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Storyline Amazing Woman vs. Wonderboy
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Incoming Call for Jenny Powers, PINK MAIDEN. Private Message.

Jenny Powers saw the call sign on her smart phone and looked puzzled for a moment. She hadn’t seen a communication like this before. All SWORD communication usually came through Amazing Woman.

She got up, secured the door to her quarters and launched up her computer unfortunately it didn’t have a cool hologram like the one in the main communication room.

Optic came into view on the computer. The black woman may have been born with no eyes but she had a remarkable brain. The SWORD scientists had developed new improved eyes for her which meant she could connect to the internet and actually see any internet connected surveillance camera. She was in charge of resources at SWORD and was essentially Amazing Woman and Pink Maiden’s direct contact. Captain Justice might have been in overall command, and be the figure head of SWORD, but it was OPTIC that got things done.

“Did you want me to get Martha… sorry, I mean Amazing Woman.” Jenny Powers said instantly.

“No please don’t Powers, this is a private communication between us,” Optic said, “I won’t waste any time. We have read Amazing Woman’s report of the attack on Ginger DaMore. We understand that Amazing Woman can not account for her whereabouts during the time of the attack. We have watched the footage and concluded that it is 94.3% certain that Amazing Woman was the one who assaulted Miss DaMore.”

“I’m sure it wasn’t Amazing Woman, Ma’am, she was supposed to…” Jenny realised she was about to say too much and stopped speaking. 

“What was she supposed to be doing?” Optic asked.

“Nothing Ma’am,” Jenny said, realising she couldn’t tell Optic that Martha had been waiting to chat to Brett online, now that he was in the training school she was supposed to avoid contact with him.

“Very well Powers,” Optic said. “If we were 95% sure we would order you to place Amazing Woman in custody until she can be brought to headquarters, but there is still 0.7% before we make that decision. Obviously if Amazing Woman is arrested then you should be prepared to take over the Metro City outpost.”
Jenny looked stunned at the screen.

“So we’ll need you to keep an eye on her, what ever she does, any movement at all, we want you to report it back to me personally. I have set up a special account so that you can contact me directly. See if you can get us the missing 0.7%” 

“But… what will happen to Amazing Woman if she is arrested,” Jenny asked.

“We do not differentiate between criminals Powers, if any prisoner is serious enough to warrant their incarceration by SWORD then they are placed in our secure holding facility. Do you have any more questions Powers?”

Jenny shook her head.

“Optic Out,” and with that the screen went blank and Jenny slumped back in her chair. So much for an easy ride on this job! What was going on?


The first time Timothy Langstrom met Ginger DeMore was the moment she opened his bedroom door clad in only a towel.

“Ohhhkay.. This so isn’t my room,” the beautiful red headed reality tv star said, then she saw Timothy, “Oh hello, and who are you?” she asked.

Timothy had been staring at SuSu’s Twitbook account, he was looking through her pictures, he was still heart broken that she’d left him and gone to Japan. So he spent his free time staring at pictures and remembering their one night together. One look at Ginger and the thoughts left her mind.
Sure, Timmy hadn’t wanted Ginger to stay, in fact he hated “The Wives of Metro City,” and he hated any TV show like that, he much preferred Jackpass, now that was a TV show! However, seeing her in person he was suddenly very glad she was staying.

.“Hi, I’m Timmy, I live here,” he said with a stupid adoring smile as he jumped straight to his feet, he was wearing tight jeans and a hooded sweat shirt

“Oh aren’t you the sweetest thing,” Ginger gushed as she stepped into his room, “And where have you been hiding?” she asked.

“Nowhere,” he replied before continuing after a pause, ”I mean, I haven’t been hiding Miss, just been here in my room,” he babbled feeling so stupid in front of this woman.

“Are you going to be part of my protection team?” Ginger said again.

“Well no, there are plenty of men around on the grounds, I’m just here cause I live here.” Timmy said he couldn’t help but think that Ginger didn’t seem at all bothered by the beating that she’d had from Amazing Woman, maybe this woman was tougher than she looked.

“What a shame,” Ginger smiled, “I was looking for someone to watch that I’m ok whilst I have a shower, there was I thinking you might want the job.”

Timmy’s jaw dropped. Ginger laughed and blew him a kiss, she was clearly enjoying teasing this younger man. 

“See you on the flipside little Timmy,” Ginger grinned and with that she was gone.

Timmy watched the open door and didn’t move, well couldn’t move, for a moment. He was tempted to follow her, to take her up on her offer. He couldn’t help imagining Ginger naked in his shower, the hot water running down her curvaceous body, making her skin glisten and shine. Reluctantly he abandoned the image. She wouldn’t be interested in him, she was famous and he was much younger, he knew she was just teasing. 

For a moment he felt depressed, then he realised that it would probably be very different if he visited Ginger as his alter ego, Wonder Boy. He grinned and already had an erection before he opened the box with the false floor which hid his Wonder Boy costume.


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