The Trial and the Tribulation

by Fanfic Fetishist
Storyline The Rule of the Superhumans
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Marvel and DC
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    It was a landmark case.  
    A mutant girl, who's only mutation was blue skin, was put on trial for the triple murder of a human family.  

    None of the evidence indicated it was her.  The frameup job was obvious.  

    Jennifer 'She-Hulk' Walters took the case for the Defense, Matt 'Daredevil' Murdock acting as co-chair.  Bruce Wayne funded both of them, giving them absurd amounts of cash to gather evidence.  The two presented their case expertly.  They brought in character witnesses and expert witnesses including prominent X-Men, Captain America himself, mutant rights activists and even J. Jonah Jameson, who despite his dislike of costumed adventurers was firmly on their side in this.  It was beautiful.  It was a legendary defense that tore the prosecution's case into so many pieces it wasn't even funny.  

    Finally, the verdict was rendered, in record time no less.

    "We the jury, by unanimous find the defendant guilty of all charges," the foreman said.  "We also request that the defendant be given the maximum penalty of death."  

    She-Hulk, Daredevil, the mutant girl, and the judge stared at the jury in horror, unable to say anything.  She-Hulk was the first to find her voice.  Anger was overtaking her, her body visibly 'hulking out' as she snarled, "WHAT!?" the sound accompanied by the tearing of her sleeves as her muscles bulged.  

    "We're definitely appealing this," Daredevil said, casting a glare in the general direction of the jury.    

    Appeals were taken all the way to the Supreme Court and thrown out.  The verdict and subsequent sentence stood.  The heroes argued with the bailiffs and the judges as the innocent mutant girl was dragged off in tears, pleading for mercy.  

    Elsewhere in the crowd, a man in a wheelchair meditated, trying desperately to contain the growing fury in his heart.  His companion, who had shed his street clothes and was putting on a red and purple armored costume, sighed sadly.  

    "It was a good effort, Charles," Magneto said, fastening his cape.  "But in the end, I was right."  

    Charles Xavier had nothing to say.  His mind kept drifting to when he became Onslaught... Magneto put his helmet on and made his move.  

    With a gesture, every weapon in every policeman's hand within a mile of the courthouse was suddenly ripped out of the hands holding them and aimed at the faces of their former owners.  Magneto, his cape billowing around him like an angel's wings and his eyes, masked by his helmet, burning like a devil's, landed near the sobbing girl and hugged her.  She pressed herself up against him, sobbing in fear.  Magneto held her, smiling benevolently.  

    "It's all right now," he said.  "I will take you to safety."  

    He lifted the woman into his arms and formed his forcefield around them, using his powers to crush the weapons he had been holding on the officers.  He looked over at the gathered superheroes, who had done nothing to stop him, She-Hulk still visibly furious.  "War is coming," he said.  "The question remains, whose side will you be on?"

    He flew off, the heroes watching him go, the media decrying them the entire time.  They left without a word.  

    And the very next day, a Bill was proposed in Congress.  Summarized, the Bill was meant to lessen the chances of mutants being born by having all mutants sterilized and having all superhumans, costumed adventurers, and any civilian or military agent who associated with them regularly sterilized.  It passed in record time.  Similar Bills around the world were passed in short order.

    It was an insult to every hero on the planet.  More than that, it was a betrayal.

    Almost immediately, the Fantastic Four grabbed their children and fled the country.  They were later reported to be seen in Latveria swearing loyalty to Doctor Doom.  

    An army of Sentinels tried to round up the X-Men and their students to take them to be sterilized, only to find themselves facing the wrath of a beyond pissed-off Thor and Captain Marvel.  

    The sterilization agents sent to the SHIELD Helicarrier to sterilize the forces found themselves drafted and sent with inadequate equipment into Madripoor to fight Hydra.  The ones sent to Checkmate fared worse, as they were given NO equipment before they were sent to Madripoor.

    When sterilization agents went to speak with the Hulk, he just stared at them wordlessly until they apologized and promised never to bother him again.  

    Wonder Woman disappeared shortly after the bill passed.  It was feared that she had gone back to Paradise Island to rally the Amazons for war.

    People didn't think much of it at first.  They knew it was a big change, but their heroes, their saviors, had to understand, right?  

