The Story Begins

by noname002j
Storyline Amazing Woman vs. Wonderboy
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“Amazing Woman is the prime suspect tonight in the assault of reality television star and supermodel Ginger DaMore.,” announced Jasmine Knight as read from the teleprompter as she anchored the ten o’clock news on Channel 4. “The twenty-eight year old drama-quee… ahem.. actress was attacked in the parking garage of her penthouse apartment in Metro City. A security camera recorded someone looking and dressed like Amazing Woman attacking Ginger after tearing through her bodyguards in hand to hand combat. Ginger is one the famed stars of the cable reality series “The Celebrity Housewives of Metro City.

“Ginger is currently separated her husband actor Alfred DaMore after her scandalous affair with film director Steven Spellborg which was soon followed by another scandalous fling with billionaire entrepreneur Jason Lance.

“Police are baffled as to why Amazing Woman attacked DeMore in the garage, Ginger has no history of major criminal activity except for one arrest for a DUI, although her one-time rumored lover Jason Lance has been often rumored and suspected of being an underworld gangster. Perhaps the attack on Ginger might be some kind message meant for Lance from Amazing Woman, but right now police are still investigating and Ginger DeMore has been under police protection.

“Channel 4 will keep you further posted on this story as soon as news breaks. This is Jasmine Knight reporting.”

“Annnnnd we’re clear!” shouted the program director standing beside one of the many news cameras pointed at the news anchors seated behind the big desk.

Jasmine pushed the chair back from the anchor. She stood up and stretched her arms out and threw her head back to shake some of the stiffness off of a long day and night of news gathering and reporting.

The beautiful young black 18 year-old woman was ready to call it a night, in fact she had been working around the clock for three days gathering up leads into the death of Countess Rei until her boss ordered her to kill the story and focus everything on Ginger DeMore.

Jasmine shook her head. Why did Amazing Woman attack her, her fling with Jason Lance was done and over months ago. What information could she hope to squeeze from that untalented bubblehead? It didn’t make sense.


Amazing Woman sat at the desk of a massive computer that had been delivered into her lair a few days ago. Right now she was watching the security footage from Ginger DeMore’s attack.

“It’s impossible, she even moves like me,” said Martha while typing away on the keyboard. “The costume is dead on too, that utility is definitely SWORD issued.”

“Well it’s good thing you had that internet date with Brett last night,” said a young friendly voice from behind. “SWORD’s top brass will understand when Brett clears up the fact that at the time of the crime he was talking with you live on SkyPhone.” Then she added with a giggle, “By the way how did that cam to cam date go?”

The twenty-eight year-old black woman dressed in a green bustier shrugged her shoulders. “It didn’t. Brett… he stood me up. I waited all night, but he stood me up.”

The eyes of the younger blonde woman dressed in a pink and gold spandex bodysuit suddenly widened. “You mean you don’t have an alibi for the night of the attack?”

“I take just one lousy night off and then something like this happens,” grumbled Martha focussing her attention on the video showing Amazing Woman taking down a group of body guards. “It’s impossible, she looks like me and fights like me, if I didn’t know better I’d be out looking for me.”

Jenny Powers put her hand on Martha’s shoulder. “Are you sure you weren’t brainwashed?”

Martha turned her head to face the young nineteen year-old SWORD appointed sidekick.. Jenny wore a skintight pink bodysuit with a gold trim that almost covered her whole body. It also she showed every curve to from her shapely legs to her 36DD sized breasts. At the center of her costume was a giant "P" made of gold.

“Sorry Pink, I recently received protection from that sort of thing,” said Martha. “I was here all night waiting for Brett.”

“Wow, he stood you up,” asked Pink Maiden. “I mean who stands up Amazing Woman, I would never do that to you!”

Amazing Woman just stared at her not saying a word. She only raised an eye brow which triggered Jenny to blush.

“Umm… I mean if I… if  you… if we were….” Pink Maiden tried to explain.

“It’s okay Pink, I know you’ve been hiding a crush on me,” said Martha turning her attention back to the computer.

“Was it that obvious,” asked Jenny.

“It was written all over your face after our first mission,” said Martha, “You’re a good agent Jenny, I can see why Captain Justice fast-tracked to this promotion, but if you want to work with me you need to keep yourself focussed when we’re on the job.”

Martha then decided to change the subject, “Did you manage to find any new leads at school that lead us to Wonderboy?”:

“None, since becoming the hottest and newest cheerleader at Metro High, I’ve managed to check out all the star athletes and none seem to come close yet,” said Jenny. “There were a few new sightings though, a rescued an elderly couple from a mugger Thursday, Friday he took down the leader of the Crimson Hoods street gang and nearly half the gang. I’ve got the footage, he’s good. He must have had some serious training growing up like I did. Are you sure he’s not SWORD?”

“If he was Captain Justice wouldn’t have us looking for him,” said Martha. “I think this has something to do with Max Wonder.”

“Max who?” asked Jenny.

“Metro City’s first hero,” said Martha. “And just like Wonderboy, he was a complete mystery to SWORD. And SWORD doesn’t like mysteries.”


The following morning at the humble home Mary Langstrom…

“She’s coming here?!” asked Timothy as he looked at his mother who sat at the dinner table.

“Don’t give me that look Tim,” said Mary taking a sip from her morning coffee. “I’m not in love with this idea either, but she’s high profile celebrity who has a potential death threat.”

“Don’t celebs usually retreat to Paris when that happens,” asked Timothy.

“She wanted to do just that,’ said Mary taking another sip. “The judge took away her passport after her DUI, and she’s still on probation.”

“Why don’t she stay at her own place and have your officers look after her there,” asked Timothy.

“So Amazing Woman can put my officers in hospital beds like those bodyguards,” asked Mary. “As far as security goes that penthouse was joke, she’ll be safer here and Amazing Woman won’t think that the home of the Chief of Police is being used as a safehouse. Besides I can hide more officers on the mansion’s grounds then I could at her place.”

“Well… as long it’s just her and not a whole television crew,” said Timothy. “You think Amazing Woman really attacked her?”

“Not sure,” said Mary, “Who knows what runs through her head?”

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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