EnduraGirl vs Sadistic Succubus

Storyline UltraMom: See Mega York and die.
Characters UltraMom
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Half an hour later, over the skies of the city, the brave ultra young and the daughter of the demon were making their way to the old cemetery of Megacita. Ultraboy held Lettitia with his muscular arms close to his developed chest while her slender, sexy arms were gently around his neck. The touching of her warm, silky body of the woman against his own frame was turned him on again, despite of both lovers had made love with unnatural frenzy a few minutes ago.

Firmly, gently held on the strong arms of the young ultra hero, Lettitia smiled her swiftly, with a look of admiration and desire on her feline eyes, caressing his nape. Ultraboy´s eyes were trapped by that beauty face, by those eyes, by those fleshy lips though, time to time, his eyes moved far from them to peek the magnificent bust that his hands had squeezed and licked minutes ago. 

The intoxicating remembrance of that moment of lust and the sweet, warm contact of the object of his lecherous against his muscular body, made his ultra cock to grow again under his pants, hard and thick as an iron rod. Ultraboy´s face flushed, thinking that his enormous, throbbing ultra cock could be seeing by everybody that down them raise their heads to look at them. 

Lettitia, realizing of his predicament, smiled him lovely. That was too much for Bryce, which remembered perfectly how those fleshy lips had licked and sucked the inner juices from his large, young ultra manhood. Every muscular fiber of his body shivered while Ultraboy focused every atom of his will to avoid a new orgasm. 

“Maybe we should stop again….You...I…..maybe we could…”.-Muttered Lettitia, caressing the cheek of Bryce with her silky fingers. 

“No…we…we must reach….the cemetery….before Zioblog….and your sister….”-Stammered Ultraboy, on the point to explode though, in fact, he wanted, he desire with all his soul fuck her immediately, just above the overcrowded main avenue of Megacita. 

“Maybe you are right…honey”.-Heaved sensually Lettitia, turning him on more and more.

In his career as super hero, Ultraboy´s will had been tested many times. Especially, he could remember with fear his wars against the Ultima family. Since Ultimagirl to Ultimagrandma, all of them had been terrible opponents. But, at the end, he had resisted their beats and seductions. But this time, the excitation that went through his muscular body of teenager was much more what he could resist. He was horny beyond any description and his ultra cock seemed frozen in an extremely painful erection….and the ultra teenager knew that the only way to ease such a pain…such a ordeal, was fucking Lettitia again, right now, right here, at 666 yards above the heads of Megacita. 

Succubus struggle fiercely, trying to break the grip that kept her hands paralyzed…in vain. Endura Girl was a ‘super being’ as UltraMom, less strong than the fallen Ultra Cow but stronger than her. 

“Release the whip…NOW!!!”.-Commanded the young heroine, increasing the pressure of her hands around the wrists of the perverse assassin. 

“Aaaarrgghhh…”.-Screamed in pain Succubus which, forced by the pain, released her evil submission device, though it remained coiled around the neck of the scorched ultra woman.     Endura Girl smiled.

“You are not tough after all, Succubus. Soon, you and your ass will be into a cell of Vulture Island Prison. Don´t worry about that, Succubus. You will meet interesting partners, much more sadistic than you…”.-Jeered the girl, elongating her elastic body around the voluptuous, dressed-in-latex physique of the villainess. 

“Be…be…careful…..be….”.-Muttered almost inaudible UltraMom, fallen on her knees, staring with a mix of hope and fear as that brave, young, but rookie crimefighter trapped as an anaconda that perfidious, experienced assassin, conscious that Succubus had a trick under her sleeve. 

Suddenly,  a sudden, blinding flash bathed with an intense white light the area around the three combatants. 

“Oh, No….Endura Girl!!!!”.-Thought, blind and desperate Ultra Mom, realizing that Succubus had used the same blinding light against her savior. But seconds later, still blinded, the ultra hweroine could hear her voice, jeering of the villainess.

“Is that all what you have in storage for me? My visor protects me from this kind of tricks, Succubus…but can your cheaply-shit dominatrix costume protects from my embrace?”.-Said Endura Girl with rejoice, increasing the pressure around the trapped body of the assassin as a boa constrictor. 

Hope appeared on the soul of Ultra Mom. Maybe, her young savior would be able to manage her after all 

“You…you are strong, little brat…but…but I…I am clever…..”.-Coughed Succubus. 

Suddenly, a cloud of a thing, red gas, shot by the visor of the villainess, hit the face of Endura Girl.

“What…what the… hell….”.-Yelled in surprise the woman, with, unaware of that attack, had inhaled that unknown but most likely poisonous venom. 

Ultra Mom screeched in despair, realizing that Endura Girl was in trouble. Indeed, seconds later, her elastic body began to lose her strength.

“No..No..It..It can´t be!!!”.-Screamed in incredulity the young heroine, feeling as her unbreakable grip around the villainess disappeared fast as her own ability to control her talent. 

In seconds, Endura Girl was on the ground, flaccid and motionless as a jelly cube. Succubus roamed her flaccid body with a crooked smile on her lips.

“So, you believed you could beat the great Sadistic Succubus. Well. Bad news for you. You couldn´t. But don´t worry about that. This will be your last mistake…”.-Then, Succubus turned her eyes to Ultra Mom, still on her knees, depressed. ..  “And this is your fault, Ultra Mom. This poor girl wanted to be a heroine as you…But she didn´t realize that the prize of the defeat in this business can be really high…as Powerman learned in a bad way. But don´t worry about that. I will make an unforgettable example with you..and your little applicant to heroine…No one will try in the future to become in a vigilante as yours…No one will dare to challenge me, the great Sadistic Succubus. I will kill her in front of you, Ultra Cow. You will hear her screams of agony. You will see her dying. And you won´t be able to save her. Then, sunk in your own anguish, I will kill you….”

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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