Magneto and the remaining brotherhood arrives ask Charles & the Xmen's help

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers X-Men Fantastic Four
Category Marvel Corruption Transformation
Previous Chapter as the X-men retire for the night, MJ and Felicia pull Spider Man away for some alone time.

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The rest of the day had filled with dread for the students and faculty of the Institute as they watched the news feeds on television, the situation was growing far worse outside their walls. Some channals were dead while others only showed mass attacks that were bringing city after city to the knees of these monsters.

Storm, Rogue, Shadowcat, Psylocke and White Queen sat around the television watching as the horror played out before the TV was switched off by one of the shaken women. Looking up at Emma Frost, Kitty shivered at the thought that thousands of those creatures were terrorizing the west coast and working their way up to THEM.

Emma had found that little of her clothing could fit her now massive form, instead using a pair of her spare capes made a top and slip that showed more than it hid. Her top wrapped around her large bust flaunting her upper and lower cleavage as if her breasts held her top up instead of the other way around, the slip showed off enough leg that it was no question she wore nothing underneath, not that there was anything that could fit.

Kitty continued to stare at the woman, her skin looked smoothly polished like snake scale but glittered like gemstone, her silky hair cascaded down her back and shoulders and led all the way to her legs. Had it not been for the fangs, claws and spines the woman possessed Kitty would have thought she was a goddess, her train of thought slammed to a halt when Emma looked back at the girl and made eye contact.

"No Kitty I'm not going to eat you." A collective sigh of relief escaped the women as they slumped down, more relaxed.

"How...Do y'all feel Emma?" Asked Rogue as she touched the White Queen's solid muscular arm with a gloved hand.

"I feel so... free, all the pain and malic in my life is gone, that and I've never felt so strong!" Giggled the woman as she flexed her arm. "I can feel THEM out there too, and the more I do the more I want to vomit." Cringed Emma as she shuddered somewhat as her attention focussed elsewhere.

"What do you mean Emma?" Wondered Storm as she and the others sat closer.

"It's so perverse! When I look at their minds out there I see a rotting, twisitng blackness. They've become so cruel and wicked its nausiating."

"Thor said the golden apples cured pain and madness... maybe it took all the bad out of you, maybe it can work on THEM too." Chirped Armor as her hair was ruffled by the giant green woman.

Suddenly the White Queen's eyes went wide and darted to the front of the mansion. "What is it Emma?" Asked Kitty as the giantess stood up and contacted everyone in the School.

~Everyone, come to the front gates... and bring medical equipement!~

The Brotherhood of Mutants had arrived collapsing on the front lawn of the main gates, having flown from Meteor M currently floating outside the Atlantic. Only three made it!

Magneto was on his knees covered in claw marks over his chest and helmet, while his two children Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver lay unconcious nearby. Xavier was wheeled outside to meet his old friend.

"It's gone... ALL GONE!"

"Eric, what has happened?!"

Tossing his ruined helmet on the ground he looked up at the X-Men pleadingly, wide eyed with shock. "They came like locusts! Thousands of them invaded our sanctuary, the screams! So many..." Too much for the man he collapsed with his son and daughter, just as Sue Storm and Rogue tended to the three.

"The Horde is taking out every bit of opposition they can think of, I read his mind, they didn't do so it out of some sense of threat... they did it for sport." The professor put his palm to his own mouth at the images flowing through Magneto's mind. "There is a chance we may be next everyone, get them inside and get suited up!"


Meteor M had been broken and battered, having crashed on the western coast after its means of levitation had been disrupted. Ant Man now a two hundred foot giant tore apart the small floating city one building at a time while Wasp watched from a distance, enjoying the carnage her former husband was doing.

Laying on her side while at least a dozen of her daughters cattered to her desires, Wasp rubbed her swollen belly, recently stuffed with a new clutch of young ready to be born while Maria Hill sat defeated, arms reach away from the abominated Avenger by a chain around her neck.

"Do you not enjoy the view little human?" mocked Wasp as she tore at the leg of meat offered to her by one of her 'servants', Maria looked away in disgust as she recognized it as one of Toad's limbs. "Such a shame, I feel rather excited seeing one of my many mates destroy in my name..." Purred Wasp as she tweaked her nipples at the scene, raising an eyebrow she though she heard a whisper from the woman.

"Hmm? Have something to say my pet?" Wasp pulled Maria up to face her master, the poor woman couldn't even look her in the eyes.

"They... They'll stop you, The X-Men will stop you." Maria cringed back at the roaring laughter from the Insect Abomination as it spread to the others who listened in.

"The X-Men? Those freaks of nature of dare believe they are the future?!" Standing up to her massive 10 foot height Wasp pulled up Maria with both hands to make the poor woman face her.

"Tell me little woman who among them is powerful enough to match... this?" Agent Hill's perception became blurry as Wasp began to grow larger, using her husband's Pym particles to expand her body until she was just as tall as he was destroying the mutant sanctuary. Placing the frightened woman in the apex of her cleavage she placed her claws on her wide hips in a stance looking down at the tiny agent of SHIELD and smirk.

"I AM THE MOST POWERFUL BEING ON THIS PLANET! MY BROOD HAVE ALREADY CONQUERED HALF OF YOUR WRETCHED LANDS AND SOON I WILL CLAIM THE REST AS MY OWN." Shrinking back down she let the woman collapse in front of her as she laid back down. "Tell me who among them is as powerful as I am?" Seeing the defeated and terrified look in the woman turned Wasp on to no end as she groaned at the sight.

"You there! Fetch me a male, I don't care who you find, I have an ich that needs scratching." With a nod and a buzz of diaphenous wings her daughter flew off to alert the rest of the horde as they destroyed and devoured the floating city.

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