Rodshire realises that to beat a superheroine he needs to posess a superhero

Storyline Pandora Queen of the Boob-verse: The Shadow of the rapist.
Characters Pandora, Queen of the Boob-verse
Previous Chapter Pandora returned to the Strip Joint to take a shower.

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“A super hero…”.-Thought Sr Rodshire, floating free, invisible over Mega York.-“...or perhaps a super villain. I need raw power to beat that busty bitch!!!”.

 His vicious mind thought immediately in the image of Ultra Boy, the 17 years old, the son of Ultra Mom, other of those walking boobs that fought the crime along the country. Though incredible powerful, maybe that could be also a trouble for him. His will would be powerful too. Rodshire was sure to get the control over the young ultra stud but not about how many time would be able to retain him. Besides, he lived on Mega Cita and it was really complicated to find him. 

On the other side, Sir Rodshire thought about the possibility to take the control of a hulk man…though maybe the existence of those creatures was only an urban legend.  It was said that Barry Black, a super clever bio chemist,  had developed a kind of super steroids to create an army of mega henchmen. At the beginning, the musculature of the addicts (because the consumer became in addicts to the drug) grew and grew in a disproportionate way, at the same time their strength was increased. Somehow, their intelligence decreased and decreased at unison, leaving them finally as mindless mountains of muscles. 

The legend said that many of the addicts were captured and carried to Area 51 Army Facility but, a few of them, still lived on the sewers of the city as modern trolls or grendels, assaulting unaware woman on the old docks, derelict industrial district and even on Centennial park. Even, it was said that an special, secret department, the X-Files Division, abducted the babies born in such a ‘third phase contacts’.   

 Sir Rodshire thought that a mindless creature as a hulk man would be the perfect weapon to tear apart the cunt of Pandora and burst out her boobs as pumpkins …if he would be able to find one of them.   

 Sir Rodshire then realized that his ethereal form had floated towards the “Red and Blue Dancing Club”. His unconscious mind had obviously guided to the lair of his obsession object. Through a large window of the famous strip joint, the insidious rapist glanced as the busty bitch dragged a tall, handsome man through his tie to her bathroom.  The incorporeal rapist could felt the massive waves of lust that emanated of that building from the woman and the man. 

“Lecherous harlot!!!! I will tame your cunt!!!”.-Though Sir Rodshire, desiring eagerly the lust energy that emanated from the loft, with the intensity of a nuclear reactor.    

Somehow, the evil ghost felt another source of burning lust close to him, a lecherous hunger that vied with its own appetites. His dead eyes searched for the origin of it till he found it thanks to the aura he irradiated. Invisible to human eyes, another man was stalking both lecherous lovers while they made their way into the bathtub. 

 “A simple voyeur… “.-Thought immediately Sir Rodshire.-“…but with an interesting talent and intense lust on him. No, my friend. You are not a simple voyeur…you must be the Rapist Voyeur. On second thought, perhaps I don´t need raw power to beat the bitch…Maybe I have just need to be a bit more intelligent that the air headed bimbo…intelligence  and the tricks that I am sure that guy have under his sleeve. And so, I don´t have to look for him. I can see his aura and smell his lust. Control him will be easy.”.-Thought Sir Rodshire with an ample smile on his dead lips. 

No matter the choice he made. Pandora´s crotch would be raped for good and Mega York would lost a busty super stripper among howls of pure painful and unwanted pleasure.
Sergeant Orson was an skilled, veteran policeman, able to manage any situation in which he could be involved…but he wasn´t prepared to be seduced by the voluptuous, blonde bombshell called Pandora.  Though taller and more muscular than the stripper, Orson realized that the busty woman was, not only stronger than him but also she had already the control of his will. Voluptuously beauty and incredibly seductress, the veteran policeman knew that Pandora got the control. Step by step into the bathroom, his cock grew and grew in a massive erection under his pants while his eyes roamed over her voluptuous figure. 

“Miss….Miss Pandora. This…this is not….”.-Stammered Orson in a vain attempt to escape of the tempting claws of the buxom heroic stripper.

“Come on, Orson. I realized the way you stare me…I can feel your lust…your desire of caressing my ‘charms’ with your strong hands….In fact, tonight, I want to feel your hands all over my skin…I want to feel your thick manhood into my moist pussy.”.-Whispered with lust Pandora, turning him on as hell. 

Then, the busty blond faced to him, placing her slender arms around his neck. Then, sensually, the stripper began to rub her voluptuous frame along his chest. Orson´s eyes fell into the portentous cleavage of the woman and her enormous breasts.

“What do you say, my honest sergeant. Are you a Palin guy or are you want to experience the most desired wet dream of millions of mega yorkers?”.-Said Pandora, going away a bit her buxom physique of Orson.