    People started to realize something was wrong when reports came in that Batman had freed his entire rogue's gallery from Arkham when he heard that sterilization agents were planning to visit the facility.  Said villains were reported afterwards to be actively working with Batman...

    Superman was called to the United Nations, the governments of the world wanting an explanation.  

    Superman never touched the ground, never stopped flying, his eyes glowing red the entire time.  And when he spoke, he spoke in a quiet, calm voice that was the same kind of calm just before a hurricane touched down.  

    "We've given our lives for you.  We've fought and died and suffered to protect you from the darkness.  And this is how you repay us?  By betraying us, by trying to take away our right to breed?  Mutantkind didn't want a war.  Magneto and his ilk were minorities.  But you... You've declared war on all of us.  So we're declaring war on you."  

    Mexico found themselves attacked by constructs of green light as Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and Kyle Rayner began attacking.      

    In Australia, Aquaman and Namor, rulers of the seven seas, began to flood the island continent.  

    Latveria, with the aid of the Fantastic Four, all equipped with Doom-style armor, began to attack Europe.  

    SHIELD Agents, equipped with Tony Stark provided battle armor, began to attack Washington DC, Iron Man at their helm.  

    In Gotham, an army of criminals and madmen led by the Batman launched a simultaneous attack on key points in the city, helped along by cops were either disagreed with the new law or found out they were being targeted by it.  

    Amazons, led by Wonder Woman and Circe, raided Russia, coming at the country with full force, overwhelming the country's defenses with surprising ease.

    The Hulk began rampaging in NORAD.  With him, also rampaging at full force, were She-Hulk, Abomination, A-Bomb, Harpy, Red Hulk, and Red She-Hulk.  

    The X-Men and their students invaded Africa, tearing through the country with surprising speed.  Speed which grew faster when Apocalypse joined them in Egypt.  

    In Keystone City, familiar red flashes became menacing as they disabled power systems and water supplies, the Rogues Gallery uniting with their more lethal counterparts to launch an assault on the city.  

    China found itself overwhelmed as Ra's Al Ghul, finding himself unimpeded, proceeded to use his vast resources to obliterate the country and greatly lower their absurdly huge population.   The Great Ten, once heroes of the nation, rallied to Al Ghul's side.  Tokyo found itself under attack by the combined forces of the Hand and their own supergroup, Big Hero 6.  

    Department H, abandoning all ties with the government and supporting Alpha Flight fully, gave them all the resources they need to take over Canada.  

    All across the world, superheroes and supervillains united, fighting against the governments that wanted to screw them other.  And meanwhile, Superman just stood in the United Nations building, his eyes closed, not doing anything.

    It was over in an hour.  The heroes had too many resources on their side, too many powers, especially with the mutant race united fully for the first time ever.  Once reports came in of surrender after surrender, Superman did something.  He removed a large sheet of paper from a pocket and placed it on a table.

    It had only two words on it: "I Surrender."  The rest of the paper was taken up by several lines.  Enough for each world leader at the conference to sign their names.  

    Superman just landed and leaned against the table, ignoring the pleading gazes sent his way.  He tapped the paper.  

    And one by one, the world leaders signed, turning over full authority to control of the superhumans.  Once the last person had signed, Superman picked up the paper and flew away, leading the old men and women to their fate.

    Three years had passed since humanity surrendered to the supermen.  The heroes were the ruling class, ruling over the lands like gods  (and indeed, Thor and Hercules had introduced them to the old ways of celebration and tribute).  Villains were the army alongside groups such as SHIELD and Checkmate, and civilians who had sided with the heroes in their rebellion were given positions of great political power.  Society had degenerated, the heroes in their frustration abandoning morals entirely.  The Asgardians and Olympians, along with gods of other pantheons, were allowed to build temples on Earth and have worshipers.  Sexual assault of the oppressed humans was commonplace.  Sentinels watched over the oppressed, keeping them in line and attacking in case they detected any hint of rebellion.  

    The heroes had taken over the world and made it their pleasure palace, the villains their allies.  Anyone who once called themselves a costumed adventurer was now the cruel ruler of the world, taking out their frustrations and anger on the populace.  But even with this, there's still pockets of resistence...

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