Storm quickly grabbed Jubilee and used her as a shield for the now on edge 23.  "Why go so soon? Our pack needs more strong daughters like you two and my son still needs a birthday present." 

The large cat beast jumped into the air with his claws slashing.  Met at kind by 23, the two squared off in a fierce battle.    While her healing factor helped with her wounds, the mighty beasts strength seemed unmatched.  Laura was losing ground, then it happened.  Laura was quickly pinned to the ground.  When she thought she would be slashed again, she was met with the beast's rod.  Like a mighty force the beast's barbed dick plunged into 23 causing her much pain.  "UGHH, GOD, IT HURTS"  In and out, back and forth the beast pushed deep into her tissue.  Soon Laura could barely struggle as the virus spread throughout her body. 

No longer did the barbs hurt, now they tickled as she nipped on her lovers ear while he licked her breasts.  "Laura! fight iiiiit" moaned Jub's.  While watching her son take his spoils Storm decided to have fun and dove her tail into Jubilee's vagina. Holding her by the arms, Jub's could only look on in horror as black fur spread over 23's body.  Roar's of pleasure filled the halls as 23 started to orgasm like mad.  It was only a matter of time now.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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