She tricks Batman and makes the curse even stronger, making Wonder Woman even more powerful and larger.

by Gorel
Storyline Wonder Woman; Mother of all monsters.
Characters Wonder Woman Justice League
Category DC M/F Growth Transformation Corruption Pregnancy
Previous Chapter Batman confronts Circe and forces her to reverse the spell.

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With the deal made Batman and Huntress stood aside to let the demi-goddess Circe perform her magic, making elaborate hand gestures and muttering quite incantations the three heroes trapped in the necklace were released with a puff of smoke. Superman, Captain Marvel and Dr. Fate stood up breathing in relief as they were no longer in the enchanted prison.

"Now for the other part of the deal Circe, undo the curse."

"But of course."

Breathing deeply and reciting the curse in an unknown language, Circe made the final enchantments, the air in the room began to swirl and churn with unseen winds as her chanting rose louder and more intense. The lights flickered with every hand gesture before with a final chant the room blasted with a gust of air and the room became as bright as day before burning out dark.

"So... Is it over now? Is Wonder Woman herself?"

"Why of course Captain Marvel, your amazon princess is returned to you and all is undone."

"If thats the case why is Huntress still a Fury?" Pointed Batman to the feathered woman beside him, his eyes narrowed and serious as he stared back at Circe.

"Oh did you want the curse removed? I thought you wanted it increased ten fold!"

"BITCH!" Hissed Huntress as she unfurled her wings, her claws reaching out for the woman as she lept to strike.

Dissapearing from sight the owl woman collided with the wall where Circe stood, twisting around to face anything nearby as the room filled with callous laughter. "Did you really think I would lift the curse under the threat of a Fury?! If I could evade the capture of hundreds of Furies over my stay in Tartarus what would make you think I would behave in the presence of just one?"

"We had a deal Circe! Even you can't go against it, you said you would return everyone back to normal."

"Ah yes but incase you haven't discovered this IS normal behaviour for your friends now, your dear Huntress is actingly EXACTLY as a Fury would... So is your darling Dianna, especially with the boon I've just given her."


The room echoed with the demi-goddess's laughter before it faded into the dark, the remaining heroes stood powerless as they lost their only chance to save their friends, and in the process make things worse.


Diana moaned in bliss as she pushed again, arching her back and rolling her hips she gave birth to more monsters to add to her managerie. More than a dozen so far she nursed what she could while birthing more, and she loved every second of it. Chimeras, manticores, all manner of beasts were being reborn through her and she craved more, she felt empowered with every creature she bore.

"You are so fertile my Mistress, I envy your prowess." Husked Zatanna the Fawn as she aided her goddess in the feeding, her four plump breasts occupied by Diana's hungry children as they grew and matured.

Suddenly Diana moaned loudly, her eyes wide open as she felt something change within her. Slowly she began to grow larger, her muscles straining and bulging larger and stronger, her hair lengthening until it became a sea of black behind her, coiling and swirling with a mind of its own. "SO MUCH POWER! SO MUCH FUCKING POWER! MORE!!!" Roared Diana as she grew largerstill, now over 10 feet tall if she were standing she continued to swell and bulge with muscle. Feeling a strange sensation under her breasts she rubbed under them and gasped to find a second pair of breasts forming under her original ones.

Laughing at the changes and powers she was gaining Wonder Woman's growth slowed before it finally completed. Standing to her new 15 foot height she basked in the raw power she now had, every inch of her was solid with muscle, not even Blockbuster or Bane could match her for physical perfection. Her four massive breasts hung off of her chest brimming with so much milk they barely sagged under their own weight, her hips and ass had grown equally impressive, as wide as her broad shoulders and holding up a gigantic tail that flicked and coiled behind her.

Rolling her shoulders she felt a pressure build behind her, arching her back in discomfort two arm-like protrusions began to jut out of her spine, growing longer and more deeloped before flexing behind her. Feeling more relaxed she arched back and felt up her body as her wings grew out to flap and flex behind her.


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