During a few seconds, the sergeant saw mesmerized the magnificent voluptuousness of the heroine. Orson, paralyzed, doubted among his professionalism, morality and libido. He didn´t know what to do. 

Feeling his doubts, Pandora slid her hands along his shoulders and arms, grabbing his wrists. Then, firmly but gently, the woman guided his large hands over her rounded, firm ballerina buttocks.  Orson had always desired to place his hands there and feel how firm her glutei were…Now, he knew the answer of that..the most intense, painful erection that he had ever experienced on his life.

Orson rose his eyes just to see as the blue eyes of the busty blond stared him with lust.

“Come on, sergeant. Make up yourself.  I have not all night….”.-Whispered sensual the stripper with a gently smile on her fleshy lips.

Pandora was enjoying with that game. It was always funnier when they doubted.  Finding men that could oppose resilience to her charms were really difficult. Just the scarce decent or extremely shy men were able to offer it but, at the end, they always fell into her tempting feminine attributes.  And Orson was a decent man, a professional man but, when Pandora felt his strong hands massaging firmly her rounded buttocks, she realized that he had finally succumbed to them.  And, though a sexual encounter with him would drain her Lust-E, depowering her, Pandora wanted to made love with him…not every day she could find an honest, well built man to fuck and, though the busty woman knew that fucking with him wouldn’t be as impressive as fucking with Drake Hunghorse or some of those muscular He-Males that, time to time appeared on the city, she was sure that Orson (she didn´t know his name) will do his best to give her an unforgettable night…with a little help of her. 

“The bra…”.-Whispered Pandora with a smile. 

“The…bra…?!?!”.-Said confused Orson.-“ What…..the..bra…???”.-Stammered Orson astonished.

Gently, Pandora guided his hands along her curvaceous, voluptuous sides till her bust. During a few seconds, the woman guided them over her rounded cantaloupes till her nipples began to outline, stiffened, the fabric of the bra. Then, she led them behind her bra. Orson finally got it what the busty woman wanted of him and, with trembling hands, the man opened the closure of the underwear. 

Slowly, the satin bra slid down along the 42HHH boobs of the heroine, exposing their firm, rounded perfection under the amazing eyes of Orson, which heaved in ecstasy, while his cock throbbed wildly out of control under his pants, close to a massive orgasm. 

Pandora, plenty conscious of his bliss, released her prey. Slowly, Orson began to slide his free, large hands to those amazing orbs of warm, tender flesh that tempted him. During a few seconds, Pandora felt as the man cupped every one of her massive, 15 lbs boobs and his thumbs caressed the aureoles of her hard nipples.  But it was just a part of her sensual game with him. 

"The thong….and the shoes…please…honey”.-Whispered Pandora, thought her sensual voice was plenty of authority. 

During a few seconds, Orson kept his hands over her magnificent airbags but finally, the man slid slowly his hands along her sides till the stripes of her thong. Then, he kneeled in front of Pandora, dragging down along her shaped legs her thong.  Another incredible view opened in front of Orson when the man saw the perfect vagina that, shaped, appeared in front of him. 

Orson doubted that none of the millions of mega yorkers that dreamed with Pandora could ever imagine such a view so close of them. And during a few seconds, Orson forgot her rounded breasts and began to dream as his head were trapped between those defined dancer thighs close to that amazing pussy. Mesmerized, the sergeant heaved again while, over her Pandora enjoyed with the fact of having a man kneeled in front of him, submitted by her charms. In fact, her boobs, the storage of her Lust Energy tingled out of control, totally overflowed of their capacity to store the incoming energy of Orson.  

Seconds later, Orson removed also her shoes and, since his kneeling position, raised his eyes to contemplate and admire Pandora in all her nude, voluptuous perfection and, while a few seconds, the busty heroine stood over her feet, immobile and stately as a Greek goddess, as a modern Aphrodite, in her favorite ‘power pose’, jutting her titanic orbs of flesh with her hands placed on her waist. 

Then, Pandora turned over and made her way, swaying sensually her waist, into the bathtub. Mesmerized, Orson could see the rounded sides of her great cantaloupes, bouncing and dancing on her hidden chest.  With a painful erection, Orson could see through the transparent bathtub screen as Pandora´s hands opened the faucet and a rain of hot water began to fell over her voluptuous body, hiding immediately her massively voluptuous body in a cloud of steam.

“Please, honey. Don´t forget the soap….”.-Said the woman to the man that, behind her, was removing his clothes as fast as he could, unable to wait in anything but slide his lathered hands along the marvelous, portentous slender body of that voluptuous exotic dancer.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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