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Storyline UltraMom: See Mega York and die.
Characters UltraMom
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UltraMom felt her aching breasts on the point to explode. With every beating of her accelerated heart, a sharp, harrowing pain went through her enormous boobs. Her womanhood wasn´t better neither. The neuro- whip of Succubus not only had cut the fabric but also it had hit cruelly her sensitive vaginal lips, which now, were burned in a terrible smarting.

"I shouldn´t expect too much from a busty foggy lady as you, Ultra Boobs. Your days as heroine finished many time ago...I wonder if it is worthy killing you. The 'mythical' UltraMom is just a ultra cow with big udders but no real power, ha, ha, ha....".-Jeered Sadistic Succubus, staring with rejoice as the blurred green eyes of the mature heroine began to cover in tears of pain.

Somehow, to the surprise of the sadistic assassin, UltraMom glanzed her fiercely, still defiant.-"I...I am not finished...bitch...".-Muttered the ultra woman which, slowly got over her feet, reassuming a fighting pose, though, with her titanic orbs of flesh and crotch unchastely exposed, it didn´t seem really impressive.

"Surrender to me, Ultra Fossil. Admit that I am the most murderous assassin of the world and your dead will be pleasing....".-Said Sadistic Succubus, rolling up her deadly whip in preparation for another attack.-"You can´t  defeat me...as PowerMan couldn´t. And he paid for his arrogance. I would have finished his ordeal in hours if he and his power dick and balls would have admitted that a woman was superior than a man. But, instead of admitting such a fact immediately, he decided to fight....and, minutes later, when he was on the ground,  trembling in pain and fear, begging for mercy, it was too late. So, I punished him during two months. At the end, he became in my Power Puppy. But, unfortunately for you, I am here to kill you. You won´t get the chance of surviving an ignominious way as PowerMan. You will die here and now. So, choose wisely the way in which you will face your fate....":-Declared ominously Sadistic Succubus, smiling with malevolence.

By surprise, without any word, UltraMom, rushed to her confident foe as a blue and red blur, ready to punch that insidious woman in her hidden face. But Sadistic Succubus expected such a kind of trick. She had beaten faster foes and she knew what to do. Gracefully, as a classic dancer,  the villainess avoided the ultra punch easily, spinning to the left.

Pushed by the momentum and fury of her attack, UltraMom was unable to stop her movement till, few yards away, the whip of Succubus made the trick. First, she felt as that evil instrument of torture and submission surrounded her flat belly. Then, she heard its supersonic crackled. And finally, she felt millions of burning needles nailed on everyone of her nervous.

UltraMom´s body twitched wildly and a howling howl of agony left her fleshy mouth. The ultra heroine had been punished severely a few times during her long career as super heroine but she had never  felt such a indescribable agony. Never. She felt as every nerve of her mature but athletic body were twisted, cut, rent, triturated and burned at every time. But, on her mind, it was worse. On her brain, the nervous impulses of pure agony mixed with the own pain of everyone of her neurons. Her body seemed on the point to break in pieces but her brain seemed on the point to boil into her cranium.  

Sadistic Succubus roared with an insane, evil laughter. Though she had applied the half of the power of her whip during two seconds against the ultra maiden of justice, it had been enough to overwhelm her nervous system with an unbearable agony. And, even after that she ceased on her neuro-attack, Ultramom´s body jerked spasmodically in agony as if the whip would be  activated yet.

With a sudden jerk, Sadistic Succubus pulled of her whip, dragging the scorched  ultra body of the heroine against her own. Face to face. Breasts to breasts. Over her stilettos, the villainess was taller than the heroine. Somehow, mercilessly, Succubus grabbed a large handful of her dark hair and pulled her up till her visor was at the level of the blurred eyes of the ultra maiden, frozen in a grimace of infinite, everlasting agony.

"Time of surrender has passed. Prepare to suffer the worst imaginable of the deaths, Ultra Whore...".-Said ominously the sadistic assassin. Then, she kissed passionately on her opened, fleshy  lips, sealing firmly her mouth, sinking her tongue deep on her. UltraMom were conscious of that humiliation but she was unable to make anything to avoid it. In fact, though she was ultra strong as ever, her nervous were totally stiffened by the pain...even the desire of moving a muscle was a terrible torture on her mind. UltraMom realized that she was doomed. Sadistic Succubus had submitted her easily. And now, she was at the mercy of that insane assassin.

