Harley is a madwoman of her word; Power Slut gets to be the first in Sister Huney's sweet virgin ass

by solddate
Storyline Harley's Heroine Heist
Characters Batwoman (Kate Kane) Harley Quinn Power Girl Huntress Zatanna Poison Ivy Joker
Category F/F DC Corruption Female Dom Mind Control F/F
Previous Chapter Power Slut and Sister Huney fly back to Harley's lair and present Batwoman to their crazed Mistress

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Harley now gave her full focus to the bowing sluts before her and the delicious treat they'd brought her. "Well done, Sister Huney." The clown mistress mused happily, rising to stand at her full height on her boot heels in front of her regal seat. Walking with deliberate pace, Harley descended the stairs from her throne, not even paying attention to how the last step moaned under her heel in Sugah's magically breathy voice. Letting her speech take on a righteous quality, Harley continued addressing her pet nun. "You've proven my faith in you as the first Sister of my new church is not misplaced."

"Mmmm-thank you, Mistress..." Sister Huney purred in delight as she felt her Mistress' hand caress her cheek and lift her chin so she could look up into her Goddess' lustful gaze. "...Starr was most helpful, Mistress."

"Oh, I bet she was." Harley replied with a knowing smile. Cocking her hips to the side, Harley eyed the quivering Kryptonian curiously. It wouldn't be unexpected for Power Slut to be horny in Harley's presence, let alone when the alien was clearly eyeing her Mistress' crotch with her x-ray vision, but something just seemed different to Harley... No, sounded different...

"Ha ha haa, what do we have here?" Harley laughed as she strutted around the fallen heroine and leaned down to inspect Power Slut's buzzing rear. An action that left her costume hugged bosom dangling tantalizingly close to the Kryptonian's super powered eyes. "Is that a dildo in your butt, or are you just happy to see me?"

"Both, Mistress..." Starr husked. Biting her lip with enough strength to chew steel, but still not enough to break her skin, Power Slut's corrupted mind sauntered over what she wanted to do to her Mistress and have done in return.

"Now hold still, barbie doll." Harley joked, purposefully sparking the memory of Starr's costume designing within the Kryptionian. Harley licked her lips and smiled in delight as Power Slut froze in place, only the alien's increasingly sharp breath signifying her arousal. Then without delay or chance for ceremony, Harley yanked out the buzzing monster of a sex toy from her slave's rear end. The inanimate Starr squealed in orgasm behind her lips, the alien's eyes rolling back in her head despite the lack of any other movement.

"Wow, Zee-Zee," Harley said in awe as she examined the still buzzing plastic phallus, "that spell you did to keep my sluts' butts squeaky clean musta worked. This thing's only got Power Slut's sweat on it." The mad doctor said with a mocking smile, even taking a long, loud sniff across the dildo's length to check she was right.

"Of course, Mistress." Zee-Zee replied, looking up from Harley's sketches. "Like you always say;

" 'Anal hygiene isn't something to joke about.' " Both Sister Huney and Sugah spoke up to match Zee-Zee's quote of their Mistress. The three love slaves shared a content smile and while Harley smiled too, she noticed someone hadn't joined in.

"Oh for the love of rubber balls! Ya can move now, Power Slut." Harley huffed in amusement while switching off the vibe in her hand. Harley shook her head in disbelief as her pet alien finally let her sweat coated body move in tandem with her heavy breaths. "Such an obedient lil' whore." The jester chuckled to Starr's grinning delight. "All right you two sluts, to attention." Harley instructed, signalling with the dildo for them to stand.

"Yes, Mistress." Both Starr and Huney chirped with smiles on their faces as they stood to their full heights. Both stood perfectly straight as their Mistress' eyes roamed between them, Harley's lustful gaze feeling like a lover's fingers caressing their skin.

"You've served me well tonight, girls." Harley said softly, stroking the dildo in her hand with the other absentmindedly. "Come 'ere, Starr." Placing her free hand on the back of Power Slut's neck, vibe still in the other, Harley pulled her extraterrestrial nymph into a long passionate kiss and reveled in how easily the blonde submitted to the action. Starr melted against her lover, letting the dominant blonde's tongue explore her mouth with ease.

"Yum." Harley licked her lips as she pulled back, winking to the now beaming Power Slut, before looking over to Sister Huney. The nun slut's expression was torn between love, lust and a hint of jealousy, though Harley suspected the latter stemmed from Huney wanting to be in her alien lover's place as well as from being possessive of Starr. 'Such a cute couple.' Harley thought wickedly, playing with her pets' hearts was so much fun after all. "Power Slut, I want you to take my dear Sister Huney to her chapel and bless her as my angel as you did the night you made her mine." The mad jester instructed, handing the vibe back to the Kryptonian, who took it back in awe of her.

"Yes, Mistress." Starr sighed, holding the toy that had been in her butt mere moments ago to her heart.

