Big Sister's History

by colleem
Storyline Harley's Heroine Heist
Characters Zatanna Batgirl
Category Mind Control
Previous Chapter Oracle Awakens

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(Note: The Originial Story was written by me but i have the thank Solddate for the Work he did on my Chapter. English isn´t my native and so my Style isn´t as good as i want :) To Honor the Work of Solddate i Post his Chapter now because it is much better to read :) ))

Barbara sat in her chair, completely relaxed and docile as she stared at the screen in front of her, listening intently to the voice of her new Mistress, Harley Quinn. The Clown Princess was performing acrobatic back-flips and somersaults with expert ease and precision, the camera following her supple form with rapt fascination, just as Barbara's eyes did. A giant, hypnotic spiral filled the background, deepening Barbara's trance like state as it swirled around and around.... around and around... 

Every few seconds an image would flash across the screen accompanied by a single word, each flash too brief to break Oracle's focus on the Goddess dancing for her attention, but every single one imprinted itself deeply onto her open subconscious. 

A picture of two women making out on the street was underlined by Pleasure. A group portrait of Harley and her corrupted victims overlapped by Trust. Two big tittied pornstars sharing a double ended dildo by Love. A close-up of Zee-Zee & Harley's grinning faces by Obey. The image of a woman, it was actually Zee-Zee again but she was facing away from the camera, and she was naked, on her knees before a dominatrix Harley Quinn, the word Submit written across the scene. This pattern would continue throughout, bombarding Oracle with ideas, thoughts and fantasies that were not her own.

All the while, Harley reminded to focus on her, only on her and her voice, and under the influence of Ivy's lipstick, Barbara did just as she was told. After a full twenty minutes of hypnotic assault on Oracle's psyche, the video began a seamless loop, cycling back to earlier in the movie as if it were still running forward. Again and again, Barbara watched the same lustful, subliminal, mind altering messages and slowly the information began to irreparably change deeper and deeper parts of her mind. What little of her will remained tried to fight the changes at first, the ideas and thoughts being planted felt so strange and bizarre when put next to the memories of old life. However, after a few relentless playthroughs, not even Oracle's resilient mind could discern between the reality of her memories and the implanted fantasies of Harley's words, and soon fantasy outweighed reality. Thus, in her malleable state, reality became fantasy and fantasy became reality.

It was all so clear to her now...

It had been shortly after the end of her time as Batgirl... after the Joker had crippled her. Ended her life as she had known it and left her to piece herself back together, and failing that just roll over and die. She almost had, hope and happiness had all but deserted her as she recovered in hospital. Days went by as her body slowly healed, the efforts of her father and friends, even Bruce, trying to comfort and console her all failing to break though her bitter depression. They had left her all alone, after all. So alone and helpless, she'd opened her door to Hell and none of them had been there to save her... It wasn't fair to blame them though... However, despite herself, she had been angry, enraged even, that Batman still wouldn't give the Joker the beating he deserved. Not even to make up for abandoning her! His one damn rule quelling holding her back from the revenge she so desperately wanted in that darkest moment.

And then, one dark night, Harley Quinn had come to visit her. Barbara's trained senses had easily caught the jester sneaking into her room and in her pent up anger, the former Batgirl had reached for the baseball bat Harvey bullock had left her for protection with every intention of beating the woman senseless. However, just as Barbara finished readying for her first swing, Harley had done something amazing. She had knelt down next to Barbara's bed and started to cry. The madwoman had begged and pleaded with the redhead for forgiveness. Not for her beloved Mr. J over what he had done, however, but for herself for not being able to stop him. 

After swearing on her very soul that if she'd known what the Joker had planned to do the day he shot Barbara she would've stopped the madman or died trying, Harley had wept for hours in Barbara's arms. The redhead was simply unable to deny the distraught blonde her pity and did her best to console the unstable woman. Barbara was well aware that Joker had broken the poor woman both than physically and mentally, and that wasn’t her fault. Joker had manipulated her, preying on her naivety and then bound her to his wicked mind. Yet, now Harley was there, in Barbara's hospital bed, free of the lunatic's control over her and imploring the redhead to give her a chance to redeem herself. So, in this one night a victim comforted the unwitting accomplice of her attacker, accepted her heartfelt apology and the two established an unlikely, but unbreakable bond. 

