Pandora awakes before Rodshire attacks but, as her foe is invisible...

Storyline Pandora Queen of the Boob-verse: The Shadow of the rapist.
Characters Pandora, Queen of the Boob-verse
Previous Chapter Orson receives a call for Comisioner Palin and left the loft.

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Pandora´s nude body shivered in bliss over the satin sheet of her bed while her fleshy lips, frozen in a smile of pure satisfaction, purred in bliss, unconsciously stimulated by the lust of the villains that, invisible, stalked her with just an evil purpose on their minds…rape her to death. Suddenly, the blond, busty heroine awoke. Her blue, sleepy eyes looked around the shadows of the bedroom. Though barely awake, Pandora could feel as her swollen 42HHH bust tingled with frenzy, engorging her perky nipples…a feeling that the heroic stripper only felt during the climax of her performances over the stage in front of dozens of spectators. Somehow, she was alone on her room…Wasn´t she?.  “Who´s there? Are you, sergeant Orson?”.-Asked Pandora, sitting up on the bed, making her large, rounded boobs to bounce on her chest.

Unaware,  the voyeur and the rapist gasped slightly, horny as hell, anxious to fuck that voluptuous body, just covered by the dimness of the room…but, though invisible, Pandora could hear the sound and, suddenly, her eyes looked on their direction. Mr. Rodshire cursed him but then, the villain realized that the big bust blonde was looking at beyond of them.

"Don´t be shy, guy!!!! There is no reason to hiiideeeeee!!! “.-Said Pandora, anxious to kick the balls of that nasty voyeur. Be looked lecherously at her over the stage was lawful and funny. It was part of the entertainment. Somehow, stalking on her own room as a pervert voyeur was disgusting to her.

Slowly, Pandora stood over her feet out of the bed, making her way into the direction of the sound, ignoring that a terrible danger awaited there for her. The busty exotic dancer stopped at inches of her foe, still unable to see him, though she could feel his eyes, his aura hitting her as a gale. Rodshire´ eyes roamed over those appetizing cantaloupes, whose engorged, stiffened nipples almost touched his own chest. It was enough for him…for them. The villain realized that he couldn´t control not only the libido of his host but also his own excitation. It was a matter of seconds to jump wildly over the busty naked woman.

Then, Pandora turned around. It was the chance that Rodshire had been waiting for. In a second, he decided what to do. Carefully, the villain unzipped his pants, releasing a monstrous, throbbing 12 inches cock that fully erected, aimed directly against the unaware busty dancer while, with the other hand, took the favorite submissive item of the Voyeur.

The voluptuous, naked blonde bombshell stopped on the bare tracks, sensing that there was someone behind her. Too late. 

Mr Rodshire´s invisible host rushed to Pandora, capturing her in his special reverse bear hug in which, his left hand inserted a soaked in his especially concentrated scopolamine tampon deep into her crotch while his right one grabbed and squeezed firm and wildly her left large boob.  

“What the…..?”.-Yelled Pandora confused, feeling as an invisible, powerful force grabbed her womanhood and breast fiercely, feeling as something large, thick, hot and hard tried to made its way into her anus.

“I will rape you….I will kill you….”.-Hissed a voice on her left ear.  The busty heroine struggled against the invisible force that had trapped among his arms but, though she felt strong, her foe seemed even stronger than her. Also, his invisibility didn´t help her, though she felt where his large hands were.

“Fight, Pandora, fight. It will be more pleasant raping you in that way…”.-Hissed the villain again, licking her left ear lobe.

“Bastard….You…You will pay for this….”.-Grunted Pandora, still struggling with her opponent. Somehow, the busty dancer began to feel the effect of the drug over her slender ballerina body and mind. Second after second, Pandora felt clumsier and clumsier, dizzier and dizzier while her aggressor, behind her, heaved and panted in ecstasy.

“Can you feel it, Pandora? You can´t fight me…You can´t defeat me…Prepare to be raped for good, busty bitch…..Feel the power of a real man….AAAAAHHHHH”.-Howled as an animal the villain, launching wildly his pelvis against Pandora´s massive buttocks, using his dick as a battering ram against her unprotected anus.

The blonde, busty heroine, gathering her waning strength and will, clenched her buttocks as hard as she could…in vain. As a hot knife cutting butter, his massive, moist manhood pierced her anus till the bottom, impaling her firmly on it.

"AAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHH…”.-Screeched the molested heroine…a screech plenty of surprise, pain, incredulity…and a bit of bliss.

Pandora struggled clumsily, heaving in pain though she realized that she was defenseless due to the effect of the drug over her. And Rodshire had also realized of that. With the heroine firmly impaled on his cock, the villain slid slowly his hand since her crotch to her boobs. Then, cupping them firmly, began to squeeze them eagerly, thrusting rhythmically his pelvis against Pandora´s ass. 

“I will rape you…I will milk you…I will kill you….”.-Heaved Rodshire triumphant. He was raping the mighty Pandora…the wet dream of any criminal in Mega York. And soon, he will kill her.– “The name of Mr Rodshire will be famous again!!!. “.-Thought the villain, while Pandora, the queen of the boobverse, screeched pain totally nude in the middle of her own bedroom,  jerked as a ragdoll by an invisible being.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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