As Power Sphinx waits in the Batcave, she feeds her kitten and her milk "cure's" Terra's of her human form

by Gorel
Storyline Wonder Woman; Mother of all monsters.
Characters Wonder Woman Justice League Lois Lane
Category DC Corruption F/F Pregnancy Growth Transformation
Previous Chapter She tricks Batman and makes the curse even stronger, making Wonder Woman even more powerful and larger.

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"So... This is Batman's batcave away from the batcave?" Wondered Terra as she stepped through the darkly lit underground complex, Power Sphinx stepped beside her on all fours like a cat as she watched the small girl wander around.

"He has dozens of them around the country, just in case he's needed outside of Gotham."

"Heh, paranoid much?"

"Believe me he's the king of paranoia."

As they both walked around the large open area observing the trays and shelves of devices and weapons the Dark Knight uses in his nightly patrols the silence was broken by a low grumble. "Sorry, guess I haven't eaten yet, we HAVE been hiding and waiting for a while now."

"Awww is my little kitten hungry?" Pouted Power Sphinx motherly as she picked up Terra and pressed her against her prominent bust. "Kara what are you?..." Unable to finish her sentence her lips were pressed against one of Kara's leaking nipples and forced to inhale in order to breath. The milk flowing down her throat easily with the forced gulp.

"There there my kitten, have as much as you want."

Resistant at first Terra slowly began to drink more of the rich milk provided to her, holding onto either side of the massive breast before her and drink deeper. Oblivious to the two they didn't notice a tail sprout out from behind Terra's costume.


Lois Lane was typing out a story for the news paper, she had been doing double shifts since Clark mysteriously dissapeared a few days ago, she was feeling worried... If only for a small bit but then again a good news reporter never looks behind her when the good stuff is in front of her. His own bad luck for not calling in today, there had been sightings of weird creatures in the alleys and subways of the city but the wierd part was there were no bodies or witnesses. The only evidence were the security footage and deep claw marks in the ground and walls.

"Hey Jimmy get me another coffee? This one's gotten cold."

As she thought about it the attacks started almost the same day that Wonder Woman returned from her home island a week ago and had been increasing ever since. And where have all the heroes been? One by one they've been dissapearing too.

She mulled those questions over until a sudden crash sounded out on the floor, the windows had all exploded with the arrival of dozens of winged monsters rampaging through the news station, one woman was tackled to the ground while those... Things held her down and started tearing her cloths off. Hiding from the band of creatures Lois tried to sneak her way to the elevator before a massive claw snatched her up and lifted her up like a disobedient puppy.

"Ah Loissss Lane, the Man of Sssteal's favorite ssslut."

Looking up at the monster that held her she was transfixed by the giant's golden piercing eyes, its long flowing black hair swirled and coiled behind her as its wings folded back. Smiling down at the confused woman she breathed in her fear as her children tore apart the building one floor at a time.

"Wonder Woman?!

"Yessss my new pet, you will tell me where Ssssuperman isss."

"N-Never! I'll never let you know."

"Oh I think you'll change your sssstory after I have sssome fun with you." Pressing the woman close she forced a kiss onto Lois's lips, ripping off the woman's skirt and underwear she slithered her stinger under her and drove into her pussy. She screamed into her mouth before moaning in intense pleasure, the venom taking effect as Diana thrust her tail into her.

"YESSSSS.... I dissscovered this by accident when I wasss having fun with one of my thrallssss." Hissed the Amazon monster as she gritted her fangs and moaned as she released something through her stinger into the writhing woman impaled on it. "I can now bear dozens of monsters at a time now, but I can now ALSO impregnate females with my venom."

Lois Lane gasped as she felt something hot enter her from the stinger drilling her pussy, the heat spreading until her entire body felt hot and humid. Moaning and rubbing her exposed skin Lois felt her naval swell up, her belly growing with every second like an inflating balloon until she heard Diana moan again and another flow of liquid heat entered her.

"Aaah fuck yessss! No wonder men enjoy thissss! YOU shall be one of my many breeding bitches addicted to my venom and milk and bear MY children along with my sssstud thralls, then you will tell me the location of the Superman! Mmmm to think what he and I will sire together..."

Blowing another load of venomous seed into Lois Lane's pussy her top burst open with her belly and breasts growing larger, already appearing 8 months pregnant and growing bigger with every jolt.


The Batmobile screeched into the Metropolis Batcave leaving the wall behind it to close and hide the the vehicle's dissapearance from the roads. Exiting the vehicle all four heroes and the magically corrupted Huntress followed the Dark Knight to the computer control.

"Why did we have to go in the car? More than half of us can fly." Wondered Superman out loud as Batman as at the chair with Huntress slinking over his shoulder.

"Because my master didn't want our enemy to know that you were free, don't you have any sense in that goody boy-scout head of yours?!"

"Kara are you in here? did you get our message?"

Padding out of the shadows like a cat, Power Sphinx stood up to her full height and apporached the heroes before her. "Kara?! Oh my god whats happened to you?"

"Well of course it is cousin, all these years and its always a shock to see me." Stretching her limbs the heroes got a full view of the tall statuesque creature before them, Power Girl had been turned into an anthropomorphic sphinx. Her body was covered in blonde fur with lighter colored fur over her belly and breasts, behind her a lion's tail swished casually as she ruffled her wings, blonde feathers fluttering as she flexed them back behind her. "The real question is what happened to you? Why do you look human?"


"Its the spell Circe cast on Wonder Woman, its turned her and anyone she's in contact with into mythological creatures, she's trying to turn the world back as it used to be so that Hades can feed off of the chaos as a result." Stated Batman as he ignored Huntress's nuzzling of his shoulder. "We tried to force her to revert the spell but she's only made it stronger to spite us, Fate do you think you can reverse it now that you've heard it first hand?"

Before the ancient magical guardian could answer the soft sound of a cat's meow filled the large underground room followed by a dark furred creature slinking next to Power Sphinx.

"Mama why is it so loud? I'm hungry again!" Meowed Terra as she nudged against her mother, the large feline woman picking her up and nursing her lovingly as she padded away for privacy. "Now shush Terra the grown ups are busy, if you stay quite I'll tell you a bed time story before you go to sleep."

"Was that Terra?!"

"Circe said she increased the curse ten fold, that must mean even the afflicted can spread it now."

"Can you reverse it Fate?"

"I shall try but we need help in order to face the managerie of beasts Dianna has sired."

"Then lets get working."

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