In the weeks that followed, all the way up until the day the ex-Batgirl was finally discharged from hospital, Barbara and Harley became each other's new best friend for life. Harley had even taken to calling her former rival 'Barbie' or 'Babs'. On every night she could, Harley came to Barbara's room and, in a reversal of their first night together, the insane blonde had been Barbara's shoulder to cry on. The young woman vented all of her worries, fears and regrets regarding her new life, plus the anger and despair she felt over losing her old one, and the trained psychologist listened. Never judging and always understanding, Harley became the rock at the centre of Barbara's turbulent life. Helping her rebuild her self esteem and confidence with counseling, though they often allowed themselves a break to talk about girly things and swap stories so things never got too serious for too long.
The night before her discharge had been a tearful one. First with her friends and family congratulating her that she was finally taking that first step, so to speak, to beginning her new life in full and she was grateful for it. Her heart still held a certain bitterness over her misfortune and how the Joker had still not received the justice he so richly deserved striking upon him, but she let it go in the presence of those she knew did truly care for her. And then came her final liaison with new dear friend.

Tears streaming down her cheeks, Barbara had thanked Harley from the bottom of heart for helping her overcome her bitterness and give her the help she had needed to recover mentally from her ordeal. In turn, Harley had thrown her arms around her old enemy and sobbed over how much it would hurt to lose the best girlfriend she'd ever had. The memory of the rest of the night was not a clear one for Barbara, but there was kissing, there was moaning and there was unbelievable pleasure. She awoke the next morning alone, but that did not change the lazy smile on her face. 

For the first time since being paralyzed, Barbie had been happy.

With her mind and heart rejuvenated, Babs had wasted little time finding her new purpose in life. She would commit herself to ensuring that nobody would ever be alone, like she had been again. She would protect all she could and no victim would go unavenged, and so her carrier as Oracle began. Once she informed Bruce of what she wanted to achieve and how she planned to do it, Batman had spared no expense in providing the best hardware. It was long before she had access to the GCPD comms network, perks of having the police commissioner for a father, and every private & public security camera in Gotham. 

From her new Nest in the old Gotham clocktower, Barbie continued to help Batman and his allies fight the good fight. With eyes and ears on every street, she maintained a steady vigil for several years, refusing to let any of the criminals that plagued her home city escape justice. That was until... she saw Harley Quinn become cornered by several of the Joker's henchman after fleeing down a dead end alley. 

Thankfully, the clown princess had hidden herself behind a delivery van parked at the end of the street, and Barbie wasted no time directing Batman in to deal with the thugs. It would have been so easy for Babs to tell Batman about Harley too, but doing so would have meant betraying the woman she had come to love as a true friend. As the Dark Knight had swooped in and dispatched the thugs, Harley trembled in her hiding place, her eyes frantically searching her surroundings before settling on the camera Barbie had moved to focus directly on the jester. Confusion initially spread across Harley's terrified features, but then her eyes became pleading she realized why Batman had so conveniently shown up to deal with her pursuers. The detective instincts of Batman quickly led him to begin approaching Harley's hiding place, after dealing with the Joker's men. Harley had fallen to her knees and begged in silent prayer to Barbie through the camera feed to please help her escape. 

And, before she'd even realized she was doing it, Babs directed her former mentor away from the fugitive woman and breathed a sigh of relief as Harley thanked her and disappeared with her freedom. 

This was the first time Barbie would betray Batman's trust, but hadn’t he betrayed her first? The Joker was still living his almost monthly routine of escape, kill/maim, be captured, repeat. Nothing had changed according to Bruce... Well, not to Babs, now she saw he didn’t really care about her. If he did then Joker would either be dead, or as unable to walk as her! No, Batman, didn't truly care about her, but Harley did. Harley was the reason Barbie was still alive and she would be damned before she betrayed her!

