Meanwhile Scream discovers her symbiote spawning, giving a symbiote to both Mystique and Ivy.

by Gorel
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Absolutely Everyone
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Poison Ivy could only stare at the two women having sex in her green house, the sight making her squirm as Mystique mounted Scream from behind with her faux cock, her heavy balls slapping against her expanded ass as Mystique thusted hard into her, grunting as she let loose several ropes of cum into the symbiote empowered villainess. "Hnnnk, TAKE IT! Take it all..."

Pam gasped as her breathing became heavy, her swelling middle completely forgotten as she watched Mystique pull out and made the dripping appendige recede back into herself. Scream hissed and moaned as she collapsed to the floor, turning on her side as she rubbed her chest and belly. "Can't do that too often... But wow what a rush..." Looking over to Poison Ivy she smirked at the red haired woman, everything about her looked... Ripe! Her hips were even wider now, her ass so round it stuck out at least half a foot behind her. Her breasts were full and round, her nipples leaking a pink fluid that dripped at her feet. But what caught the shape-shifter's eye was her swollen belly, looking maybe four months along she now looked like some zaftig fertility goddess. "You want a ride on the balony pony too Pam? You'll have to wait for me to catch my breath... Or we can go out again."

"Something's... Something's happening to us! Spawning! SPAWNING!" Hissed Scream as her symbiote churned and twisted over her body, strange colours staining her body before oozing off into puddles on the floor, panting as the wired experience ended both villainesses looked over their partner as she laid with two puddles of goo that spread out from her like oil slicks. But then just fast as lightning those puddles leapt up in the air and latched onto both of them, spreading over their bodies as they realed back in shock and fear.

Poison Ivy looked down at her self as the goop creaped up her body, its color swirling with black and green as it enveloped her arm and bonded with her, her eyes snapped wide open as she felt a presence enter her mind, mingling with her thoughts and emotions just before the thing enveloped her completely.


She Hulk was getting anxious, her time was nearly here.

Having long abandoned Powerhulk's apartment once they had demolished it into rubble, the Green Tide had deecided to make itself known to the world and was rampaging through the city, smashing and destroying everything they came across. Pressing her back against a car to steady herself the thing crumbled under her weight and ass, her belly was enormous! Drum tight and jolting from time to time with the unborn brood within She Hulk bit her lip, reeling from a micro orgasm everytime they fought inside her. Her 'sister' were nearby releshing the destruction, watching her as she spread her legs and slid down to the ground. With a hoarse cry of ecstacy her water broke, staining the ground at her feet as she instinctively began to push.

"There's so many of us sister." Moaned Marvel Hulk as she made out with Diana, both showing signs of advancing pregnancy as the sight of Jen giving birth exciting them. "Where should we head to next? The League? The Avengers?"

Diana scoffed at the idea, there wasn't a challenge in fighting them, they were too strong for them, SHE was too strong for them. But an idea came to her when she remembered back to her former life, her smile turning dark as she looked back at She Hulk, her brood numbering a dozen and still she birthed.

"Thymiscira... There's a real challenge for our Green Tide! Amazon warriors all, the best warriors in the world, a proper fight for our children to enjoy." Yes she would enjoy seeing her ancestral home smashed to rubble, to lay waste to her past life completely and embrace her role as Gamma Chieftess of the Green Tide.

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