Orson receives a call for Comisioner Palin and left the loft.

Storyline Pandora Queen of the Boob-verse: The Shadow of the rapist.
Characters Pandora, Queen of the Boob-verse
Previous Chapter Pandora and Orson take a "hot" shower till....

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Stalking them, at the other side of the street, Mr Rodshire/Voyeur Rapist, invisible, felt on his perverted aura the concussion of the incredible explosion of lust that had happened at few yards of him. His evil hunger of lust…his cruel desire to submit sexually the voluptuous blond bombshell grew and grew unbearable onto him, impelling him to assault them fiercely as an wild animal. But he controlled himself…barely. 

 To his surprise, the dead villain felt that the same hunger that consumed him also grew on his ‘host’. Usually, the conscious of his victims became drowsy, dormant, unable to experience the acts of his controller. Somehow, this man seemed able to perceive, in an unconscious way, the same of him. That synergy of their shared lust was increasing his libido…and the strength of his host. Amazed, Rodshire felt stronger and stronger as the same time that the large cock of the Voyeur Rapist grew and grew between his groins. It was power that he had never experienced on hundreds of host…And the best of all. The conscious of his victims wasn´t opposing resistance to his domination. In fact, it seemed that liked it due to their shared, infamous concerns. Rodshire had found the perfect host to his plot.


Minutes later, Pandora and Orson left the bathtub…exhausted and still horny as hell. The ‘excitement’ of that man had surprised her. In general, her non-super guy lovers weren´t so impressive. Excited as hell due to her voluptuous, well-shaped ballerina body and charisma, those men became in walking dicks, anxious to paw her large mounds of firm flesh and ram her cunt in a attempt to tear screeches of pleasure from her fleshy lips…In vain. Pandora controlled those mindless guys easily, giving them the experience that they deserved. No more, no less. Sometimes,   she let them to reach a partial success. Others, she made them cumming on his own pants, rejecting them. 

But Orson had been one of those rare guys that had tried to get his own ecstasy looking for her own bliss, with sensibility and delicacy but vigorous…And those gentlemanly manners, so different what she was accustomed, had surprised…and excited her. 

The nude Pandora roamed her blue eyes over his nude body and grinned him. Though well-build and a good dick, he wasn´t as impressive as Drake Hunghorse or He-Male, some of her former lovers. Somehow, he was on the point to get the chance of a second round with her…the chance to get an epic ‘touch down’ this the heroic stripper…if he passed her last test... 

In front of her, nude, soaked, with his erected virile member aimed her as a missile to her groins, Orson´s eyes stared every square inch of her tanned, voluptuous body, trying to conceal his pants of bliss. Pandora was able to see his desire, his lust through her on the way he looked her tempting crotch, her large 42HHH boobs, her fleshy lips, her blue eyes. Somehow, despite of his desire, Orson stood his ground in front of her, horny as hell, waiting for a signal of that gorgeous woman, anxious as a stallion in the line of start of a Grand Derby. 

Pandora realized that his lust for her was amazing on the way that her boobs tingled as they began to fill again of power, lost during her climax. Smiling him roguery, the busty woman began to towel sensually her body.  Pandora leaned forward and, slowly, the towel slid along the skin of her athletic thighs while her rounded feminine attributes hanged and over them. Then, her groins and crotch began to be towel while, provocatively, the sexy stripper, heaved in feigned pleasure. Orson was immobile, mesmerized by the view of that blonde goddess in front of her while his libido and cock grew and grew painfully.

Pandora´s nipples began to grow, not only by the tingling of her boobs but also with excitation by that man. Many of her former lovers, at that point would have jumped to her, trying to ease his libido, but though his libido grew and grew (Pandora could felt it on her bust), he remained in front of her, enjoying with her performance. Finally, the voluptuous bombshell slid up the towel to her firmly rounded left breast, toweling it with slow, circular movements. Then, still staring him, Pandora made the same with her right one with the same, madden slowness. Orson felt on the point to explode, desiring to take that incredible body among his arms and possess her one more time but retained by his restrictive education.

“Oh, Orson!!!. I think you love me….”.-Thought Pandora.-“I can see you in your eyes….But I am not a girl of one man only.”.-Grinning him, the buxom heroine turned round, showing him her slender ass and rounded buttocks.

“Please, honey. Would you mind toweling the back?”.-Said sensually Pandora.-“What will you do now, Orson???”.-Wondered the stripper with curiosity. 

 Slowly, Orson approached to her and, gently, he took the towel from her hands and, smoothly, slid it over her sensual shoulders and upper back, peeking the magnificent orbs of flesh of Pandora in front of her. 

