While alone Huntress tries to seduce Batman.

by lordgriffin
Storyline Wonder Woman; Mother of all monsters.
Characters Batman Huntress
Category Transformation DC Corruption Incest M/F Mind Control
Previous Chapter As Power Sphinx waits in the Batcave, she feeds her kitten and her milk "cure's" Terra's of her human form

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While Dr. Fate worked on finding an answer to Circe's spell.  Batman felt the strain of the past few days, he had not slept in days.

In a corner of the bat-cave, Power Sphinx lay curled in the corner Terra pressing fore paws against Power Sphinx's warn softly furred side. Tarra's face pressed to the belly as soft nuzzles and suckles could be heard  Terra relaxing and drinking her mothers milk. Power Sphinx's eyes half closed  purred as much as any animal.

Huntress walked up, slipping a warm feathered wing around Bruce's shoulder, the white appendage comforting and silken soft. "Bruce, your exhausted you can't help anyone if you pass out or can't think." she gently ran her fingers along Batman's neck, needle sharp onyx black talons had sprouted from her fingers, replacing her nails.

Bruce closed his eyes and when he opened them he was staring into the deep yellow owl like eyes of huntress "maybe your right... I look at what Circe is doing and when I am tired I begin thinking this time...we won't win...I mean look at Tarra nursing from Sphinx like an animal"

Helena noticed the bulge forming in her fathers tights, and she urged him up toward the mansion "Come on lets get you to bed."

As they walked Huntress's talons clicked on the stone floor.  Up above the mansion was silent. Alfred was off for the day.

In the master bedroom Huntress led her father to his bed, before he sat down she tugged off his cape and cowl.  Bruce was more like a zombie, the days exertion pressing down on him.  Huntress's softly feathered body felt nice as she Removed his boots and then began to peel him out of his costume.

Huntress admired Bruce, she could still feel the effects of Circe's spell, Her father was SO handsome this was the bed where he and her mother, Catwoman, had conceived her.

Sidling up beside Bruce she ran her talons over his bare chest, her now bird like feet covered in  warm smooth golden scales ran their talons over is calf.  She was pleased to see Bruce's cock stir and firm up. "You like that?" she smiled

Bruce swallowed hard, the feel of the sharp talons so gentle on his skin and the look of the owl like Erinye before him "H...Helena..we..we shouldn't"

Helena smiled, she could smell her father's arousal "Shh...why not, Bruce you are protecting the entire city, maybe the planet, like the Fury's do...were the same" she straddled Batman's lap, her soft feathers against him as she pulled him to her chest, her wings enfolding him warmly. In her mind Huntress kept seeing Circe smiling, her mistress would be pleased.

Bruce Wayne was slow to realize what was happening, and it was not until he felt the soft feathers about his groin that he began to weakly resist. "Helena...no... don't...s..stop.."

Huntress chuckled as Batman tried to weakly push her away "Relax Batman...let this happen please" her lips found his. At first he resisted but then she felt him begin to return the kiss.

With Batman's slowly melting resistance, Helena lifted up on her knees. Bruce felt her talons grasp his erection and guide him into her opening. Her transformation had left her warmer then a normal human...and he groaned as he felt himself slip within the beautiful owl woman.

Helena moaned with him, as he slipped within her she felt the increased effects of Circe's spell. A smooth golden scale began to form on her hands to her elbows.  She could feel her feet becoming more bird like. Her desire to root out sin increasing "Yessss" she smiled

Bruce's heart raced..this was wrong..but it felt so good. He thrust up and into the owl woman as her talons roamed his back.

Thats it Bruce" she smiles "let it happen, "

Bruce groaned "What's h..happening..feel so...weak.....

Helena rode him firmly, her wings holding him... slowly his head fell back and she cradled him..moving her feathered body against him. 

Bruce had been under so much pressure...the effort felt so nicely... The 2 made love on teh edge of his bed, it was not long before a wave of pleasure passed over the caped crusader. His seed pulsed into the Owl like Erinye before him.

Helena shuddered in return, watching Batman's eyes roll up in his head, his body going slack.

Panting she held the limp Batman, he was out cold, but as she moved her own wings, she noticed Bruce now sported a pare of leathery black bat wings on his own back. 

She stayed impaled on her father for a while before releasing him to lay back on the bed. 

Huntress stood and went to the full length mirror that Bruce kept at the foot of the bed. Turing to twist she admired herself. her entire body was now covered in snowy white and golden feathers, like a Barn owl. She stood on taloned bird legs that were covered in smooth golden scales to her now backward bending knees, likewise her arms were scaled to her elbows sporting the onyx black talons, her eyes were owl like only her face and breasts were human.

She felt a growing need to serve her goddess, Circe... she turned to rearguard Batman laying naked on the bed, his length still coated in her fluids and she smiled

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