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by C.King
Storyline Amazing Woman: The Legend Begins
Characters Wonderboy
Category Absolutely Everything
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 The Countess Dante was dressed like a devil.

 Bright shiny red leather in all forms. The corset with a merged short skirt, above her knees and on her thights. Mesh allowed her sides to be seen on her tone midsection. The corset was cut to show off her bountiful bosums. Hooked on the dress were small red and black batwings with a little forked tail on a best above her ass. Fishnets covered her legs in black netting which were tucked into black high heel stilleto books up to just below her knees. A headband with red and black horns rested on her head.

 Around her next was a copy of her emerald and diamond necklace but with a crimson ruby replacing the green gemstone. She had also put on contacts with turned her green irises to the same red as the ruby.

 As Wonderboy, or Timothy said, "Wowzers!"

 The Rei had selected this costume before the party to match her daughter's costume, but as she learned the truth about Timothy and Max Wonder, devilish desires had bubbled up. Which she had decided to follow for a while to see what would happen.

 "We have an hour or three before the party. May I offer you a drink from my husband's vineyard? I know you are too young to drink in this country but in Europe you could be hardly punished. So I insist that you try my special "Divine Purple" wine." said the Devilish woman as she poured him a glass of rich redish-purple fluid, and another for herself.

 "Okay, Mrs. D. I guess one drink wouldn't hurt me." said Timothy as he slowly drained the glass, as the Countess detailed her party. Timothy suddenly couldn't keep his eyes open... or his cock from rising from the sexy MILF before him. Even when young, he had more then one fantasies of the sexy asian mother. He watched her play with her ruby necklace as she swung it back and forth, bring it up to her now matching eyes as she looked through it. Yet Timothy was slowly letting his mind fade away to a happy and horny place.

 The Countess smiled as she watched the "Divine Purple" work. The wine was impreganted with extract of Divine Purple Lotus, which had to effects. The first was to make anyone who took the extracted drug horny as it was a true aphrodisiac, the second which the Countess was immune to was it made a person super easy to hypnotise. Which she had just done with Timothy again.

 The Countess had many reasons to hypnotise the boy again. As a new hero in Metro City, he would likely have contact with Amazing Woman. He would be a great backdoor to the heroine, as well as a force to eliminate her rivals and minor criminals. Much as she was going to seduce Marty to control the police.

 Second, the boy was likely to become her daughter's boyfriend. Rei wanted absolute control over her life, including all within. Including her daughter, who had been programmed with her mother's command structure.

 Finally, there was Max Wonder. She was the man she loved and lusted for. Who was her best friend's husband. Now here was his also handsome, yet easy to control son. Max had rejected her, but his child could be made to unable to do the same. She had to admit there was some transfer of feelings from Max to Timothy, as well as revenge on Father and Mother by controlling their Son... he was also a young buck to sow her fields. If he daughter objected, Su-Su could be made to 'share' with mother.

 "Timothy, you are in a happy horny place only I can take to. It is the best place in the world as you feel the best here. When I say Shitagau Okaasan, you will go into this state and let me do all the thinking for you. When I say Me o samasu Tim-Kun, you will awaken and do what ever I suggested or commanded you to do as if it was your own idea. Justifying it if you have to.

 You are weak against the wiles of beautiful woman, not wanting to disappoint or upset them. This is especially true of the most beautiful woman like myself and my daughter... in that order.

 Do you understand, Tim-kun?" asked the Countess as she waited for the answer.

 "Yes, Mrs. D, Ma'am."

 She smiled as she plotted what to do with horny suggestible boy.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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