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by 80sRich
Storyline Amazing Woman: The Legend Begins
Characters Amazing Woman
Category Rape Bondage
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Deep in the Amazing Lair Martha knew that something was wrong, something was very wrong. As soon as she’d left Brett’s room, feeling a bit more rejected than she was prepared to admit, a bleeper in her pocket had started vibrating telling Martha that she had to get to a computer terminal quickly.

Within moments her soft round ass was in the chair in front of one of the secure terminals in the control room. Martha typed in her password and the computer instantly flashed up with the code.


“What the hell?” Martha said under her breath and instantly started searching for the source of the transmission.

Five minutes later she slammed her gloved fist into the desk hurting her hand and making her more frustrated. The computer had been unable to find the source of the transmission or any sign that one had even been made. But if that was the case why had the computer thrown up the warning code? Could it be a computer error? She should probably report it, check whether anything had gone wrong at any of SWORDs other outposts. But then Martha had never been one for doing what she should do.

She knew it was probably the fact that Brett had just rejected her advances that caused what she did next. Brett was entitled to reject her advances if he wanted to, after all he was a lot younger than she was, however he’d been flirting with her for since the first day he arrived, and she’d just offered a massage and he just rejected it. That was a warning sign/

Knowing that it all could be a combination of her ego and a computer glitch Martha called up all the surveillance camera’s around City Park from that day. She was able to work fast, she had years of experience and training, she was tired, she knew she had a big night ahead, but she had to clear her suspicions of Brett, he was more than just a trainee to her now.

Twenty minutes later Martha slumped down into her chair and exhaled loudly, she’d  found nothing. But then there were parts of the park which had no camera coverage, it was still possible that his story was true.

She knew time was running out for her, in a few hours time she had to go to the costume party as Amazing Woman, where the whole city was expecting her after the public invitation. She would be running the risk of being arrested by the police and at the same time had to find out if the Crime Lord and Countress Rei were one and the same person without causing any embarrassment for the high powered guests including the President. These were the highest stakes she had ever played for.

If Countess Rei was innocent and she caused any negative publicity then she might cause the entire SWORD agency to be shut down. 

If Countess Rei was guilty then she must surely have some plan for the President. Worse than that, Martha knew that as she’d been publicly invited then the Countess must have a plan for her.

She needed to be sleeping, to be resting, to be planning, not sitting here wondering if her own trainee and the closest thing she’d had to a boyfriend in six years was suddenly spying on her.

Martha decided to go over the evidence one more time. One, he’d turned down her advances which was out of character but certainly not serious in itself. Two, the computer sensed a transmission being sent from within the base but could find no more information about it, which could be dismissed as a computer error as it would have to be a sophisticated device to beat the security system. Three, the total lack of any sign of a fight in the park. Or indeed any sign of Brett or a gang with baseball bats. Four, those scratches on his back.

<o:p> </o:p>

She should speak to him, tell him what? That she thought he’d sent a message to someone from the base, and that he was lying to her? That was exactly what she would have done with previous trainees, why was Brett any different? Deep down she knew why it was different with Brett and that realisation scared her more than anything else. She was in love with him.


Martha stood outside of Brett’s bedroom door, her large brown eyes looked at the old digital clock on the wall, she was running out of time. How could she have been so stupid, to fall for her side kick? Sure, it was an unwritten rule that the agency encouraged relationships between operatives, but she’d always considered herself above that. In all her time in the army and then SWORD training she’d fucked a few younger white guys but she’d never fallen in love with any of them

So with no plan and cursing the day she brought the handsome man into her life Martha Knight knocked on the young man’s bedroom door.


Brett, without understanding how or why was looking at Martha Knight’s personnel record on the screen of his computer. He did not understand that it was now his subconscious driving him on. Making him delve for information about SWORD and it’s representatives to report back to his Mistress.

With a few clicks Brett had called up Martha’s summary record on the screen, he read the screen.

*Martha Knight is rated as a category C5 agent. Her test scores are mediocre and her attitude is not suited to SWORD Field work. Martha Knight is currently assigned to METRO City. This posting is considered to be temporary until another native of METRO City qualifies and can replace Martha Knight. In this event Martha Knight may be offered the position of assistant to this new posting. Martha Knight is considered by SWORD to be expendable and to this end does not qualify for Grade 1 – 10 support programs.

Brett skipped past the rest of the page, the heading marked weaknesses caught his eye and he stopped to read what that section contained.

“Martha Knight has many weakness which have raised concern amongst the SWORD Personnel Assessment Team. These, in no particular order, are as follows.

            She has a subconscious desire for much younger white males. As yet she may be unaware of the preference. It has however shown up on numerous clandestine assessments that have been carried out on her. It is the fear of the panel that this may cause a future scandal which may be used against her and SWORD.

