Power Slut and Sister Huney fly back to Harley's lair and present Batwoman to their crazed Mistress

by solddate
Storyline Harley's Heroine Heist
Characters Harley Quinn Zatanna Black Canary Huntress Power Girl Batwoman (Kate Kane)
Category F/F DC Female Dom Corruption Bimboization Mind Control F/F
Previous Chapter The trap is sprung on Batwoman

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"Mmm, now this is the life, hey Zee-Zee?" Harley cooed to the woman sitting on her lap as the mad jester sat in the luxurious, velvet cushioned throne the magician had summoned for her. Harley had donned her classic costume once more with the added bonus of high heeled leather boots in place of the outfit's common cloth shoes. Plus, given the warm affection Zee-Zee was showing her, she'd lowered the hood to reveal her blonde pigtail bunches.

"It's heaven, Mistress." Zee-Zee purred in reply, nuzzling her raven mane into the insane doctor's bare neck. The corrupted witch was nude aside from her collar and her own red & black high heeled boots at Harley's request with her ass cheeks resting in the dip between Harley's legs. Zee-Zee's own legs were hanging over the throne's armrest, her heels dangling in mid air daintily as she snuggled against her Mistress. And while Harley had wrapped one arm around the former heroine's back in a possessive embrace, the clown domme's other hand was busily moving across the sketch pad resting on Zee-Zee's lap, the pencil between her fingers moving with precision.

"Mmm-hmm, and don't you forget it." Harley chuckled, taking a break in her sketching to kiss Zee-Zee tenderly on those delicious ruby red lips. "How about you, Sugah?" Harley asked with a sly grin and turning her gaze to the moaning slut under her heels.

"Oh gawd, Mistress," Sugah husked, "totally." Given the full details of Harley's plans for the night, Sugah had won the honor of being her footrest until she was needed for other things.

The once proud defender of justice was squirming on her breasts and knees in delight. Her every move pressing her corset bound bust harder into the lush carpet of her Mistress' throne room. It felt like her entire body was on fire, but no part felt hotter than her Mistress-given-titties. Just the tiniest movement could spark a static shock straight through her tender mounds, Sugah only wished her Mistress would tell her to get her nips out of her corset and use them as lightning rods! 'Wait, what are tho--ahh!' Sugah Canary's very thoughts were cut short as another shock nearly sent the horny bimbo-slut over the edge, but once she let out the tell tale moan of impending climax, she felt a sharp pain in her back.

"Ah-ah-aah!" Harley scolded, digging the high heels of her boots into the blonde's back with glee. "No cummin' till Harley says, slut!"

"AHH!" Sugah Canary whined. The bimbo fought back desperately against her unnatural pleasure seeking instincts at her Mistress' command, but she was too close to not plead for mercy. "Oh gawd, Mistress! Please! Pretty please, let me cum! My titties are so fucking hot! I feel, like, my brain's totally gonna go pop!"

"Hehehe," Harley laughed at her pet's lustful plea before a fun little idea popped into her head. "Harley says..." The dominatrix paused and took delight in how Sugah's breath hitched in anticipation, but then Harley turned her eyes to Zee-Zee, who had been watching on with amusement. "... that Zee-Zee gets to choose." Harley declared, relishing both slaves' reactions.

Understandably, Sugah let out the breath she had been holding with a mixture of disappointment and frustration, but did not utter a word of defiance. Zee-Zee, however, looked like a kid in a candy store. Mistress Harley had granted her power before, but the pure thrill and rush of happiness that flowed through Zee-Zee's heart when her Mistress did grant her power and thus, recognize her as above her fellow slaves... It just overwhelmed the witch every time.

"Oh, thank you, Mistress." Zee-Zee cooed, kissing Harley up her neck from her collar bone the edge of her facepaint, "I won't let you down." The insane blonde's throat rumbled happily with giggles as Zee-Zee's lips tickled her oh so wonderfully. However, that was her only reply to her loyal slave as Harley promptly returned her focus to her drawing once Zee-Zee was done showing her gratitude.

"Alright, Sugah! Now you gotta ask me permission to cum! And don't go thinking I'll be easily swayed by that super funny, sexy voice of yours!" Zee-Zee declared enthusiastically. Taking one arm from around her Mistress, the witch leaned down toward the horny bimbo and lifted her hand to hover behind Sugah's plump ass. "I wanna hear you beg your Mistress Zee-Zee!" And with that, a resounding smack echoed throughout the throne room.

"AHHHH!" Canary howled in maddening lust. The sting of Zee-Zee's palm on her ass cheeks shot straight through her sopping cunt with an electricity Sugah could never hope to find words for, but then... "AAAAHH!" The witch's hand struck Sugah's sore rump once more and the sex crazed blonde felt the force ripple through her tender flesh all the way to her super soft titties as she writhed atop them. Her own hands groped her plush melons from the side desperately in hope of finding that sweet release, but it just wasn't enough!

Sugah needed more! She totally needed to cum! She needed too... but she couldn't! She wasn't allowed to cum until Mistress Zee-Zee said so! Mistress Zee-Zee totally knew best, but Sugah knew, like, she couldn't take this anymore! "Oh, gaaawwwd! Please, please, please, let me cum, Mistress Zee-Zee!" Sugah's breathy voice pined with a wiggle of her aching rear in the air and grind of her chest on the floor. "I need it, like, so ba--AAAH!"

