Blue Beetle

by Meddler
Storyline The Gorminati, Interdimensional Slavers
Previous Chapter The Gorminati

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As the Gorminati left Earth with their cargo of stolen super-women, a number of heroes had attempted to board the ship.  As far as Jaime could tell, he was the only one who had succeeded.  As the other heroes attacked the ship, Jaime had bobbed and weaved through the ship's defensive laserfire alongside what was left of the Justice League.  As everyone, even Superman, was eventually driven back by the torrent of fire, Jaime's scarab was able to find a miniscule blind spot in the laser defenses.  Flying through it, Jaime had managed to get a deathgrip on the ship's hull.  At that point, the ship suddenly teleported to another universe, leaving him holding on for dear life as he passed out.

By the time Jaime had regained consciousness, the ship was steadily drifting through space in some alternate universe.  After he had finished throwing up, he managed to force his way through an airlock and tried to stealthily work his way through the ship, freeing the kidnapped women, and find a way to get them home.  

Evidently, that had been too much to ask for, because he hadn't been inside the ship for two minutes before alarms started blaring and he ran right into a surprised, half-awake Gorminati.

"A simple plan!"  yelled Jaime as he took cover behind his armor's protective shield, laserfire scorching it.  "And like so many other things in my life, it ends in lasers!"

The armor made a mechanical chittering sound as it's AI spoke directly in Jaime's mind.  "Jaime Reyes, the majority of my laser-based weaponry has been disallowed by you, so as not to endanger lives."  

"It's a not-well thought out expression, Scarab," Jaime said as he dove into a group of Gorminati, each arm formed into manible-like blades.  "Don't read too much into it." 

"Nonetheless, we have them off guard," said the Scarab.  "Judging from sluggish enemy reaction times and breath analysis, the majority of enemy forces were asleep or intoxicated when we were detected."

"Guess they decided to celebrate their victory," said Jaime as he easily swat the slavers aside.  "Wait, does that make me the guy who interrupted an alien frat party?  Not sure how I feel about that, honestly."

Regardless of their lack of sleep and sobriety (or perhaps because of it), the Gorminati slavers fought bravely, charging the Blue Beetle to the last man.  All to no avail, as Jaime fought his way through dozens of them, only rarely feeling as if he was in any danger.  Eventually, the ship's floors were littered with battered and bruised slavers.  A quick survey by the Scarab's sensors detected only one slaver still standing in a room just ahead, guarded by a single locked door.  With a grunt of effort, Jaime took hold of the door and peeled it open with his enhanced strength.    

Inside was the ship's bridge, with a breath-taking view of the stars and a multitude of alien control panels.  A tall woman with green hair  was leaned over one of them, shouting frantically.  "This is Captain Scri Talek of the Merciless!  My ship is under attack!  A Reach Infiltrator has taken out my crew and is-"

"Man, I have got to get a publicist," said Jaime as he ran into the room, a blaster formed from one arm and a shield formed from the other.  "I'm not Reach, I'm just a guy wearing their pajamas.  Now miss, if you could just surrender, this would end a lot easier for every-"

He didn't get a chance to finish his sentence, since the Captain drew an alien pistol and fired.  Jaime hid behind his shield, which was only mildly singed by the weak bolt.  This did not deter the Captain, who continued firing shot after shot into the shield.  This went on for a bit until Jaime said,  "Scarab's telling me that's a twelve-shot gun.  I counted eleven-and don't try to Dirty Harry me, 'cause Scarab's been counting too-so you've got one shot left."  Feeling brave, Jaime dropped the shield and formed both of his arms together into an even larger blaster.   "One shot left, against a guy who's taken out your entire crew and blocked everything you've thrown at him.  Do the math."

For a few tense seconds, the two had their standoff, never turning away from each other.  Jaime kept his gun level, his eyes narrowed.  The Captain seemed to have trouble holding onto hers, since her hands couldn't seem to stop shaking.  Suddenly, the standoff ended.  The Captain smirked and  fired her gun into the control panel.  Showers of sparks and molten metal flew as it went up in flames.  A giant, staple-like projectile fired from Blue Beetle's weapon, embedding the Captain into the bridge wall.


After defeating the Captain, he had gathered up the entire crew and locked them in storage rooms for the time being.  "You did not need to show them mercy," said the Scarab as Jaime walked back onto the bridge.       

"'Course I did.  that's what makes us good guys.  So, what did she blow?"  Jaime walked over to one of the control panels and placed his hand on it.  In seconds, the Scarab had interfaced with it, going over every bit of information the ship's computers had to offer.

"The central control panel.  It controlled the ship's autopilot, dimensional transporter, and the automated defense systems.  Without them, this ship cannot move or defend itself."

"Is there a way we can fix it?"

"Negative.  Doing so would require manual repair, and we lack the knowledge of how to do so."

"OK...what about the distress call she was sending out?  Did anyone get it?"

The Scarab gave a mechanical chitter as it checked.  "Affirmative.  A message has been recieved: a second Gorminati ship is currently en route to our position from several dimensions away.  ETA: 8 Earth hours.  I would like to remind you that these Gorminati will most likely be operating at full fighting capacity, unlike the ones on this ship."

Jaime shuddered as he remembered the Gorminati invasion of Earth.  They'd come down from the sky, demanding the world's heroines and villainesses.  When Earth refused, they'd struck faster and harder then anyone was able to hit back.  It was an incredible stroke of luck that he'd managed to catch them with their pants down.  "And with the control panel gone, we're sitting ducks then," said Jaime.  "OK, call up the League.  They can pick us up and get the girls back ho-"

"Negative.  We are in a parallel universe.  None of our allies are capable of reaching us.  Our enemies, however, are."

Jaime sighed, rubbing his brow.  "Great...you got any ideas?  'Cause I only have one, and I hate it."

"I have one as well," said the Scarab.  A holographic screen appeared before Jaime, displaying every woman onboard the ship, captured and reprogrammed by the Gorminati.  "Take the captives. Turn them into your slaves.  Use them to repair the damaged system and/or fend off any attackers."

"Yeah," said Jaime wearily.  "That's the one I hate."

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