The trip home.

by Gorel
Storyline Wonder Woman; Mother of all monsters.
Characters Wonder Man
Category DC Growth pregnancy Corruption Transformation M/F
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It was a warm morning on Themyscira Island, Dianna had come from the Patriarch's world to visit her mother since there wasn't too much of a crisis to handle. With the Justice League's newest members from the Titans added to their roster things had been rather quite and peaceful. A perfect time for a visit.

Wonder Woman breathed in the sea air, humming pleasantly as she walked down the coblestone roads to the palace at the heart of the island, off in the distance hundreds of amazons practice battle regiments and sparring matches, she remembered fondly her practices with Artemis when she was growing up here. After a long walk she made her way up the steps, smiling to find her mother Hippolyta waiting for her at the top.

"Greetings my daughter, what brings you here? Have you lost interest in man's world at last?" Greeted the queen with a small smile as she hugged her daughter warmly.

"Hardly mother! I wished only to visit since it has not been so hectic. Please tell me, how have you been?"

Hours of catching up with her mother had been pleasant and both decided to take a stroll down the gardens, birds flew by singing in the tree branches as Dianna sat at a bench overlooking the garden square.

"It is so good to be back after so long, I missed this." Sighing in bliss Dianna leaned back to bask in the sun while her mother sat beside her.

"Indeed you should stop by more often daughter."

As the two sat in peace overlooking the gardens the ground began to shake violently , a thunderous quake echoed out as the earth below shook more and more, until with a sudden explosion from below the earth tore open, belching fire and smoke like a small volcano. Hovering over the fiery opening a womam floated out of the gapping fissure shocking both Dianna and Hippolyta of who it was.

"Circe! How did you escape the grasp of Hades?!" Called out Dianna as she stood ready to fight the master sorceress.

"So... Touching to see mother and daughter together." Weaving her hands in an elegant pattern Circe began to whisper an encantation. "I made a deal with Hades, If I could provide more souls to enter his realm he would spare me eternal torture... And the many years in that pit had granted me quite the inspriation Princess." With a wave of her hands a magical beam of magic struck Dianna and blasted her to the ground, the recoil of the blast sending Hippolyta aside with the sorceress laughing out her attack.

"I have placed a powerful curse upon you Dianna, the curse of Echidna! Forever more shall you be the source of all of man's woes in this world, you shall crave the seed of men and bear thousands of monsters that will blot out the skies and ravage the lands." She smiled as Dianna stayed concious long enough to hear her words before passing out.

"Bitch! You shall pay for this!" Screamed Hippolyta as her royal guard finally arrived from all the comotion. Spears ready as they aimed at the floating woman before them.

"I think not, fare well Queen Hippolyta, enjoy your company with the new mother of monsters." Laughing at her triumph Circe disappeared with a blast of smoke, the burning fissure sealing up after her as if it never occured.

Picking herself up and checking on Wonder Woman she began to worry about the curse placed upon her daughter.


Several hours later the league had been notified of Dianna's run in with Circe and the curse placed on her. Having been returned to the Halls of Justice Dianna slept peacefully in her quarters while Dr. Fate and Zatanna came back from checking on her.

The rest of the league stood outside of her room as the two powerful magicians closed the door behind them.

"I have tried everything I could think of to remove the curse but unfortunately I cannot, every attempt seems to harm her, the magic involved is seeping into her very core, becoming a part of her. Proclaimed Fate as he looked back at the closed door.

"And we still haven't figured out what the curse would do to her either, she's asleep for now and apparently unharmed but we don't know what else to do... Sorry guys."

"Until she wakes up we have no idea what to expect, until then I say we keep an eye on her." Every one agreed, nodding to Batman's suggestion as Hawkman and Green Arrow volunteered to stay and watch over her.

"In the meantime the best way to help is to find Circe, she caused this and if we get to her in time she can remove it."

Dr. Fate levetated into the air and became ethereal, making his way to teleport to his sanctuary. "I shall scry the ether to find her, she has eluded us in the past but her recent achievements may cause her to be sloppy, basking in the open of her victory."

"We'll try and find whatever else on earth that can locate her, lets move." As the heroes scattered Superman took one last look at the door leading to Dianna's room and made a silent prayer before flying off to find the sorceress and make her pay.


"Mmmm... By Hera..." Moaning as she finally came awake Wonder Woman looked around and sighed in relief that she was back at the Halls of Justice. Sitting up over her bed she went to her washroom and looked at herself in the mirror. Checking herself over she found nothing out of the ordinary, she was still herself and appeared alright. "Circe... What was that curse you mentioned?"

Feeling that a shower was in order she undressed and stepped into the stall, turning on the hot water and sighing in bliss at the droplets of warmth hitting her naked skin. "The league must be out looking for Circe by now, I should help once I'm ready, I hope Superman is with them." To her surprise she found herself fantisizing about the kryptonian. She began to day dream about them together in bed, tangled up with each other as they made love. Moaning at the thought her hands roamed over her body, one of her hands finding purchase at one of her breasts. "Then again... Batman was always good at finding people." Her dreams then switched to Bruce, the two going at it on a rooftop overlooking the city. In the shower stall her other hand began to run at her pussy, fingering herself as hot water trickled over her.

A hunger was starting to grow within her, a need to seduce her friends, her enemies, ANYONE, her lust was being stoked to a blazing heat from within and it wasn't going down. Moaning out loud she opened her eyes and looked down at what she had been doing. "I... I need a man... NOW!"

A light knock from her doors averted her attention back out to her room. Unconciously she licked her lips as she heard a man's voice on the other end asking if she were ok.

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