Pandora and Orson take a "hot" shower till....

Storyline Pandora Queen of the Boob-verse: The Shadow of the rapist.
Characters Pandora, Queen of the Boob-verse
Previous Chapter Rodshire realises that to beat a superheroine he needs to posess a superhero

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Mr Rodshire followed the invisible man, which moved to a close rooftop to keep his lecherous eyes on the partner target of his lust. 

–“It is a skilled guy..”.-Thought the dead villain.-“I am sure that he is plenty of tricks under his sleeve. Sorry, Voyeur Rapist, but Pandora is my prey. I can´t allow you to rape her first…”.-Muttered Rodshire, flying as a missile directly to the back of the unaware looker. 

His incorporeal body went through the flesh and bones of his victim…his will took the control with celerity…without resistance.  In a second, the identity of the voyeur had been isolated deep on his own mind, replaced by the malignity of Rodshire. Somehow, the perfidious villain had access to his memories, his knowledge… his tricks. 

Amazed, the lecherous ghost realized that his new avatar could be the perfect tool to satiate his hunger of lust. Intelligent and resourceful, Rodshire learned fast about his devices and techniques for assaulting women that had become him in a legendary rapist. 

The villain smiled, sure that Pandora would be unable to stop him this time. Imagining the screams of desperation of his future victim, Rodshire waited for the right time. 

“Enjoy of your puppet, Pandora. Soon, you will be fucked by a real man…a man that will spend you till your dead…”.-Muttered the villain, staring as his voluptuous prey and her last love interest, fucked into the bathtub under a rain of hot water and soap.
Orson had never been so excited on his life. His own muscular body and the voluptuous physique of the amazing heroic stripper were melted in a lathered embrace. Orson hands roamed all along the silky skin of the busty blonde bombshell, sliding up and down from her massive breasts to her firmly rounded buttocks. Meanwhile, Pandora, holding his dick on her left hand, kept his virile member out of her womanhood while her right one caressed his nape, pulling his face against her ample, welcoming chest.  

The man, horny as hell, fought to place his rod into her pussy and ease the unbearable bliss that burned him. But Pandora, although also excited, feeling as her Lust-E disappeared fast  of her body, one time and another avoided the meeting of his battering ram into her crotch...by the moment.  She would decide when or where, not Orson. He had to win the right to reach her treasure.

Passionately but gently, Orson pushed Pandora against the transparent panel of the bathtub, pining her against it in an attempt to gain a leverage to his ‘frontal assault’. 

Pandora smiled. Though now, deprived of her amazing strength due to the bliss that went through her slender, busty dancer body, the woman knew how to manage him…as she had manage many others in the same circumstances.  Gently, lubricated by the soap, Pandora moved her hand back and forth along his hard, erected cock, guiding, at the same time, his head directly in front of her large, soft breasts. Docilely, heaving in ecstasy, Orson accepted that new target to satisfy his libido. Broken his focus, rubbing her slender body against the muscular fame of her lover, Pandora, inch by inch, began to turn around him till, finally, was the man cornered against the voluptuous, horny female and the panel of the tub. But, lost in his lust, Orson kept licking and sucking eagerly her large, hard nipples. 

“Not bad…not really bad….”.-Though Pandora, heaving in ecstasy. Orson wasn’t as amazing as Drake but….what the hell!!!.  He was much better than some other super guys with whom she had fucked. Gently and passionate. That honest policeman deserved a little satisfaction. Feigning a exaggerate pleasure, Pandora released her prey, giving him her back. Panting in ecstasy, Orson grabbed her waist firmly. Then, gently, he rammed his large, thick, painfully erected cock deep into her ass. 

“Oh my god…..”.-Muttered in overwhelmed bliss Orson. “Oh my goooodddd….”.-Thought Pandora feeling that hard, large virile member into her. 

But Orson had another surprise for the woman. Instead of begin to fuck her in a kind of dog style ramming, the man slid sensually his large hand along her flat abdomen till her groins. Then, he began to slide his fingers around her vaginal lips, approaching, inch by inch, to her engorged clit meanwhile, at the same time, using that hand as leverage, he began to move back and forth, gently and slowly, his own waist against her buttocks. 

“Oooohhhhhh….that´s….aaahhhhhhh…”.-Heaved in real bliss Pandora. In fact, that policeman had surprised her…positively. 

Seconds later, Orson surprised again when he slid his free hand, along her voluptuous side, cupping her breast, squeezing gently her flesh, while his lips began to kiss sensually her nape and neck. “Ooohhh mmyyy ggoooohhhhh…..oooohhhhh….”.-Heaved Pandora really overwhelmed in pleasure.  Her pants of bliss turned him on more and more, making him to increase the rhythm of his double-front assault.   

Pandora tried to resist the pleasure, to regain the control of herself, but Orson was making a great number with her anus, clit and breasts. Astonished, she realized that now, her body moved at unison with his lover in a sensual dance, collaborating with his waist to ram her deeper and deeper, faster and faster. Pandora had never experienced such a feeling. Men, and Caterina, Miss Amazon, the only woman which she had made love, had never got to impose her the rhythm of the act. But Orson had did it…and she liked it. Abruptly, Pandora, heaving out of control, placed her hands on Orson´s ones, guiding him, collaborating with his hands and fingers in her masturbation. 

-“I can´t cum first…I can´t…ooohhhh…”.-Thought the heroic stripper, in a attempt to keep the idea that she still controlled the sexual act. But Pandora was unable to control herself….and Orson neither.

-“Oh my god….ooohhh myy….aaaahhhhh….”.-Howled Orson, unable to control his orgasm any longer. 

Then, at unison, their lathered bodies, surrounded by the steam of the hot water, shivered in a simultaneous climax

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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