"And Sister Huney," Harley said, now turning fully to the first Sister of her church, "I want you to show my angel just how much we both love her. Give her the reward we talked about when I popped your cherry."

"Yes, Mistress Harley." Huney answered, bowing her head in submission. "It will be my honour." Raising her head and her gaze to Power Slut, whom was still stunned by their Mistress' generosity as she stood next to her, Sister Huney opened her arms before speaking. "Starr..." The ravenhead's sultry tone quickly broke the superpowered woman out of her reverie. "Lover... take me n--"

Before Huney could even finish her sentence, all that was left of her and Power Slut was a gust of wind and the quarry they had arrived with. Speaking of which...

"Batwoman," Harley said curiously, finally taking proper notice of the woman lying at her feet, "can ya hear me?"



In an abandoned greenhouse somewhere on the edge of Gotham City, Poison Ivy rolled her eyes. In her hands was a crinkled copy of the Gotham Post, detailing the latest updates on the recent Arkham mass breakout. Five inmates still at large... and as luck would have it, among those five was the worst. The absolute worst.

"What a world..." the green-skinned villainess chuckled to herself. "I give Harley a toy that I slaved over for years perfecting, all for the sake of creating a distraction... and that damn psycho-love crush of hers goes and gives me a distraction ten times as big for free...."

She tossed the newspaper aside. By now, over half the capes in Gotham were probably on the lookout for the Joker. There were times, Ivy mused, when he was tolerable... so long as he wasn't within a hundred feet of her. Or within a hundred feet of-

"Harley," the villainess gasped quietly. "Oh, Jesus..."

Ivy knew that she could hope and pray all she wanted, but past experience only told her there was only one outcome. Joker would find Harley and knock another nine bells out of the poor woman both physically and emotionally. No matter how little Joker tried to find her or how hard Harley tried to avoid him, they would find each other again. Ivy knew that for a few brief moments, Harley's beloved Mr. J would make her the happiest clown on Earth but all too soon he'd tire of her and Ivy would see her best friend destroyed in front of her again.

"No," Ivy asserted, standing to her fee, "not this time."

However, little did the villainess know, at that time and place, what she really should have been more concerned with was herself than for her longtime girl-friend...


Outside the greenhouse, three figures stood beneath the cover of night, eyeing the structure with less-than-good intentions.

"This the broad's current address?" One grumbled, scratching a the area where his nose used to be.

"Anyone else in Gotham use abandoned greenhouses this time of year?" The second figure replied dryly in a hushed tone.

"Come on, lets just ketchup this tomato!" The third piped up, not even pausing to recognize the bad pun he'd just used. His companions exchanged an unspoken message of "Can I please kill him now?/No, wait till after the job's done - after that, I'll help you dig the grave" through annoyed glances, a habit that had become all but routine on this one night.

Nevertheless, the second figure removed a flare gun like weapon from his belt before popping open the barrel to load in a cylindrical cartridge. "Paycheck or not, bag and grab ain't normally my schtick."

"Stop your whining, bitch! Think I'm happy taking orders from a playboy?" White Shark groaned.

"Yeah! Like, you mustard be just a thrill seeker or--!" Condiment King was promptly silenced by the audible cocking of a gun before it was placed just millimetres from his chin.

"Do you want her to hear us?" Deadshot seethed, his eyes burning holes in the comically dressed villain's head even through his mask's lenses. "Let's just get this over with." He sighed, lowering his wrist mounted weapon and aiming the gun in the other hand toward the greenhouse. "You two prefer the direct approach?"

White nodded, gaining a level of personal respect for the man in front of him, a bloodthirsty grin creeping across his self sharpened teeth. "On three, boss?"

"It's Deadshot." The red and silver assassin gave him a smug look, even if Shark was insane, at least he was competent. The other he would just have to tolerate for now.

Together, the three of them continued toward the greenhouse at a brisk pace, coming to a halt less than ten feet away from the front door. Once more, Deadshot raised his weapon and readied his expert trigger finger. "One, two...

"THREE!" His two accomplices joined the call, covering their eyes as he did, and Deadshot fired the flare gun. The cylinder inside crashing through the glass exterior of Ivy's hideout and emitting a blast of intense light and sound.

All three rushed forward and smashed through the remaining wall and tackled the stunned inhabitant.


In the dark, dark depths of Abandoned Gotham Warehouse #726, a pair of lavender-gloved hands were clapping most appreciatively.

"Bravo, bravo, Mr Lawton!" The Joker chuckled as he watched the scene from one of the manifold computer monitors set up before him. Briefly, the Ace of Knaves stopped to feed himself from a small box of popcorn sitting on a stool nearby.

Idly, he wondered how long it would be before one of his enforcers - any one of them - realized that he was monitoring their every move through tiny cameras that he had accidentally dropped onto their clothing, not to mention he knew their official rap sheets intimately. This was, after all, an audition - only the best of the worst in the country got to be his henchmen. Did they really think that he wouldn't be keeping tabs on them every step of the way?

