The night begins to come to an end...

by clifford.cao
Storyline Harley's Heroine Heist
Characters Zatanna Batgirl Black Canary Joker Penguin Killer Croc
Category DC F/F
Previous Chapter Big Sister's History

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"Give up yet, Four-Eyes?" Zee-Zee taunted between gasps, feeling the sweat pouring off of her forehead.

"In your dreams, Zee!" Barbie shot back, right before thrusting her ass straight backward.

The two love slaves had spent the last blissful hour on all fours in the center of the former Oracle's bed, playing a little game of "ass-to-ass". A thick red double-headed dildo had bee inserted into both of their cunts, while a similarly thick black double-headed dildo connected their assholes together. Both of the former super heroines had gleefully pounded each other senseless with the sex toys, each one trying to get her opponent to pass out (or throw in the towel) first. In the process, of course, they had drawn countless orgasms out of one another - right now, the bed was practically covered in sweat and love juices, not that either of them minded.

"Like, can I join in now? Please?" Sugah panted as she threw another fistful of Monopoly money over the two fucking beauties. The blond bimbo then began pinching and squeezing her oversized boobs, trying to bring herself to another orgasm. "I've been reenacting that dumb movie for, like, ever!"

Zee-Zee rolled her eyes, but sighed in agreement. Dinah had never liked Requiem for a Dream back when she was the Black Canary, and it looked like some things never changed, even after a Harley Quinn-approved mind whammy.

"Alright, Sugah." With a loud squish sound, the two dildos were pulled out of Barbie's nicely-stretched holes. "Mount up."


"Leaving so soon, my laughing friend?" Oswald Cobblepot queried as he watched the Joker pack up the set of fold-out television monitors. In truth, he couldn't be more glad at such a decision, but gentlemanly courtesy came first.

In response, the Joker gave a dry hmph as he finished packing. "Change of plans, my curious cockatoo. I might need you in my corner later."

That made the Penguin's eyebrow go even higher. "Indeed?" A play for gratitude from his old "friend" wasn't unheard of, but it certainly was rare. And he usually wasn't this forthcoming about it.

But that wasn't reassuring in the least. The last thing anyone in Gotham - in the world - wanted was to be indebted to the Joker. And even if the Joker wasn't setting him up for some hideously humiliating (if not dangerous) favor, then...

"Joker..." the rotund businessman said softly. "Just what are you up against?"

There was a thirty-second silence before the Joker answered. When he did, his voice was surprisingly soft.

"I don't know. But there's a storm coming, Ozzie, and I do hope you've got an umbrella big enough to cover both of us."

The wisecrack was lame - even by the Joker's usual standards - but something in the tone made a shiver creep up the Penguin's spine. Insane and sadistic as he was, the Joker was an intelligent man. All too often, he spotted threads and made predictions that normal men couldn't dream of - intuition that even the Batman had trouble dealing with.

Was the Joker scared?

"T-T-F-N, Pengers," the Clown Prince of Crime said with a casual wave, before opening the only door in the panic room and strolling out.


"This is stupid," Waylon Jones, AKA Killer Croc, muttered as he tried to fight off a yawn. "We've been watching that damn apartment for three hours!"

"And we'll keep watching it for another ten, if the situation calls for it," his companion replied. The man's voice was cold and methodical, but there was just the slightest hint of boundless anger boiling beneath the surface.

"I still don't get why we can't go in and wait for her there," Croc scowled, crossing his arms. "I'm starving!"

"You've eaten a half-dozen stray animals and Lord knows how much discarded junk food since we settle down here. I think you'll manage," said the other man, adjusting his top hat and checking his guns for the umpteenth time. Couldn't be too careful, after all.

"Snob," Croc muttered as he turned his eyes back on the apartment across the street. "How do we even know the Cat-Lady lives here anymore? From what I hear, she's got twenty hidey-holes spread across this town!"

"I trust that our employer has given us the correct information. If anyone could keep track of this city's most elusive criminals, it would be him. That other man notwithstanding."

"Fine, fine," Croc said. "Whatever you say, Tally Mark."

This time, it was his companion's turn to scowl. "That's Tally Man, reptile."


A/N: Hi, everyone! In the words of Jim Moriarty: Did you miss me?

So, anyways, for those of you who may be curious: Joker's seventh enforcer is indeed the Tally Man, a highly obscure Batman villain used pretty much exclusively back in the 90's. I mostly picked him because of his kooky character design, though that's admittedly pointless in a prose format. Well, whatever. What's done is done.

For those who have lost track, here's a quick roll-call of Joker's enforcers.

Team A: Ravager and Cheetah (Barbara Ann Minerva). Assigned to track Harley down directly.

Team B: Deadshot, Condiment King, and Great White Shark. Assigned to get to Harley through Poison Ivy. Failed to do so, and captured by Batman.

Team C: Killer Croc and Tally Man. Assigned to get to Harley through Catwoman.

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