Into the 69th Precinct

Storyline Pandora Queen of the Boob-verse: The Shadow of the rapist.
Characters Pandora, Queen of the Boob-verse
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It was close to midnight when the gates of the 69 precinct suddenly opened and well-known characters on the Red Strip of Mega York nocturnal´s business appeared on the large, wood frame of it.

“Come on, Big Berta. I am sure that these blue, atractive guys are happy to talk with you…”.-Said the first woman, a gorgeous blonde,  5’ 7’’ busty woman, which was carrying a massive, 7’ obese woman, dressed in a skimpy, black leather attire in a fireman´s carry. 

"Pandora!!!”.-Exclaimed Sergeant Orson, staring amazed the strength prowess of the small woman, carrying with ease the 350 lbs of flesh of the massive woman called, by good reasons, Big Berta.                         

“Hi, sarge!!! Here I bring you another applicant to become in the big boss of the Strip.”.-Said Pandora, unloading heavily the enormous body of the criminal in front of the service desk of the sergeant.  

The woman grunted slightly in pain, but she didn´t move.  Though the blonde stripper was able to lift till 420 lbs, held the voluminous physique of the fat villainess over her shoulder was not easy for her .                     

Sergeant Orson stared the fallen, unconscious woman with reluctance and fear. Big Berta had been one of the most dangerous criminals of the Red Strip, controlling the prostitution along the city till arriving of Mr. Pimp. Then, a war for controlling the business had unleashed. Though her bitches, all of them expertise in martial arts, were considered lethal, Mr. Pimp´s henchmen and Madame Madeleine tricks had overwhelmed Big Berta´s henchwoman, forcing her to leave Mega York.                                 But, after the defeat of Mr. Pimp and Madame Madeleine, Big Berta had returned to the city, anxious to recover her former territory. Her first stop had been the “Red and Blue Dancing Club”,  the most famous strip joint in Mega York, the place where Pandora, the famous stripper and heroine of the city danced.  Big Berta had decided to restart her dominion over the Red Strip with a effect strike, beating Pandora in her own home but she had failed her attempt. Now, a small cell in Vulture Island Prison was waiting for her.

“What´s up, sarge? I am sure that ‘the queen of the morality of Mega York’ was anxious to put her hands on Big Berta….”.-Declared the busty bombshell with ironic.

Sergeant Orson raised his head and glanced Pandora, frowning. The heroic stripper was dressed with a skimpy stars-and-stripes pattern bikini that was unable to hide, in fact, it enhanced, her impressive 42HHH breast in that slender ballerina body, and a high heeled black stilettos. 

“Well, boys. What are you waiting for? Take miss Berta!!!”.-Roared Orson to his subordinates, though his attention was still focused on Pandora and her amazing measures. Of agents approached immediately to Big Berta, thought their were trapped by the amazing measures of the heroine. 

“Miss Pandora. You shouldn’t call commissioner Palin in such a way.”.-Said the policeman, trying to stare her at her blue eyes. Somehow, one time and another, his eyes sneaked the ample bust and deep cleavage of the woman, which, instead of feeling annoying, on purpose, breathed deep to push forward her bust to the limit. 

Pandora smiled, staring sensually around her. Policemen, criminals and bystanders felt her look and, many of them, felt excited, feeling as the excitation and sexual desire grew on them. Pandora felt that energy as something physics, a source of energy, the Lust-E, which gave her strength and resilience. In fact, she was appreciating that gift. The fight against Big Berta had been more difficult than she wanted to admit. A few times, the massive body of Big Berta had been on the point to flatten her against the ground in a attempt to become the busty Pandora in a flat stamp, while her own punches and kicks seemed ineffective against her fatty flesh.  But finally, though she had spent many of the Lust-E storage on her boobs, she had prevailed, ached but victorious.  

Little to little, Pandora felt as her stamina grew and grew, sending pleasant warm waves of pleasure across her voluptuous body. But suddenly, a voice broke the charm. 

“Go away, Pandora. This is a precinct, not the den of vice in which you show with impudicity your body.”.-Roared the voice of Louise Palin, police commissioner of the city. 

“Come on, Pal. I have brought you a ‘big’ presents!!!..”.-Replied the busty stripper, placing her left heeled boot over the body of Big Berta while, at the same time, swaying her bust. With a smile on her lips, Pandora realized as commissioner Palin fury grew and grew and, with a bit of malevolence, the blonde heroine placed her hands over her hips and pushed forward her enormous, stretching to the limit the upper portion of her patriotic bikini.  The agents that were trying to move the heavy, massive body of Big Berta were unable to keep cold. Even, the groinds of a few of them were already moist with the inner juices of their orgasms. 

Though enraged, Louise controlled herself.-“But it seems that Little Berta escaped…”.-Grunted Commisioner Palin.-“Is she too much for you?”.-Jeered the woman, looking at her over her glasses.                                  

“Of course not, Pal. I have just leaving her for you…if you can catch her…-“.-Replied immediately Pandora.  The middle aged. Black haired woman was on the point to explode in rage when the gates of the precinct suddenly opened again abruptly.

“I am innocent!!! I am not a rapist!!! I am innocent!!!! “.-Roared a handcuffed, middle aged man, dragged by two policemen.-”I…I…I was possessed by a evil spirit!!!!”-Yelled the man in despair.                                         

”We got him!!!!”.-Said one of the policemen.-“The rapist voyeur is under arrest!!!!”.-“Said finally in triumph. Palin´s grin turned in pleasant.

“Good job, boys. God job!!!”.-Roared exultant, ignoring Pandora and the fallen body of Big Berta, which seemed on the point to regain conscious.  

On the other hand, the busty stripper had recognized the identity of the arrested man. He was a habitual client of the joint, a boring, shy middle aged accountant. Pandora remembered him because he was extremely polite with the girls and bodyguards…and the fact that his cock usually explode immediately in a climax every time he stared her on the stage or among the clients of the joint. 

Maybe, that little man could be a voyeur (though Pandora doubted it) but, at all that man could be a rapist. Pandora had met and arrested a few of them in the last year and that man was really different of those bastards. 

“We caught him trying to rape another woman in the Centennial Park. The victim is on the hospital. The bastard hit her as an animal…”.-Was saying the other policemen to commissioner Palin. 

"Well. Maybe I was wrong with him. If he had been caught in the act, there was no doubt that he was guilty and that wasn´t her business”.-Thought  the blonde, busty bombshell. Mega York police usually didn´t commit mistakes, though sometimes they need a bit of help of Pandora and her ‘twins’. 

But not this night and, she expected that, in the next two weeks. The next morning, Pandora and many other boobs stars would be on cruise along the Caribbean Sea, performing their shows and taking sun baths, surrounded of wealthy studs in the Boob Cruiser Show.  And, maybe she would try to make it with some of the other stars, though Pandora was sure that none of them would be as impressive as Caterina, the heroine called Miss Amazon, which she had met two weeks ago, while Drake Hunghorse and she were fighting against Madame Madeleine, the sister of Mr. Pimp.                            After that hard fight, the trio had got an incredible orgy of five days on Pandora´s penthouse.  The remembrance of those days on her penthouse was becoming to excite her again and her nipples began to grow and outline under the fabric of her bikini.

“Get away of here, Pandora. We don´t need you anymore. So, get back to your den of sin and take a cold shower….”.-Said with scorn commissioner Palin, staring with reluctance as the large nipples of the busty heroine grew hard and large under her bikini. 

Somehow, hovering over the city, invisible for human eyes, an evil presence felt the intense waves of lust that the amazing Pandora provoked on the men around her…and it felt suddenly hungry as hell.

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