A few days later Barbie had received an e-mail from Harley, thanking her best friend for the saving her. Oracle hadn't bothered to question how Harley had gotten her address, but in truth she didn't care. Babs was just happy her friend had been able to tell it was her who had stuck out her neck to save her. And for a time after that, things quieted down on the Harley front. 

That was until two weeks ago when she caught a stark naked Harley and Zatanna, wearing only her hat and silver collar, passionately making out in front of the same street camera Babs had used in saving Harley from Joker's goons and Batman. Soon the action heated up, with Halrey moving her kisses lower and lower down Zatanna's delicious figure until she was on her knees on the pavement in front of the magician and licking away at her wet folds. So transfixed by the erotic display, Barbie didn't consciously recognize dialing Zatanna's cell number into her computer's call out function when the sexy witch mimed for for her to do so with the phone itself in her hand. Though she was very aware of her other hand slipping into her panties and teasing her own throbbing pussy. Through husking moans, Zatanna explained she was now Harley’s loyal, loving, lesbian sex slave and sidekick, Zee-Zee, and that her Mistress needed Oracle to make a choice.

Having been given a new more potent form of Poison Ivy's mind control lipstick, Harley had decided to steal the world's heroines as both a distraction to the hero community, in payment to Ivy, but also as a force to fight back against the Joker, who she'd been running from ever since she and Barbie became friends. It was clear, Zee-Zee pointed out with a squeal, that sooner or later Batman would interfere Harley's crusade and the sexy jester hoped Babs would choose to be on her side in this coming battle. 

As she had both watched and listened to Zee-Zee explain the situation whilst getting tongued, Babs couldn't help her growing arousal. She knew that tongue well and what it could make a woman feel even better, her fingers diving deeper into her own cunt as saw Zee-Zee's knees wobble. As she approached her climax, the idea of joining Harley became an ever more appealing idea to Babs. To move over to the dark side. No more of Bruce's stupid morals and ethics, and to be able to enforce her own brand of justice without remorse. To be able to protect those she loved, like Harley and every one she loved. To help all those poor heroines out there that didn't know that freedom. To be able to enjoy her life in the endless pleasure that came through helping her friend... serving her Mistress... obeying Harley Quinn!

That day Oracle died in orgasm and Big Sister was born in the afterglow. 

Crying out in ecstasy, she promised to follow Harley to the ends of the Earth, and that she would do all she could to hinder the Bats from discovering her Mistress' true goals. Harley was so happy to hear it that she'd had Zee-Zee teleport herself and the witch over to Babs' hideout so they could give the redhead the night of her life. Barbie couldn't deny that having the two women suck her on her tits and lick her snatch had been a great start to her life in Harley's harem, but truth be told nothing came close to the climax she'd gotten from watching the two through the camera feed. Within days, her new sexuality as a voyeuristic lesbian was as firmly engraved on Barbie's mind as her loyalty to Harley. 

Babs had made good on her promise to fool Batman since then, the traitor still had no idea she was a mole or even that her Mistress had already captured several of the most powerful and sexy heroines on the planet. Thanks to her network, she could help Harley obtain any information about anyone she might want, including every superheroine in the JLA given her access to Batman's encrypted files. Detailed lists of powers and weaknesses on each superbabe were trifles to obtain with her talents, and again thanks to Batman's files, Barbie had detailed plans on how to take every single one of them down ready and waiting for her Mistress, including the mighty Wonder Woman. Batman's paranoia meant he had plans like these for every superhero on the planet, and thanks to Big Sister's watchful eyes, Harley could now have access to these plans at a moment's notice.

Barbie lived for her Mistress and the day they would plunge the knife into the Joker's dark heart, and when that day came Mistress Harley would all but rule Gotham City. Until then and forever after, Big Sister would watch over her Mistress, her sister slaves and any hot babe that walked by one of her cameras.

