The Gorminati

by C.King
Storyline The Gorminati, Interdimensional Slavers
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Marvel and DC Archie Mind Control Disney Mega Crossover Television Television: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Television: Charmed
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 Humans are a paradox as they can be mature, immature and both at the same time.

 It had started as the Gormin Federation as humans expanded to the stars and began to make friendly relationships with alien. Together they explored their universe and some beside it, creating an interdimensional congress. Their society advance as science and magic were allowed to merge and compliment each other. The average citizen were human with various degree of alien DNA, due to their genetic splicing technology. So occasionally they had aspects of the animals or alien in them as them. It was a golden age... till the Male Doom!

 Years of advance technology had not allowed them to fix the degrading of the male chromosome, which lead to the decline of male births and the rises of female births. It was like the bitter cause of a reality altering witch. All attempts to fix it failed. They had tried to break it gently to the population, but the bombshell of the news caused cracks in society which were exploited. Nations from city to galactic sizes had emerged from what had been a harmonious universal state. Each reacting in different ways.

 In some men rose and used technology to enslave the minds of women to use as slaves, the low number of men making it so the women had to take multiple roles. Sometimes bodyguards, sometimes servants but always lovers so they hopefully create more males.

 Some men rose in power and not only enslaved women for multiple roles but stole their genetic and mental coding so as to create more women when they could not take the ones they wanted.

 In others women took control, hording men as their personal sex slaves like drones for a queen bee. Even the coding of men were of value as this be cused to make more lovers for the noblewomen.

 People became of value as they could be used to hopefully restore humanity in this world.

 This created the Gorminati...

 The Gorminati were interdimensional slavers who hunted for the rare, interesting or valuable slaves in the universe. They had developed their technology so they could surgically capture any one and load them into their Slavo-pods. The Slavo-pods would program a multi-level program which would make the slaves willing to obey their master, the first person they saw. The slave would hold love and devotion to master, willing to do anything even if it was against their moral code. Even murder, suicide or any kind of sex act.

 For the slave protocals were designed to mix magic and technology with an advance understanding of certain psychological principles. First was rebuilding the lovemap of a person. The psychological term lovemap is for what develops in a person's mind in regard to who and what they find sexually attractive. Partly genetic and partly environmental, it explains things like sexual orientation as well as fetishes and sexual practices. The Protocals used minor genetic manipulation, mind and memory alterations, and emotion re-education in both magical and scientific methods to re-wire the brain while massaging the being mentally and physcially with harmonious pleasure on their nervious system. This resulted in a state of constant orgasm while having sexual dreams of a unknown figure who slowly became their focus, their fixation. Even when the slave was in a mass of sentient beings, they would do anything their fixation point wanted. Whether it was killing or kissing the others around them.

 Once prepare the Gorminati struck at multiple worlds at once, taking what they consider to be the most valuable beings in each universe. In many world these were many of the people with superpowers or superhuman abilities. They also took those related to the superhuman as they had to be of value to attract the attention of the most powerful of their worlds. They were taken and placed in the Slavo-pods, but their genetic/mental matrix was also copied into the machinary so they could create perfect cloned copies of each of them if needed. Locked into the computer program, each with a full slave programming their original were being treated with built into their cloning data.

 However, the Gorminati had not expected some of the heroes of these worlds being clever enough to board the ship looking for the lost friends and loved ones. The ship was compromised as the Slavo-pods finished making sure if a hero opened the pod, they would gain a permanent slave completely devoted and in love with them.

 We turn to the hero who entered the mini-dimension ship used by the Gorminati for reprogramming, who is...

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