The heroine could feel his throbbing cock touching her firm gluteus but Orson wasn´t trying to penetrate her again…by the moment.  Tempting, Pandora jutted forward her breasts, heaving in her famous feign bliss. In response, to her surprise, Orson just slid down the towel, sensually, along her sides, close to her rounded feminine attributes but without touching them, though his cock throbbed faster and faster on her lower back.  And to her surprise, when  his hands reached her hips, Pandora heaved again, but no feigning. 

“Oh my God!!! Is he really seducing me!!!”.-Thought  Pandora astonished, trying to retain the control of her libido. Then she felt his lips kissing gently his nape. “Oh, Damned!!! He is seducing me!!!”.-Thought the woman, filling as a new wave of bliss began to drain her regained Lust-E of her breast.-“Well, Orson. You have won a night of sex with Pandora…”.-Smiled the heroine, placing her hands on his own hands, leading them, over her waist, right to her tingling breasts. Then, the cellular of Orson rang.

“Damned!!!!”.-Roared Orson.-“Damned!!!!”.-Cursed again the man, making his way to the living room where, hidden in a pile of his clothes, his phone rang frantically. 

Pandora´s eyes wide opened in surprise.-“How was it possible? That calling had broke the charm in a second, leaving her excited as a hell but without a way to ease it but her masturbation!!!!!. 

Pandora made her way to the living room just to see as Orson began to dress up fast.-“So...sorry, Pandora. I...I must leave now….It´s…It´s…”.-Stammered Orson, trying to place his throbbing cock right into his underwear. 

 “It´s Pallin.  Isn´t she? Well, sergeant Orson. You have had your chance with me…”.-Declared, with feigned anger Pandora, placing her hands over her waist and jutting her firm orb of flesh to the face of the man.”.-I will investigate your suspicious…but nothing more. Now….”.-Said ominously, staring as Orson finished to dress up and run to the door.

“Sorry, Miss Pandora, but it is an emergency…Damned!!!”.-Yelled Orson with frustration on his voice. 

The door closed behind him. Then, Pandora, nude in the middle of the living room, smiled again.-“You won´t escape from me the next time…Orson, neither of my twins...”.-Muttered the busty woman.

 Then, the heroine felt surprised by that thought. She had never pursued any men or super men. On the contrary, she was pursued by them…even by some women.  Somehow, that man, though he wasn´t exceptional, his attitude, so different with the attitude of the legion of her former lovers, had impressed and attracted her.

“Is it possible that Madame Madeleine has implanted something on my mind? What if she implanted the desire to be dominated by men, instead of being the dominant one? How can affect me such a thing?...Or maybe I am just falling in love with him???”.-Wondered Pandora.-“Damned!!! I need a holidays…and I can´t go to the cruiser. Damned you Orson!!!”.-Muttered Pandora, making her way to her bedroom.


Penthouse lights turned off at last and Rodshire smiled. It was the moment.  Taking advantage of the strength of his host (due to his libido), the villain jumped easily, invisible, to the rooftop of the Strip Joint, making his way to the closest skylight. 

“You are too much confident, Pandora, and you will pay for that…”.-Thought Rodshire, going through the open skylight directly into the living room. 

Then, secretly, helped by the dark of the place and his own invisibility, the villain and his avatar made their way to the bedroom...to their desired prey. Their combined libido exploded in anticipation when they saw, among the dimness of the bedroom, the impressive ballerina voluptuous body of the heroic stripper, which, though covered by a sheer, satin sheet, outlined her large bust, her engorged nipples, her defined legs.  

Rodshire felt as his host fought to push him to jump over the blonde voluptuousness immediately but Rodshire controlled him...barely. The villain knew that Pandora was really dangerous, a powerful foe that couldn´t be dominated by brute force. He needed something more to beat and rape her...he needed the strength that grew into the body of his host and his tricks.

"She is mine, Voyeur, not yours....".-Thought Rodshire, as excited as him, but still able to think straight...at least till he could place his cock deep into the cunt of his busty, blonde prey. 

Looking for get much more power of his host...and for himself, Rodshire took the sheet at her feet and, invisible, slowly, began to slide it down, exposing her body, inch by inch, at their eyes.   During endless seconds, Rodshire pulled the sheet back, exposing seductively, in slow motion, her large, firmly rounded breasts, her flat abdomen, her tempting womanhood, her shapely legs...The spirit of the Voyeur roared in lust, anxious to fuck Pandora right here, right now, but Rodshire was able to control him one more time, feeling, with delight, as his strength grew and grew to super human limits. 

The defenseless stripper became agitated in her dreams. Though sleep, her amazing boobs felt and stored the lust that hit them as a tsunami from the villain and, as side effect,  tearing apart soft moans of delight from her fleshy lips. It was enough. Rodshire felt that the strength of his host had reached his limit and, besides, he was also unable to control his own anxiety to rape the mighty Pandora till her dead.  Only he had to decide the way to submit her...

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