"Oh, UltraBitch. I love the taste of your kiss...ha, ha, ha...I am anxious to discover the taste of the rest of you, ha, ha, ha.....".-Jeered the dressed-in-latex assassin while, still grabbing the ultra heroine by the hair, Succubus began to rub her large, exposed breasts against the titanic ultra orbs of the heroine.-"I must admit that your implants are great....It seems real...so real. It is a shame that I have to destroy them, ha, ha, ha...".-Laugh the villainess feeling as the ultra nipples of her foe grew harder and harder under her caresses. UltraMom moved her mouth in a futile attempt of plea when, among the pain that flooded her body, she felt as something was nailed deep on her crotch once, twice, three times...Then, after ten times, the large, hard thick object that had rammed her exposed, defenseless womanhood remained into her but in movement, back and forth deep into her vagina, stimulating her sexually.-"Be prepare for the ride of your life...err I mean, the rode of your death, ham ha, ha....".-Jeered Succubus, keeping the handle of her whip deep on the wombs of her foe as a dildo. Then, the evil assassin kissed her passionately again.

UltraMom began to felt as the dense fog of agony that scorched her ultra body became thinner and thinner...replaced by the humbling feeling of bliss that the 'attentions' of Sadistic Succubus was applying on her. In fact, UltraMom felt hornier and hornier. But, at least, she felt that she was able to move her arms...a bit.-"Succubus had made a mistake. Pleasure is removing the pain. A few minutes. If she keep raping me a few minutes more, I will be strong enough to counterattack. I can resist this humiliation. Just...just...".-Thought UltraMom with hope, trying to contain heaves of pleasure that appeared on her mouth.

But her hope was an illusion. Sadistic Succubus wasn´t making a mistake. Seconds later, the assassin activated the other power of her whip. UltraMom howled again, this time in pure bliss. Immediately, her pussy exploded in a indescribable orgasm, even better than the ultra amazon had experienced with the massive rod of Alpha Man. Her crotch began to spit her inner juices as shotgun shots at the rhythm of her climax while small trails of milk began to slid along her rounded breasts from her engorged, stiffened nipples. But, seconds later, another climax hit her body...and seconds later another...and another. Her ultra energy began to be devoured climax after climax, draining her life force, exhausting her. Her sweaty body shivered with every climax, her groins, legs and boots were covered soon by her, apparently, infinite cum that sprouted from her vagina, her boobs became soaked with her own milk. Ultra orgasm after ultra orgasm, UltraMom strength waned, sending to a complete weakness and merciless. Finally, scorched by the umpteenth climax, her beauty ultra legs folded, unable to support her body, but the ultra maiden didn´t fall to the ground, held by the hand of Sadistic.-"It is your end....".-Whispered Sadistic Succubus, releasing her prey. UltraMom fell limp to the ground, with her mature body still shivering among ultra orgasms, with the handle of the neuro-whip still nailed on her womanhood.

Barely conscious, with her mind totally numb by everlasting waves of pleasure, UltraMom`s blurred green eyes glanced as Sadistic Succubus, stand on her heeled feet over her, began to rub her own exposed pussy.-"Oooohhhh......aaaahhh....This....this is....the best...paaaaahhhhrrrhhhtttt...oooohhhhh....".-Howled in pleasure, the assassin fingered herself till her crotch erupted in a massive orgasm, insignificant  compare with the climax of her ultra victim but impressive compare with an ordinary one. Cruelly Succubus shot her inner juices against the face of the ultra heroine.-"Here goes a photo to the headlines...ha, ha, ha.....".-Jeered the black latex villainess, aiming to her eyes and mouth with deadly marksmanship.

Game over, UltraMom.....".-Said finally the assassin once her climax stopped. Then, she removed the neuro-whip from the moist ultra vagina of the heroine and, slowly, she began to roll over her head, preparing it to unleash it against the molested, defenseless,  body of the ultra maiden of justice.-"Prepare to be punished, Ultra Whore. Full Power of Agony, ha, ha, ha....".-Roared Sadistic Succubus, ready to give her the last hit.-"Whaaaaatttt????".-Screamed in surprise the villainess when she felt a strong hand grabbing her wrists from behind. Succubus turned her face back to discover who had dare to challenge her.."YOU???!!!!".-Yelled the assassin in surprise.-"Enduragirl!!!???".-"ME!!!!!!!.".-Answered with confidence the heroine.-"Your days as assassin have finished, Sadistic Succubus. "

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