as the X-men retire for the night, MJ and Felicia pull Spider Man away for some alone time.

by geega
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Black Cat Mary Jane Watson Spider-Man Emma Frost
Category Transformation Marvel
Previous Chapter MJ and Black Cat finish transforming and attack the remain heroes to turn them

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With that said the X-men and Fantastic Four said good night to each other and got ready for bed. As Spidey was heading to his room he felt his spider sense go off but he could react he tackled into a side hallway by a large green ball of fur.

"Cat" yelped a surprised Spider Man. "Hello Spider" Cat whispered to Spider Man in a very husky voice. "Mary Jane and I have talking about our recent changes and we need your input." "Yes Tiger we have some important questions to ask Peter and we need to as honest as possible" said Mary Jane as she snaked her arms around her husband from behind as she nibbled on his ear.

Peter was trying very hard focus on what his wife and Felicia were saying when his dick was hardening and telling him to just fuck them both. "Peter do you still find us pretty and sexy even if we're monsters?" Asked MJ in a small voice as she circled around Peter to look him in the eyes. Peter was shocked by fear and vulnerability on MJ and the black cat's faces, they want honesty he'd give it to them. "Ladies I'm having a little difficulty keeping my thoughts straight part of me wants to fuck you both silly but the important part is as Thor said before your actions and spirit speak of the true you. MJ I fell in love with you because of your HEART not because you were model/actress, you care for me been with me thru the ups and downs. Cat I fell for you because you don't give up the good fight, after you gave up crime you didn't stop until the Kingpin's fat ass was in jail, you helped me & saved my life more times then I can count." Both ladies felt shivers go down their spines straight to pussies both touched and aroused at Spider Man's words of love.

"Peter one more question how do you feel about me joining you in crime fighting & Felicia join us in our sexual relationship permanently?" Peter was slowly losing the war with his dick not to fuck both sexy & super strong ladies right away. MJ wanted fight side by side with him and on top of that have Felicia in their lives romantically he was struck dumb. As he pictured Mary Jane fighting bad guy as a hero like him, he couldn't believe how much the idea turned him on and adding Felicia was just the icing on the cake. Blood quickly left Peter's brain and was flooding his dick. He stupidly said the only thing he could think of "Why?"

Mary Jane still moved by Peter's earlier words placed a hand on his cheek and said "Because I love you and want do everything with you. And with all that was destroyed & the world needs heroes like us to help, and with so many dead I realized life is short and Felicia helped me realize my lesbian side. With that image is in his head Peter couldn't stand it any more he tried rip MJs clothes off but the unstable molecules of the uniforms provided by the Fantastic Four wouldn't rip so he instead he yanked them off. "God MJ I gonna Fuck you right threw this wall into the bedroom" moaned Peter kissing MJ's neck as he positioned his cock at Mary Jane's dripping cunt. "No Fair" hissed Felicia as she stripped her outfit fondling her breasts. "Peter you have six hands now that should be more the enough to play with the both of us" Felicia whispered in Spidey's ear as she stoked his chest. He began to thrust and bang MJ against the wall. Felicia began rubbing her pussy against his ass and back in time with each time he thrust his cock into MJ. Two hands were holding on MJs face as they made out the middle hands were fondling her breasts and Peter's last two were messaging Felicia ass as she ground against him. Felicia snaked her tail up to her clit and against Spider Man's ass she couldn't believe a tail could make her feel this good it was like she had her own cock suddenly she had a wicked idea. "Spider do you trust me?" asked Felicia "Yes" groaned Spidey at this point he would say or do almost anything to get off with these two Amazonian Goddesses. Cat pushed her tail into Spider Man's ass just as he was ramming his cock back in MJ "Oh My God" moan Spidey. "You like" Cat asked "Damn my dick feels like it's getting harder or turn to steel" MJ hand pass Peter grabbing Cat's shoulder claws digging in she growled "DON'T YOU DARE FUCKING STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING HIS DICK IS GETTING BIGGER AND IT FEELS LIKE IT'S GONNA RIP ME APART IT FEELS WONDERFUL I WANT MORE" Peter and Felicia were scared that MJ was going feral but continued fucking as wanting not to her pissed off.