Since he had dismissed them, the seven enforcers had split into three teams. Team A was hunting down Harley directly. A real live catwoman and a teen prodigy assassin, they'd have her tracked down quickest if his dear Harley had struck out on her own. Teams B and C consisted of muscle, paid and/or crazy, and were gunning for her closest companions - himself excluded, of course.

However, before he could resume checking out the pilot episode of Green-Skinned Goddesses and the Mercenaries Who Pick Fights with Them (featuring Team B), a shrill buzzing filled his ears. The sort of shrill buzzing that only one device in his possession could give off.

Said device just happened to be connected to the hidden mic on a less-than-scrupulous cop he had managed to acquire from GCPD headquarters, to the tune of $10,000 a month. A small price to pay for keeping on top of old Jim Gordon's movements, in his humble opinion.

Growling, the Joker stepped away from the three monitors and picked up a headset. "This better be good, Rupert."

"It is," the slightly-crackly voice came through from the other end. "I just heard the commish talkin' with the Bat! It sounds like they got some kinda lead on where you are!"

The Joker's eyes narrowed. "And, pray tell, how would they have come across such leads?"

Immediately, the voice on the other end grew more panicked. "It wasn't me, Joker! I swear! They said somethin' about Dent-"

The Joker's jaw tightened. "Harvey, Harvey, Harvey..."

Breathing heavily, the Harlequin of Hate hung his head. His best pal, Two-Face... was a turncoat! Who would have guessed? Was there no one left in the world he could trust?

"Hey, wait a minute..." he growled. "That makes even less sense! How the hell would Harvey know-"

"Look, I didn't get all the details, but you know that Dent's got half 'a Gotham in his pocket! A bum can't move into a refrigerator box without him knowin'-"

The Joker's mood lightened, but only slightly.

"Very well, Rupert. I have to go now, but if I find out-"

"It's the truth! I swear!"

"Funny. The last person to say that to me was screaming it at the top of his lungs while I introduced him to my patented Joker Jelly... well, after a while, it was more along the lines of 'It's the trub-glub-glub..."

He punctuated the anecdote with one of his trademark, shrieking laughs. Rupert, wisely, took that as his cue to hang up.

The Joker, meanwhile, continued to laugh till his vocal cords began to feel sore. As soon as he stopped, a displeased look worked its way back onto his face. So, Fatman was onto him... he could be kicking down the door any second now... any other night, he would have welcomed the vigilante with open arms (and a hail of lead, and perhaps several tons of TNT), but not tonight. No, he was determined to see his little henches-to-be carry out their audition to the bitter end.

So it looked like he would be packing up, and leaving to spend another night at the most secure place in Gotham, law-abiding or otherwise. This location, in fact, probably qualified as both. With the added benefits of blackjack. And hookers.

"But before that..." he chuckled to himself.

For the next half an hour, he went over every inch of the warehouse, removing any and all traces and hints as to where he actually planned on going. In their place, he erected some less-than-subtle red herrings - a circled newspaper article here, an old photograph there. On his desk, he left behind a laptop with a rather incriminating browser history, pointing to no fewer than five of Gotham's less-than-legal "celebrities" as his possible collaborators.

And with that, he packed up his monitoring equipment and tossed it all into the trunk of a battered old convertible he had purchased (under an assumed name, but otherwise legally) just for this purpose. As one last touch, he slathered a layer of flesh-toned makeup over his face - more than enough to disguise himself from most eyes, especially in the dark of night.

With all preparations made, the Joker slid behind the driver's seat, reached into the glove compartment for a small Batman hand puppet, and pressed his foot down.

"It's a hundred and six streets to Ozzie, I've got a full trunk, half a loaded magazine, a third of an idea about what I'm going to do if Batsy catches me before I get there, it's dark, and I'm not wearing sunglasses."

As the engine roared to life, the Joker wiggled the hand with the puppet, who "spoke" with a voice suspiciously like his own:

"Hit it."


A/N: I will take this opportunity to take responsibility for perpetrating a massive edit of the storyline to this point so far and as a result completely cutting out the alternative presented for this chapter from the last one. I apologize, but I do not regret it. I accept that this site's appeal lies in the ability to be creative without limit, but I felt the direction of the thread from the last chapter was completely AWOL, and the use of crossover characters lessened the tone of the storyline from being a serious take on Harley trying to steal the DC superheroines. If you wish direct hate at me, please feel free to do so.

A/N2: Also, you may notice a striking similarity in the latter parts of this chapter to a chapter posted by clifford.cao on the other direction of the thread. That is no coincidence. Despite my edits, I give full writing credit to Cliff for the segments involving Joker and his enforcers.

Otherwise, please let me know what you think.

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