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Storyline Amazing Woman vs. Wonderboy
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Wonderboy crouched down on the rooftop of his house as he watched the police officers surveying the yard.

When the moment was right he pulled out his grappling gun and fired a line that wrapped around a nearby street lamp. He tugged on the rope to make sure it was secure and then swung across the yard.

‘I still can’t believe I’m able to do all this and with such ease,’ thought Timothy landing on the roof of the house across the street. ‘If only SuSu could see me now… sigh.. SuSu… I still can’t believe that she’s gone. Oh well, she wanted me to find happiness… tempting babes like Ginger are fun, but I can’t imagine anyone making me as happy as SuSu… I guess I’m going to have to accept that’s gone and I should move on.’

Timothy looked back at the house at the window of the room that Ginger was borrowing. ‘I don’t get it why would Amazing Woman go after and attack Ginger? Better question: How on Earth did she manage to escape from her?’

Wonderboy thought about the security video footage that was now getting over two million favs on U-Tube-It. He remember how fast Amazing Woman moved and took down Ginger’s bodyguards with hand to hand combat kills that would impress Bruce Lee. The video ended with Amazing Woman grabbing Ginger by the throat and pushing her away from the view of the camera.

‘How did Ginger manage to get away without being killed by the woman,’ wondered Timothy in his thoughts, ‘Ginger didn’t seem to disturbed or even behave frightened, in fact she rather flirty towards me. If someone was randomly attacked like that they normally be a bit more shaken up. Could the video be a fake? Maybe I should swing back as Wonderboy and ask her a few questions….”

Then Wonderboy slapped himself on the head, ‘Yeah and if I’m wrong the sight of another costumed avenger might send an innocent victim into a panic. No I better not… besides she flirt with me without the costume.. maybe she might be open to talking to old Timothy Langstrom!’


Despite the lack of evidence and lack of motive, Amazing Woman still had a prime suspect in this caper. Jason Lance, although completely different reason for suspecting of being behind the crime, a reason she dare not let ever let SWORD be aware of.

The black heroine stood on the rooftop of a building across the street from Enterprise Towers. The hour was getting late and most of the people who worked in the offices were gathering up things to leave, everyone except for Jason. He remained in his giant off sitting by his desk as if waiting for someone.

There was a beep from the radio attached to the side of her belt, Martha picked up her SWORD radio and said, “Pink, unless there’s a mayor disaster I’m not interested!”

“Mar—Amazing, where supposed to be a team, you can’t keep ditching me like this,” said Jenny’s voice concerned, “I know your innocent, why won’t you let me help you?”

“The last person I trusted stood me up,” said Martha, “Sorry Jenny, it’s nothing person, but I don’t need a sidekick tonight.”

With that Amazing Woman switched off the radio so it wouldn’t distract her any further. She then pulled out her grappling gun and fired.


After drying herself off, dressing in some clothes, and fixing her hair Ginger DaMore walked across the hall back towards Timothy’s room. She smiled and then politely knocked on the door.

“Hello Timothy, it’s Ginger,” she said talking through the door. “I think I could use your help. Are you in there?”

The handle jiggled and the door opened just enough for a shirtless Timothy poke his head through while hiding behind the door. His hair was a complete mess as if he had been sleeping.

To Timothy’s relief Ginger was dressed in a pink sweater looked a size too big for her and a pair of blue jeans with small white and pink sneakers. The attire wasn’t something that he was expecting, it was more like the traditional girl next door look verus the skanky outfits she was known to parade around in on the housewives show.

“Sorry did I wake you,” she asked.

“It’s okay, just laying in bed,” said Timothy, “What’s wrong.?”

“I don’t know how to switch your television from Bluray to cable,” she said in the most helpless sex-kitten laced voice imaginable.

‘If only the boys who made fun of me in school could see me now,’ thought Timothy giving Ginger a small smile.

“Sure, just give me a sec to get dressed, I’ll be right down,” said Timothy.

“Thanks sweetie.”

Timothy closed the door and breathed a sigh of relief as if Ginger had walked inside she would have seen him still dressed as Wonderboy missing only his shirt.

‘Good thing I returned when I did though,’ thought Timothy. ‘I would hate to explain how I sneaked past my patrol officers outside.’


Amazing Woman stood inside Jason Lance’s office. Her gloved hand was now wrapped around his throat as back was pressed against the wall.