Meanwhile Emma was tossing and turning in her bed at first she scheming of a away to get the powers & size Spider Man and his 2 lady friends now had but that train of thought came to a crashing halt when Peter kissed MJ. Since that kiss Emma's mind was flooded images of love, lust and most of all very graphic sex. God how long has since she got laid 6 months, more she lost count. She tried to jerk herself off but that just made her hornier. She knew the only way she was gonna get off was if Spider Man or one of the girls were to fuck her hmm maybe if she asked nicely it would be all three. Licking her fingers clean she threw on a robe and start walking to Spider Man and his ladies.

Spider Man pounded away into MJ half afraid to stop half afraid that they would all go feral.

"Don't worry she and you aren't losing it she just desperate for the multiple orgasm you got her building up to, as am I, may I join in." Emma said as she watched the three way in front of her.

Spider Man was finally able to enjoy the hard fucking he was giving MJ again after Emma's reassurances. He felt Emma could use some loving for helping and she looked like she was dying to get off. "Hey girls mind if Frosty joins in?" Emma was put off by the nickname but she was so horny and couldn't get off. "Face it, Tiger, we just hit the jackpot!" "I'm game if you are Spider" MJ and Cat replied. Spider Man picked Emma up and flipped her upside down so he and MJ could eat her out while she licked his cock and MJ's clit.

Oh god the power and sex Emma felt her heart racing and was afraid it would give out due to speed and how hard it was beating in her chest. She licked the huge green dick as it slid into MJ tight cunt. MJ's large tongue force it's way in her tickling her cervix Emma bit down on MJ's clit triggering MJ's orgasm which in turn triggered Peter's and Felicia's. Emma was lost in psychic sexual energy & sucking up as much of Peter and Mary Jane's cum she didn't even know she started to change. Her hair stayed blond but grew out wild and down to her back like Shanna from the Savage-Land, she grew muscles, claws, her skin turned green, her forearms, hands, feet and shins turned to her diamond form or emerald now due to the green coloring. The strangest thing there was no pain, no savagery she felt a zen like peace and unbelievable amount joy she couldn't ever recall before. All her petty schemes and plans for her own selfish agenda seemed so far away and not worth the effort. "Hey Frosty you ok?" Spider Man asked when noticed her change.

"Okay? I'm more then ok thank you so much for sharing that with me it was so magical I never felt so loved it's like you guys washed away a life time of evil and bitterness from my soul. I feel like kid on Christmas that everything they ever wanted." She then proceeded to lay a very passionate kiss on Spider Man than on Mary Jane and lastly Black Cat. She then went on to skip down the halls back to her room.


The next morning Emma was getting breakfast ready for everyone while humming a tune.

All the heroes except the three responsible were in shock in at change in Emma not the physical but otherwise a happy Emma was unheard of.

"Who thawed out the Ice Queen?" griped Logan while glaring at Spider Man

"What's a matter Logan never seen someone happy? Oh that's right you've never been happy, you would know happiness if it bit you in ass" replied Emma "and if tried you'd probably claw it to death" she muttered under her breath. She then continued back to her original task & humming. Now they were double shocked she sound like the old biter Emma for a bit.

Spider Man cleared his throat as he sheepishly look at his feet while he explained "MJ, Cat and I were making with the wild monkey sex" "PETER" "SPIDER" Yelled MJ & the Black Cat. "OK we were making love when Emma asked to join us. After we came she transformed and said she felt so loved that it was like washed the evil from her soul."

"Ms Frost may the professor scan your mind while Hank and I run some tests?" asked Reed

"Sure go right ahead but please call me Emma." said Emma


2 Hours later

"Well the brain waves scans all say the same thing it's still Emma but most of her negativity has been dulled or muted" agreed Reed and Hank "What did you get Charles?" Reed asked

"It's like all her emotional scars are healed over greatly and her mind is at a zen peace like buddhist monk except some lecherous thought she has for giving the people she cares about extreme pleasure" was professor Xavier response.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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