Back with Harley and her fan-girl

by clifford.cao
Storyline Harley's Heroine Heist
Characters Batwoman (Kate Kane) Harley Quinn Power Girl Huntress
Category DC Mind Control F/F
Previous Chapter The night begins to come to an end...

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Deep within the depths of Harley Quinn's hideout, a certain former super heroine was doing her very best to not lose her mind. Well, what was left of it, anyways. It wasn't easy.

In fact, it was downright agonizing.

"Let's try this again, Katie," Harley tittered as she playfully flicked the brainwashed vigilante's flat tummy through the skintight black suit. "What is my favorite ice cream flavor?"

"I-I forgot, Mistress!" Kate wailed pathetically, tugging at the chains holding her gloved hands above her head. "Please, please just let me cum!"

"Nope," Harley said matter-of-factly. "This is for your own good, Katie. My #1 fangirl has to know EVERYTHING about me, from my birthday to my three sizes to my favorite episode of Tiny Toons."

Kate whimpered, feeling her juices pooling in the crotch of her costume. She had been at it with her mistress for the past hour: the delightfully sexy madwoman would quiz her on some factoid about herself, and if Kate got it right, she would get some nice "private time" with a special candy cane-patterned vibrator that her mistress had gotten just for her. Unfortunately, Harley seemed to take pleasure in throwing out the most obscure and downright bizarre questions imaginable - as of now, Kate had only managed to "earn" herself three orgasms.

It was downright maddening. Especially when she was so hot and horny that she wanted nothing more than to grab that vibrator and come her brains out a dozen times or more.

"C'mon, Katie," Harley said encouragingly, leaning in close to the helpless heroine. "I'll give ya another hint. It starts with a B."

"Uh..." Kate licked her lips, trying to force her lust-addled mind to concentrate. "Boysenberry?"

Harley's eyes suddenly flashed blue fire. The madwoman's pretty lips twisted into a snarl. "Boysenberry? I dunno if you were paying attention the last couple 'a hours, Katie, but this little party is girls only! No Y-chromosomes allowed!"

Kate immediately shrunk back, terrified at seeing her idol so angered. And by her, no less!

"I-I'm sorry, Mistress! P-please forgive me...!"

The fire in Harley's eyes faded somewhat. The snarl turned into a wicked smile that, if anything, made Kate's stomach flutter even worse.

"I'll give you one more shot, Katie. If you guess it wrong..."

Harley trailed off, letting her threat hang in the air while privately enjoying the sight of the mighty Batwoman looking like she was going to piss herself. Truth be told, she actually didn't know what she would do if Kate got it wrong again, but she was sure she'd think of something...

The minutes ticked by, one-by-one. Finally, Kate opened her mouth again, hearing her heart beat louder than a jackhammer.

"I-is it..."


"... bigger on the inside?"

"Mm?" the Kryptonian formerly known as Power Girl glanced lazily at her lover, the wicked nun known as Sister Huney. "Guess it is."

"Just checking," Huney replied breathlessly.

The former Huntress and her personal angel were lying on their backs inside a massive stone chapel. Above and below and all around them, there were structures of devotion to their mistress, Harley Quinn, and her perverted ideals. Carvings, statues, paintings - all depicted beautiful young women ranging from fully clothed to fully nude, sucking face with one another or kneeling at Harley's feet.

But that was only how it looked on the inside. To anyone on the outside, it looked like nothing more than a tiny, run-down church in one of Gotham's poorer neighborhoods. Good for sheltering the homeless, and little else.

In any case, neither of them could imagine a more beautiful, a more faithful place of worship.

"It's some kinda of magic Mistress Zee-Zee whipped up," Power Slut said after a while. "Don't ask me how it works. Magic always gave me a headache."

"Awww," Huney cooed, gently stroking her blond lover's forehead. "Don't worry about straining yourself, Starr. I'll kiss it all better."

Both of them knew that she would probably do a lot more than that. The two of them had entered the chapel with the intention of a few minutes of preliminary sex before Huney handed Power Slut her "reward", but those few minutes had somehow turned into two hours. Right now, Huney doubted that there was a single spot in the chapel that they hadn't fucked on, or near.

Not that Mistress Harley would mind. Probably.

"Alright, my cute little angel," Huney said seductively, locking eyes with the busty Kryptonian. "Ready for your reward?"

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