“You think I can’t put two and two together and that I wouldn’t know who set me up,” Martha growled.

A handsome young gangster in his mid twenties merely smiled, “Now Martha, I didn’t do this to you, I swear!”

Martha just tightened her grip.

“You blackmailed me into meeting you here during the exact time that Ginger was attacked,” Amazing Woman, “You threatened me with my sister’s life, flaunting top-secret SWORD documents that would not only expose my secret identity but the safety of this country. I should have you had something else up your sleeve.”

“Now, Amazing Woman,” choked Jason with a wicked grin his face, “Our 3-hour date wasn’t that bad.”

“After you kissed my hand, I went home and scrubbed it for two hours with soup,” said Martha before throwing him half-way across the room.

“A pity you didn’t enjoy the evening as much as I did seeing you in that green dress I bought for you from France,” said Jason rubbing his throat before standing back up. “But give me some credit, it’s not like I demanded a night of pure sex. Now why would kill you, when I can expose your identity to every gangster in the world and also expose the existence of SWORD to the whole world at any moment I desire?”

Jason picked himself up and walked over to his desk, “However I knew you’d blame me, so I did some digging and called in a few favors.”

Jason picked up a file marked “Project G” which also had the words, “TOP SECRET” printed over the SWORD emblem that was printed on the file.   

“That’s the original by the way,” said Jason with a smirk. “I believe SWORD has been keeping secrets even from you. Did you know a couple of years before recruiting you that SWORD was in the business of experimenting on eager volunteering recruits in their agenda to create superheroes.”

Martha didn’t answer him, but she know of the rumors about it. She opened the file and glanced at the life story a woman named Amy Bell, who was the first and last test subject of Project G.

“She’s a shape shifter now,” explained Jason, “They code-named her Mimic. At first she welcomed it, as it would make her the perfect spy and assassin for SWORD.”

“SWORD doesn’t use assassins,” barked Martha.

“Believe what fairytale you will then,” Jason said pouring himself a drink, “Amy Bell would be killing targets left and right if the experiment didn’t have one major drawback., she never could cope with the fact that she could never change back into her normal and original human form. You might ask how absurd it is that a shape changer can’t change back into her own natural form, let me tell you that all her original DNA was purged from her body, she can only change into the people that she’s touched physically since then.”

“How could she possibly change into me, I’ve never met her,” said Amazing Woman walking back over to Jason with her gloved hands balled into fists.

Jason looked Martha in the eyes, he reaches his hand out and barely touched Martha’s arm with a finger that he slowly traced across her skin to her elbow. “How can you be sure? She could have been anyone,. And you’ve saved so many people. All she needs is the simple brush of skin to skin contact.”

“Don’t ever dream of touching me again,” said Martha grabbing Jason’s wrist and painfully twisting it.

Jason fell to his knees squirming in agony. “Don’t forget about your sister now!”

Martha released her grip. “Where is she now?”

“Mimic faked her death a year ago and tricked SWORD into believing it,” said Jason cradling his wrist and massaging it, “She works exclusively for one of my competitors now. I’ll gladly tell you which one, but that comes with a small price.”

Amazing Woman narrowed her eyebrows. “Which is?”

Jason smiled lustfully.

“I want you to sit down on my desk and let me kiss you,” he said extended his hand towards his desk while keeping his eyes on the heroine. Savoring every expression on her face.

Martha wanted to kill him. But knew she had to play along, not only just to get the information on Mimic and her whereabouts, or for the safety of her sister, but she needed to learn whom was leaking SWORD’s secrets.

“No dinner this time,” she scuffed showing the same attitude she had on their ‘date.’’ She walked over to Jason’s desk and beemed him look of pure disgust.

“Come now Amazing Woman, I could be demanding more from you,” said Jason, “By logic, I should have had you killed by now, but I’ve always fancied women who are sexy and powerful. However I have no need to expose you and those things you care about, if your willing to share a few moments of your time as I desire.”

“I’m not your whore,” said Martha.

“I’m not asking for that,” said Jason. “I just want to hold you for a kiss, now relax and won’t stonewall your lips.”


The Pink Maiden followed the GPS signal to the rooftop facing Enterprise Towers. Jenny didn’t have to guess as which room Martha was in. She reached into her utility belt and fished out her binoculars just in time to watch Amazing Woman be kissed by Jason Lance.

“I… I can’t believe I’m seeing this,” said Jenny.

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