            She possesses an unhealthy and perhaps unwarranted vanity in her looks. While her face was reconstructed (See appendix four) she refused numerous offers for breast reduction surgery and skin lightening.  Her breasts specifically have since proved to be a hindrance in her combat training. It is with dismay that the board acknowledges that Martha Knight would rate her looks over her effectiveness as a SWORD operative.”

Brett was shaken out of reading the notes by Martha’s knock at the door. He opened the door wide to see the vision of black beauty that was Amazing Woman standing before him. She seemed smaller, less sure of herself than before. Her high heeled feet were closer together and her arms were folded across her chest. This position of her arms caused a deep cleaveage to form above the Green Satin of her bustier. She was biting her lip.

“Come to see if I’ve changed my mind about the massage?” he asked with a smile on his face.

A brief smile flashed in Martha’s face but it quickly faded. “No Brett, it’s not that,” Martha said, “I tried going over all the cameras in the park to try and get the gang that did this to you, but I couldn’t see them. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place, I wondered if you could come out and look?”

“I thought I told you to get some rest and stop worrying,” Brett replied wondering how he sounded so confident even as he spoke.

<span style="line-height: 1.6em; font-size: 0.8em;">“After what they did to you, I had to find out who they were,” Martha lied, “Come on, unless you aren’t up to it?” Martha left the question hanging between them as a challenge.

“Ok sure,” Brett said, his mind was clear about what had happened to him. As far as he was concerned he hadn’t been lying. He believed that he had been beaten by the gang in the park, more than anything else he wanted to go back out there with Amazing Woman and teach them a lesson that they wouldn’t forget.


“That is them,” Brett said pointing at the screen which held video footage of an empty park.

Martha looked at Brett, he was staring at the screen intently, and his fist was curled tight in his lap, so tightly that his knuckles were white.

“And that guy, that tall guy, he was the leader,” Brett said with anger in his voice.

Martha placed a hand on his knee, Brett turned to face her.

“Brett, I don’t know what is happening here, but that screen is empty, there was no one in the park then,” she said smoothly and to prove her point she pressed a button on the computer.

“Identity Analysis Failure, the search screen is empty,” the computer spoke.

Brett looked at Martha confused, “Don’t worry,” Martha said, “I think I have someone that can help you,” she said as she turned her back on Brett to call her friend _Esperanza.

<span style="line-height: 1.6em; font-size: 0.8em;">_If Martha hadn’t turned her back on Brett she might have seen the change in his eyes and she might have had a chance at a defence, or even a warning. But Martha was compromised, she still trusted him, she didn’t for a moment think that he was a danger to her or that he’d hurt her, that was to prove a big mistake. <o:p></o:p>

_When Martha turned her back a switch was thrown in his mind, gone was Brett Jenkins and Solider Boy had returned. Countess Rei had built in numerous precautions in case that he was uncovered, or close to being uncovered. 

Martha was about to press the call button on her cell when she felt Brett grab her shoulder and spin her against the wall. Her back slammed into the unforgiving metal and even as the breath was forced from her lungs Brett’s mouth was pressed against hers in a violent kiss.

Martha’s was completely stunned, and her struggle was brief and over before it had begun. Within moments she was returning the kiss with the passion that she had been foolishly trying to suppress since their last encounter together.

She mumbled into the kiss as she felt Brett groping at her breasts. It was no use, within moments her huge black breasts had been ripped out of her top and Brett’s white hands were mauling them roughly.

What is he doing? Martha asked herself, she’d told him last time to be gentle, she’d told him how sensitive her breasts were, they weren’t full of silicon like the girls in the porn he’d probably been watching. Yet his thin white fingers were sinking into her soft black flesh.

He broke the kiss and she was about to tell him to be gentle, but she fell silent.  Her eyes had met his and she had seen the eyes of a stranger. It was still Brett but the eyes were completely dead and Martha, for the first time since <st1:country-region>Iraq</st1:country-region>, felt scared.

Brett didn’t waste any time using her full breasts as handholds he swung Martha back into the room and released his hold.

Martha had no choice but to be swung by her breasts, she allowed it to happen, hoping to use the movement to her advantage. But as Brett released Martha her high heels got caught up and she fell sideways into her chair. As her body pounded into the chair it flipped over and landed on top of her as she hit the floor on her back her breasts wobbling like jelly, the air knocked out of her lungs.

<span style="line-height: 1.6em; font-size: 0.8em;">Brett reached down, tore the chair off Martha and flung it across the room. He was bare chested and his defined body caught the light as he descended down on to her.

Before she could mount any defence her wrists were cuffed with her own hand cuffs and her ankles were tied tightly with zip ties. Brett then started on Martha’s green satin shorts; he wasn’t surprised to see that she wore nothing under them. Martha was a slut through and through.

Martha’s senses fully returned to her as she felt Brett tearing down her green satin hot pants but by then there was nothing she could do. The green shorts wedged on her thighs but that didn’t bother Brett his attention had already returned to the black breasts and he grabbed them, each one making his hand look small. He then began crushing them as hard as he could.

