Hulk fucks Carol changing her like the others

by Gorel
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Marvel and DC M/F F/F Transformation Growth Pregnancy Corruption
Previous Chapter The Night Beasts turn Hercules, adding more to their pack as they go on another hunt.

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Colliding into each other Miss Marvel wrapped her legs around his waist as the Hulk tore off what was left of the woman's clothing before pinning her against a ruined wall. His cock finding her gripping pussy he began to thrust into her, grunting as she grew larger and stronger. Moaning from being taken so roughly Carol's skin slowly began to take on a green hue, her muscles flaring angrily as she changed into a hulk herself. Gritting her teeth she felt her breasts swell larger, actually pushing the beast back as they took up more space at her front, her hips and ass growing wider and rounder, more matronly as the gamma imbued virus increased her fertility. "NnnghaaaAAAAA! Fuck me! Fuck Marvel Hulk! Want get big, fat with little hulks, FUCK!"

Watching their new sister go through the final stages of her change, Jen smiled as she caressed the underside of her belly. Now a massive dome that dominated her front, She Hulk moaned as she felt the kicks and stirs of life inside her womb. In the last few days alone she had given birth to over several dozen children, all grown rapidly to adult hood and like their kin born of Diana and Kara were tearing up the building Power Hulk's former home resided in. Distracted by a cry of wild passion in front of her Jen smirked as Marvel Hulk laid on the floor reeling from hert orgasm, while Diana the Gammazon presented herself to the monster to be mounted from behind. Laughing in triumph Wonder Hulk bucked her hips back to meet the brute's thrusts, taunting him to do her harder than her new sister on the floor.

Karen leaned against a wall herself, her furniture all ruined and pulverized on the floor among the spent fluids and filth her children left behind. Bringing her hands to her ass she moaned as it grew wider again, rounding out to make more room to carry her heavy womb. Like Jen's it was spherical and dominate so much of her front her massive breasts rested on top of it like a shelf. She and the others had completely abondoned their old selves, they weren't heroes anymore, they were the gammazons of the Green Tide, broodmare chieftesses craving nothing but sex and domination, bearing more to add to the tide with their conquests. Hearing Diana cry out in orgasm broke Power Hulk out of her day dreaming. It was her turn now.


"What... What is happening friend Raven?" Moaned Starfire as she scratched at her growing breasts, her cleavage feeling itchy as it grew deeper by the second, biting her lip she felt her hip bones crack, suddunly growing wider as she began to mature. Raven was unable to answer the Tamaranian woman as she was sandwiched between both Scarlet Witch and Zatanna, now truly voluptious and drunk with lust as they groped and kissed the grey skinned half-breed. Raven too was not immune to the breeder virus as both women squeezed her G cup breasts, once humble B's before the infection, her hair had grown out, spilling past her shoulders as she grew more womanly from the two's ministrations. "Can't think... Burning need... Like an angry Vorporpelak."

As the four rode out their growing arousal they were all suddenly distracted by the door to the living room opening up. There Beast Boy eating a sandwich in hand, quickly dropped it in shock after finding four barely clothed woman staring back at him in shock, their eyes taking on an almost hungry gleam before they all got up to surround the young man. "Beast Boy! Its good your here, we have a problem that we think only YOU can solve." Husked Zatanna as her eyes darted all over the green teenager's body.

"We're not going to hurt you Garfield... But you will be sore after we're done."

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