Wonder Woman and the tide fuck the Amazons

by Gorel
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Marvel and DC M/F Transformation Growth Pregnancy Corruption
Previous Chapter Poison Ivy and Mystique gain symbiotes of their own, granting them enhanced powers and libidos.

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Themyscira was under siege.

As soon as the doors to the plane had opened a swarm of giant green men lept out to attack the warrior women, each over 10 feet tall and built like a wall. The Amazons fought hard against this sudden threat to their shores, striking back with ferocity that was matched evenly with the monster's blind rage... And arousal! The warrior women had difficulty facing off this 'tide' of monsters especially since they were all nude and sporting erections at least a foot in length and almost half that around. Hippolyta and her guards fought off the brutes as they poured out of the plane, there had to be dozens of them she thought as they just kept coming.

With a gasp and scream she heard one of her guards get taken down, the slam of the creature's fists against her shield was too much for her to hold back as she collapsed to the cobblestone floor, in the same fluid motion the monster grabbed her leg and pulled her towards the group of creatures away from the fight, what the Queen of the Amazons witnessed made her blood run cold.

Away from the fight the lone warrior woman was surrounded by these green skinned men who were beating themselves off in front of one of the fallen women. With a roar they each sprayed her with their cum, bathing her in jizz as the rest of their kin fought around them. As the woman spat and coughed from the slimy substance coating her body she began to moan, holding herself as she seemed wracked with pain. Her skin and hair began to change color, followed by her muscles throbbing larger with each gasp of air, growing right out of her clothing her armor creaked and buckled under the stress of her body swelling with muscle, her hips widening as her belt and skirt ripped apart. Rearing up with a moan she pried at her chestplate, her breasts swelling to over twice their original size, their combined mass snapping her armor apart as her transformation completted herself. Where once was one of Hippolyta's proud warriors was now a green skinned monster woman who lunged at one of her attackers, wrapping her stout legs around his waist and mounting herself on his solid shaft.

Hippolyta had seen enough! "FIGHT ON MY SISTERS! DRIVE THESE MONSTERS BACK!" The amazons fought a slow losing war against these monsters, with each fallen warrior another green skinned creature added to the tide of brutes attacking their city. Completely overrun and at the brink of defeat Hippolyta and her champion Artemis had been cornered against the temple gates, their spears ready to strike the closest enemy who would dare approach. By now they were the only amazons left, their sisters were now all converted into massive green skinned giantesses who looked at their former queen with lust glazed eyes. Just as the two looked at each other to enter the fray and fight to the death against these things everything stopped with a sudden call.


Amazingly the horde of monsters stopped their advance and moved aside to let something move up to face the two amazons, readying for another attack, what approached made the queen gasp in horror! Stepping out of the mass of green skinned creatures stood her daughter Diana, completely nude and just as green as the rest of the creatures around her. She was massive; almost twice her height and sporting muscles that would have put Hercules to shame, she bore hips wider than her shoulders with a round ass that stood out over a foot behind her, her breasts were the size of her own head, her thick nipples dribbling a green creamy fluid that trickled down her belly. And what a belly! No woman could be so large with child as the woman that stood before the Amazon Queen. Smirking down at the two remaining opponents to her children Wonder Hulk spoke.

"Did mother like fighting Wonder Hulk's kids? You fight long, gave Green Tide a REAL fight." Staring up at the ogre woman that was once her daughter Hippolyta gasped out a response. "These?... These are your children daughter? What has happened to you?!" Laughing at the situation Diana place her hands at her hips, her breasts wobbling with every motion. "Wonder Hulk changed, grew strong, no longer amazon, now Hulk!" Feeling a jolt of movement from her side she rubbed the side of her womb, calming the brood within. "Me and sisters breed more Hulks, Green Tide now, you join!"

"N-NEVER!" Yelled Artemis as she threw herself at the former amazon princess, Diana striking her with a backhand with such force it caused the ground to shake, sending the red haired woman into the horde of Hulks around them as they dove onto the prone woman. "You join! Become Hulk Breeder like sisters, make Green Tide strong!" Pinning her mother against the stone wall of the temple she forced one of her nipples into the Queen's mouth, forcing her to drink the gamma infused milk.

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