The Night Beasts turn Hercules, adding more to their pack as they go on another hunt.

by MasterShake3
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Marvel and DC Transformation M/F F/F Incest Growth
Previous Chapter Zatanna and the Scarlet Witch, now flustered and horny, explain the situation, unaware that the virus is already seeping out to infect Starfire and Raven.

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Storm was the first to plant herself on the mighty god’s cock.  Her dark fur stood on edge and each thrust on Hercules dick drew him closer to their pack.   As she bounced up in down upon his cock, Herc’s mind began to swell with primal thoughts.  Dark brown fur spread all over his body, sharp claws formed on his hands and feet.  Storm’s tight pussy swallowing his nine inch god cock, her juices acted as a lube.  Storm shuddered as something changed about Herc.  No longer did he struggle the virus had seen to that, but instead the god followed her in rhythm.  Also to her delight was the fact that his cock was now growing to freakish lengths. First ten inches, then twelve, and finally fourteen with a width of almost five inches.

Herc snarled as his growing primal side could be held no longer.  Kicking it into overdrive the newly formed god and his god cock too storm like a beast in rut.  Moaning and begging for it, Storm orgasmed cover the god’s new fur.  In kind Herc finished as well.  With a mighty *SPLURT* the god had come like a fire hose.  Jetting almost a gallon of his manly seed into the panther like night beast, Storm fell over to her side.  Her stomach starting to expand from the newly entered seed.  Looking to her side, her sisters where off to the side, their pussies wet and covered in fluids.  “Ah mah stars” gasped Rogue a wicked smile forming on her and Emma’s faces.  As it turned out, whatever pleasure the pack felt was instantly sent throughout the minds of the pack.  As such, even though they didn’t participate Emma and Rogue had felt firsthand what the god could do, and they wanted more.


Wonder Hulk looked down at the puny man known as Banner with discuss.  After their hard work to bring out the best in the beast they had now lost it. “NO, GIVE HULK BACK” She slapped him “WONDER HULK NOT FINISHED YET!”  Jen quickly stopped Di from breaking their new toy grabbing her hand in the air.  Wonder Hulk looked angrily at Jen who was smiling.  “Sister, if you wanted my ‘Cus back, you just had to ask.”  Walking to another room, Jen searched high and low for something in the ruble of the room.  Outside however something interesting had caught the eye of Carol Danvers. 

Flying over the city, it had been days since she and Jen had talked.  Missing her good friends company she had made it a point visit her friend when she had heard the cries of what sounded like monsters.  Rushing to the doorway she was greeted by the three gamazon women.  “Ummmm, I can come back another time Jen”, said Carol backing up towards the door.  Before she knew what happened, Kara had grabbed her arms and bound her to the floor.  “Let me go you freaks!” she yelled as she was easily held.  “Ah, found it!” announced Jen holding up a pen like item.  Looking over at Carol, Jen smiled.  “You know Carol, you’ve always been curious on what it’s like being me.  Why not give it a try?” 

Jen pushed her vag right into Carol’s face.  Captain Marvel was helpless as she fought for what little oxygen she had.  Gasping as She Hulk wrangled her she looked up in fear at her once friend.  “Please me” commanded the brute. With little choice she began to lick at Jen’s enormous clit.  It was sweet like honey, the virus working its way through her brain.  Soon Kara found little need to hold her as Carol brought her arms forward grabbing Jen’s ass pushing her closer.  After finally coming, Jen backed away.  “I….I need more” moaned Carol as her navy suit began to rip from her now growing muscles.  “I’ll do you one better “quipped Jen.  Walking over to Bruce, she quickly injected him with an adrenaline shot.  Springing forward, Bruce could barely think before hulking out again.  This time the savage brute was ready. His cock at attention, pointed right at Carol.  Holding off her lust Wonder Hulk smiled at her new sister. “Enjoy my sister…..”

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