“Aw you fucking bastard, Brett, wake up, I don’t know what is controlling you, or who, but wake up, don’t do this. Not like this, please don’t do this to me,” Martha screamed out through clenched teeth.

Brett’s face was blank, he had no smile, no frown, he was showing no emotion at all, it was if he was asleep. If Martha could just buck up her body she could head butt him again, like she had in training, knock him out until Esperanza could get here. Before she could do anything she felt his hand close around her throat.

<span style="font-size: 0.8em; line-height: 1.6em;">This wasn’t a sex thing, she’d had men hold her throat before during sex, this was too tight, he was strangling her. She tried to buck her body as she planned, but it was no good, he had her tightly and she was already gasping for breath.

As the white hand tightened further on Martha’s vulnerable throat she knew she was lost. She had been completely over powered by the man she had trained and he hadn’t even given her a chance. Her tongue began to poke out from her mouth, the rasping noises from her throat echoed in her ears. It was getting hard to think. Then as quickly as the hand appeared it was gone.

Air flooded back into Martha’s body and she lay there on the floor gasping, thankful that for some reason she wasn’t dead.

Martha was still gasping when Brett went to work, using a knife from his belt he cut Martha’s green satin shorts from her body. He was careful with the knife and didn’t mark her soft skin. Then with the two halves of shorts in his hand he balled up one and pushed it into her mouth, the other he laid out across her neck and using a spike gun from his belt he spiked the shorts to the floor either side of her neck. Martha was now held to the floor.

Brett grabbed Martha by her hip and rolled her onto her side. She didn’t offer much resistance; her shoulders were held down so she had to twist around her middle. He then slid in alongside her, his trousers undone and his long thin cock standing proud.

“MMMMGGGHHHFFFFF,” Martha cried out, screaming into her shorts as Brett plunged his cock into her pussy in one fast motion. His aim was perfect and he sank easily in her body with little resistance. Martha realised with horror that she was being raped and she could do nothing about it.

Brett pulled out his cock almost as quickly as he’d put it in, it glistened with a coating of Martha’s slippery mucus. With no sign of emotion Brett adjusted his aim and pressed the slippery cock against Martha’s asshole.

“MMMMGGGHHHFFFF,” Martha screamed again, louder this time, but she knew it was inevitable. There was nothing she could do to stop him, she’d indulged in too much solo anal play to hope that he wouldn’t be able to enter her. Martha gritted her teeth and prepared for the worst.

There was an audible pop as Brett’s nine inches began their descent into Martha’s bowels. Her ring defeated there was nothing left to stop the cock driving within her, rearranging her organs to accommodate it’s size as it advanced.

Just when Martha felt full and that she couldn’t take any more she felt the cock slide out, once again as quickly as it entered her. She felt confused, what was going on? What was he doing? To her shame she realised she was slightly disappointed.

The white cock came from inside Martha. It was dirty this time, no longer coated with the fertile mucus of Martha’s cervix but now with the filth of her colon.  Brett once more adjusted his aim and the filthy member plunged into Martha’s pussy.

Moments later it was out and it was once more glistening with the clear mucus having been cleaned by Martha’s pussy. Then the aim was once more adjusted and into Martha’s butt it went.

It was as the cock entered her pussy for the second time that Martha realised what Brett was doing, and then she started to really struggle. But it did her no good, she was held too tightly and she couldn’t stop the awful assault of her sidekick Brett.

Only when there was no difference in the state of his cock after being in her pussy and her asshole did Brett stop. Still with no emotion on his face he stood up and removed his trousers and shorts. Martha’s eyes blinked up at him, there was so much emotion in her face, pain, humiliation, anger, fear, the whole range was there.

He knelt down over Martha and pushed her hips so that she was once more lying on her back. Then he pulled the shorts out of her mouth.

“Whoever you are, whoever is controlling him, if you can hear me, I am going to find you and kill you for this,” Martha hissed angrily.

<o:p> </o:p>

Then Brett sat on her face, he sat facing down her body. He arranged himself so that he could feel Martha’s lips against his asshole then he grabbed up two handfuls of Martha’s tits, he pressed the black flesh together forming a deep chasm between them. He slid his dirty dick forward between the luxuriously soft tits and began fucking them.

Martha would always deny it afterwards but for the briefest moment she gave into her desires and began lapping at the asshole of her rapist as her beautiful black face was squashed under the body of the younger white boy.

If she had desired to make him cum quickly it worked because moments later Brett had risen off her, and as she was gasping for air he had turned her hips up again and slid his cock once more into her pussy where he came.

Martha, glad it was all over, closed her eyes and relaxed her head against the floor. Brett meanwhile, with no more emotion than a robot, stood up, got dressed and headed to his quarters to make his report to the Countess Rei. Martha was left lying tied up on the floor of her command centre. Her bustier was down around her waist, her breasts and oozing pussy completely exposed, her boots and gloves were in place acting as reminders of who she was. She knew she had to get loose and quickly.


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