Sugah squealed in delightful agony as Zee-Zee slapped her ass a third time, before massaging the pink flesh after pulling on the bimbo's bikini panties so that they fell to her bent knees. "Be still and be quiet, Sugah Canary." Zee-Zee ordered hotly. Sugah was quick to bite her lip and freeze her body's movements as best she could under Harley's heels and Zee-Zee's palm. "Now, if you can take those naughty fingers off your tits for five seconds," the lustful sorceress mocked her fellow slave, "spread those cheeks for me, like a good little bimbo."

"Oh... Yes, Mistress." Canary sighed softly, doing her best to keep the raging fire in her loins from her voice. Slowly and delicately, the broken woman reached her hands back to slide her fingers up and along the back of her thighs. She then pressed her well trained fingers against her butt's smooth skin to pull her cheeks apart and expose her most private areas for her second Mistress. "Like this, Mistress Zee-Zee?"

"Yeah, that's right lil' birdie." Zee-Zee answered, her voice thick with lust and humour as she mimicked her beloved Mistress' voice. "Just like that." Placing her fingers at the top of Sugah's bleached ass crack, Zee-Zee giggled to herself as she walked her fingers down the canyon to the bimbo Canary's anus. "Yssup obmib yttuls reh sa evitisnes sa si elohssa s'yranaC." And with that naughty little spell, Zee-Zee plunged two fingers into Sugah's tight hole. "Zee-Zee says cum!"

"MMMMPPHH!" Throwing her head back in ecstasy, Sugah Canary actually made a very valid attempt to not disobey her earlier orders of remaining both quiet and still. As her juices dripped from her and pooled in her lowered panties, the living footstool held her back steady and her mouth closed with a forceful biting of her lips. Although her mind certainly did not keep quiet, 'Oh gawd! Oh gawd!Oh gawd!Ohmyfuckinggawd!OOOOOOH!'

Once again Sugah found herself drowning in her ecstasy. It had happened, like, so many times since Harley had taken away the former JLA heroine's free will, and Sugah found herself wondering why the fuck she hadn't given herself totally to Harley sooner. It was pure heaven, just like Mistress Zee-Zee said. To be purely a fucktoy under Harley's will was just so fucking amazing! You got to fuck and be fucked by so many totally gorgeous babes, you'd never have the will to wanna do something else. Like, why would you!? Sugah wanted it to never end!

Sadly for Sugah though, her anally induced orgasm did come to an end with both Harley and Zee-Zee's maniacal laughter echoing throughout the throne room in harmony with her moans. Despite feeling the departure of Zee-Zee's fingers from her ass, Sugah smiled with mindless satisfaction. Letting her body relax and her arms fall to the floor on either side of her, Canary allowed her senses to be overtaken by her afterglow and the continuous erotic feel of her own weight pressing her tits into the carpet.

"Sregnif naelc." Zee-Zee giggled her spell, watching the evidence of her playtime with the panting Canary disappear. "Okay, Sugah, now you be a good lil' birdie and go back to feelin' up your melons and snatch till we say you can cum again. Got that?"

Mmmhmmm, yes, Mistress Zee-Zee." Canary's sex laced voice oozed in renewed arousal. "I totally got it." With that the once respectable vigilante went back to groping her mammoth mounds with her tongue hanging out and her eyes empty and vapid as she basked in her bliss.

"Nicely done, Zee-Zee." Harley praised, Zee-Zee kissing the mad doctor on the cheek as she resumed her embrace of her Mistress.

"Thank you, Mistress..." Zee-Zee let her words trail off as her eyes hooded and wandered down to her Mistress' chest. "Can I play with your body now...?"

"Hahaha!" Harley's laugh did nothing to dampen the lustful look in the corrupted Zatanna's eyes and Harley couldn't help feeling a surge of pride at far her first thrall had fallen. "Well, I wouldn't normally say no, Zee-Zee, but it looks my two hunters have come back with dinner!" The blonde jester announced with a loud lick of her lips as Sister Huney entered the throne room with Power Slut soon following, carrying a dazed Batwoman bridal-style in her arms.

"Divine Mistress Harley," Sister Huney began as she and Power Slut knelt on one knee before Harley's throne, "your loyal sluts have returned with the bounty you desired."

"Hahaaa, alrighty then!" Harley exclaimed."Zee-Zee, off." The mad blonde motioned for Zee-Zee to leave her lap with one hand while handing the witch her sketch pad with the other. "We'll play for reals another night, babe." Harley assured the nearly nude slave, whom had been clearly disappointed to lose her opportunity to play with her Mistress.

"Awww, do I have too, Mistress?" Zee-Zee moaned, pushing out her bottom lip as if she were a child that had just been told she couldn't have her favourite candy until later.

"Ah-ahh! No back talk, Missy!" Harley laughed, pushing the sulking witch off her lap onto the plush carpeted steps that her throne stood atop.

"You're mean, Mistress!" Zee-Zee whined, sticking out her tongue stubbornly but quickly winking to her beloved Mistress Harley to ensure her playfulness was not mistaken for insubordinate behaviour. Once Harley winked back in understanding, Zee-Zee accepted that Harley would now move onto dealing with Sister Huney's and Power Slut's prey and directed her own attention to the unfinished sketches on the pad in her hands. 'Wow, Mistress is a sex mad genius!' Zee-Zee thought in amazement before sifting through the pages eagerly to find more of Harley's planned designs, her free hand quickly straying down to her wet core.


A/N: Thanks go to ESchorcho for all his help in planning and editing.

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