MJ and Black Cat finish transforming and attack the remain heroes to turn them

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers X-Men Fantastic Four
Category Marvel Transformation
Previous Chapter A mix of 2, 3 and 4

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Looking over to the two women Thor's eyes went wide as Mary Jane and Black Cat held onto their sides, their eyes clentched shut as they tried resisting the changes. Slowly their bodies grew and swelled with muscle, growing taller and more powerful.

"Please... help us..." Groaned Felicia as she clutched her head, her mind swarming with cruel thoughts of tearing the people around her apart and chewing on their bones, she nearly screamed when she sprouted a whip-like tail that flicked behind her angrily.

Within seconds both women had fully transformed and now towered over the rest of the group, Black Cat had become almost feline in appearance with soft green fur covering her body, rounded ears arched from atop her head while her tail flickered angrily behind her. Mary Jane had somehow retained her red hair color but was now a muscular green-scaled amazon, they both looked to the group of heroes and snorted in a mix of hunger and rage before lunging at the nearest unlucky victim.

"MJ NO!!!!!!!!!"

"STOP!" Yelled Professor Xavier as both abominated women suddenly stopped dead like statues, his powerful telepathic powers holding them in place as Thor rummaged through the basket for two apple tarts, making them open their mouths Xavier instructed them to eat the desserts offered to them and released their minds.

Both women collapsed heavily before curling up on themselves, sobbing uncontrollably. A heavy thumping sound averted the X-Men's attention to Spider Man who came up to the two women and wrapped his many arms around them.

"MJ? Felicia? You still with us?" Both monster women lunged at the giant spider abomination, hugging him fiercely as they began crying full force, slowly whimpering as MJ began to speak up.

"Oh God Peter... I was going to... to..." She was silenced by her husband as he helped her standing. "I'm a monster... a fucking monster..." Whimpered Felicia as she held herself.

"Nay! Your regret speaks of your true self madam." Offered Thor as he gave the basket to Dr McCoy and Reed Richards. "You are monster in flesh maybe but not in spirit."

Having calmed down a bit Black Cat looked down at her furry self and nearly whistled at the solid muscles she now had, that and the massive breasts she sported. Giving them a feel she was impressed at their firmness. "Probably don't need a bra anymore... dont think they have P-cups anyway." Stated the Cat abomination as she posed and flexed her body.

Mary Jane Watson was doing the same as she admired her now titannic frame before looking at Spider Man's body and gasped at what hung from between his legs.

"Uhh... Tiger? Are you getting turned on?" Wondered the giant woman as her lips pursed at the sight of his inflating manhood.

"A little..." Blushed Spider Man as he stared at his wife's body. "Why honey?"

"Because you've got some wood going man, and by wood I mean a friggin baseball bat!" Glowered Logan as he covered his eyes, as did much of the group except Emma Frost who leered at the 2 foot log.

"Um... anyone got any pants I can wear? Preferably stretchable?"


Two awkward hours later the three abominated people sat in spare costumes from the Fantastic Four, Spider Man wearing one of the Thing's trunks while MJ and Felicia wore a one piece similar to what She-Hulk wore when she was with the four explorers.

"Well I got the results back from your tests everyone." Chimed Dr Richards as everyone waited in the mansion, the living room now cramped with all the members present. "It seems your brain waves came back negative for unstable activity, so the good news is you aren't going to attacks anything that moves... unless you choose to." Reed left that linger as he looked over to Ms Hardy, he was the woman's first target when she went feral. A rapid head shake from the cat abomination reassured him as he continued.

Raising his claw up like a student in a class room Peter piped in. "Any reason I'm mucho grande?"

"Ah yes well we surmised that the gamma mutation is fed by radiation, the more that's there the more radical the growth and change."

"We think its why the Hulk gets so large when he's at his angriest, he's essentially a walking gamma generator, fueling his own power." Interupted Doctor McCoy as he walked in with the same folder in hand, removing his glasses as he perched himself on the wall.

"Any way we can make a decent cure from the fruit Thor brought back?" Asked Cyclops as he sat with Emma, she continued to stare at the three abominations, a gleem in her eye as the conversation went on.

"Not a cure per say, but at least we can synthesis a chemical that can do the same thing." Answered Doctor Richards as he went over papers to see the results on the apples. "They won't be human anymore but they won't be tearing apart anything important either."

"Lets hope we can make somethin fast." Gruffed Ben Grimm as he sat on one of the heavy chairs, a cigar in hand as everyone looked his way. "Spidey didn't come her because he's was lost, you fellas are the last bunch of tough guys left in this world."

"Indeed... Let us ALSO hope they have other ideas then to come barging through the gates of my school."

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