"--abs?" Zee-Zee's voice cut into Babs' mental lull, startling her fully awake. Big Sister found herself laid out on the Nest's common room lounge, stripped down to her navy blue bra and panties with a worried Zee-Zee standing over her. "Babs?" The witch smiled softly as she saw consciousness fully return to Barbara's eyes. "You alright?"

"Huh? Oh, err-- I think so," Barbie puzzled, lifting herself slightly to rest on her elbow, "why am I on the couch?" She asked, completely unfazed by her state of undress of Zee-Zee's likewise condition. The corrupted sorceress standing proud in her sexy red bra and matching panties, her trademark hat resting atop her head still.

"I don't know, Babs," Zee-Zee scolded mockingly, "maybe it's 'cos Sugah and I found ya snoozing in front of your strip club feed?" Barbie blushed furiously under sister slave's amused stare. "Maybe it's 'cos we then wheeled you in here and laid you out so you'd be comfy?" 

"Oh, I'm sorry, Mistress Zee-Zee," Babs mumbled in embarrassment. Unlike the rest of Harley's harem, Big Sister didn't have to acknowledge Zee-Zee's title as second Mistress, since she was Mistress Harley's close friend before becoming her slave, but there were times when the superior slave could make her feel so submissive. If she were honest, Babs thought it was hot. "Thank you."

"No biggie, but you were out so long I had to let Sugah start without us." Zee-Zee huffed and, as if on cue, a long, loud, high pitched moan stretched out from one of the Nest's reserve bedrooms, installed if any of the Birds of Prey needed a place to crash. "I just can't stand that pouty look she gets when I tell her not to touch herself."

"Ah," Barbie hummed in agreement, "well, then we better go join her, eh? I love watching those tits jiggle!" Big Sister grinned, before pulling herself up on the couch to sit fully upright. "Pass me my collar would you, Zee?" She asked nonchalantly, beginning to unhook her bra.

"Oh, yeah, sure." Zee-Zee replied, waving her fingers behind her back to summon a collar made of polished white marble to her palm. Another unique aspect about Big Sister role in Harley's harem is that she needed to maintain appearances with the outside world, so wearing her collar 24/7 and never being able to take it off wasn't an option. So Harley had decided that Barbie's collar should be removable, but still had to be worn for Babs to be able to truly enjoy the gifts her Mistress had bestowed upon her. And while the former Oracle now believed this had been the case for over a fortnight, this would in fact be her first time ever wearing it, and her first real time sleeping with another woman, go figure. Revealing the collar from behind her back, Zee-Zee handed it to the stripping redhead, "Here ya go."

"Thanks," Babs said, tossing her bra aside and snapping the stone collar open on it's well hidden hinge. Taking a deep breath, Big Sister placed the collar to her throat and snapped it shut, a perfect fit. Instantly, a tingling sensation spread down her body, teasing her exposed nipples and tickling her pussy, but it didn't stop there. The pleasant feeling trailed down through her legs as the spell stored in the collar restored all the nerves and muscles below her waist. 

"Hehe, I don't know if I'll ever get used to that," Barbie said with a giggle, before standing on her own two feet and sliding off her panties to leave her in nothing but her birthday suit and collar. "Still," she said, tracing her fingers over engraved letters in her collar, spelling out 'Barbie' in her mind, "I like it."

"Hey, if you like it, why get used to it?" Zee-Zee quipped, throw off her own under garments and placing her hat on the back of the couch. "Now if I'm not mistaken, we have about 8 hours before Batman checks in on us," she calculated as she pulled the nude redhead into a kiss, "so lets get this thing started!" 

"I couldn't agree more, Zee-Zee!" Barbie replied, grinding her naked body against her fellow love slave. Then taking Zee-Zee by the hand she led her towards the bedroom at the source of Sugah's Canary's moans, "Let me show why Mistress calls me Barbie Gorgeous!"

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