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Storyline UltraMom: See Mega York and die.
Characters UltraMom
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In 1969, in the centre of Centennial Park, a large metallic Earth  globe had been build. Joined to it, a small sphere, representing the moon, spin around it. And that place, surrounded by acres of trees and brushes, had been chosen by Sadistic Succubus to surrender. Or not.

Flying at low speed, looking for any signal of a trap hidden  among the leafy park (Contrary to her son, her Ultra senses were not as developed), UltraMom approached to the rendezvous point. Succubus was still there, stood over her stilettos at the top of "the moon" turned around "the Earth", looking at her with her gloved hands over her waist, pushing forward unchastely her exposed 40DD breast. But the proud heroine wasn't impressed by her exposed bust (her own ones were much bigger and firm than hers) or embarrassed by her exposed crotch....her eyes of the heroine were really focused of the whip that hanged on her left side, a weapon that had submitted many victims, even super humans.

"So, finally you arrived. I was thinking that you fear me....".-Taunted Succubus.-"You don´t scare me, Sadistic Succubus...neither your whip. Anyway, I am here. Are you going to surrender as you said on your message or will I need to kick your ass to arrest you?".-Replied challenging the mature super heroine, hovering over "the north pole" of the globe.-"Uuuhhh. You are sexier that I expected....even for a fogy lady as you. And I also like your 50E silicone implants, darling....or have you used polypropylene implants to get such a enormous cantaloupes  of yours?. I only hope that they are more resistant than the last ones, whose UltimaMom and her daughter busted you the past year, ha, ha, ha....".-Taunted again the dressed-in- latex assassin.

"That´s the best you can do, Sadistic Succubus? Your words can´t hurt me. And, I suppose that you didn't come here to surrender but to set me up a trap. Somehow, nasty, brazen woman, you will fail in your task. I am UltraMom or...."-Declared proudly the ultra maiden, preparing her body to the imminent fight. "Or what?".-Asked the villainess, wiggling sinuously her body.-"I am here!!!! Try to catch me....and die!!!!".-Challenge Succubus.

Became in a blue and red blur, UltraMom flew towards her with her closed fist first, while, with identical celerity, the deadly assassin unwrapped and crackled her murderous whip against the incoming heroine. The veteran ultra heroine avoided the contact with the tip of the instrument by an inch. A second later, her hands had grabbed firmly the wrists of the merciless assassin, lifting her up a few yards over the metallic surface of the  moon.

Hanged by her wrists, without a leverage, the enormous enhanced breasts of both women collided each other as titanic flesh asteroids. Sadistic Succubus twisted her athletic body in despair, trying to get free of the hands of the raven haired ultra amazon.-"It is futile Succubus. I am stronger than you, and, without your whip, you are nothing....".-Boasted UltraMom, smiling with confident, increasing the pressure against the right wrist of her foe till, with a screech, Succubus released her whip, which fell to the ground, 25 yards below.-"You are no match for me. Surrender to me...NOW!!!!".-Commanded the ultra maiden.

Succubus kept wringing at the hands of the ultra heroine as a fish trapped in a fishhook. But, seconds later, Succubus lifted and wide opened her agile legs, placing the sharp heels of her black stilettos at the sides of the firmly rounded gluteus of UltraMom. Then, the evil Succubus nailed them deep on her flesh through the red fabric o her pant.

"Aaaaarrrgggghhhh".-Screemed in pain the ultra maiden.-"What the....? My...my flesh!!!! It can´t be!!!!".-Yelled in surprise the heroine.-"A pair of small needles of Ultranium´s Alloy hidden on my heels, Ultra Moron. Very rare. But, as the mad doctor that sold me said, it is the unique substance on Earth able to pierce your skin. Did you really think that a pro assassin as me has only an ace under her sleeve. I supposed that you were cleverer than that!!!".-Taunted Succubus, increasing the pressure of her heels against the unprotected  buttocks of the ultra woman.

Though UltraMom realized that the needles were really small, the pain that went through her gluteus became more and more unbearable at every second. Finally, the heroine released her prey, which free fell to the ground, 25 yards below. Somehow, Sadistic Succubus fell over her feet as nothing.-" .-"It is futile UltraFogy Lady. I am better than you, and, even with your ultra strength and resilience, you are nothing, ha, ha, ha....".

Enraged, feeling her buttocks burned as hell due to the small wounds that the Ultranium needles had made on her flesh, UltraMom rushed again against her foe with her closed fists first, ready to punch the face of her opponent and finished the fight once for all. But it was what Sadistic Succubus expected.

When the perfidious assassin touched the side of her visor, an extremely intense stroboscopic beam of light was shot directly to the incoming face of UltraMom, blinding her. Succubus rolled to her side to avoid the blue, voluptuous missile that flew against her. On contrary, the ultra maiden, stunned and blinded, crashed wildly against the ground, making with the massive impact a small crater with her  body.

Seconds later, still stunned, confused and blinded, UltraMom, covered in dust, got over her feet, wobbling.-"Nice fight, UltraBoobs. You put me in jeopardy during a few seconds. But play time is over. Time to JOB!!!!".-Yelled Sadistic Succubus.

UltraMom turned her face to the origin of the voice, but, still blinded, she only saw intense spots of white light against a dark background. Then, an unbearable, overwhelming pain hit her nipples, almost at unison. Then, she heard the crackles. Howling in agony, grabbing her mauled breasts, UltraMom fell on her knees. A second later, a scorching pain from her crotch hit her mature, athletic ultra body.

"Feel the power of my whip, Ultra Slut!!!!".-Yelled Succubus, staring the effect of her deadly gadget against her ultra foe. Not only she had inflicted a terrible pain on her, but also she had cut the fabric that chastely covered the voluptuous physique of UltraMom. With rejoice, Succubus admired as, since the point against her whip had hit the ultra nipples of her foe, the fabric began to tear apart, unable to resist the pressure of her 50E breasts anymore. Finally, her  titanic breasts sprawled out of her blue attire, totally exposed...as her ultra womanhood.

The fate of UltraMom was sealed. She had already seen Mega York. It was time to die.


Minutes later, UltraBoy, still aching awoke. Over him, caressing gently his ultra muscular chest, was Lettitia, staring her with a mix of worry and lust on her eyes.."Finally you awoke my....my angel.".-Said sweetly, sensually the daughter of the Devil. In fact, for the ultra young, SHE was the angel. By umpteenth time that night, his ultra manhood stood clearly erect under his red pants, and a lecherous urge to kiss those fleshy lips assaulted his will. But he controlled himself...barely.

"What...what happened? My...my ultra powers. When the winged creature hit me...they disappeared!!!!".-Muttered UtraBoy in surprise.-"It had never happened me!!!!".

"Don't worry about that now.".-Said Lettitia, devouring him with her eyes, outlining with her long fingers the cavef musculature of his shoulders and arms.-"When Zioblog hit you, he used not only his demoniac strength, but also his insidious godless will on the strike, which neutralized your ultra energy. Unfortunately, my darling, Anastasya was right. You are vulnerable to the powers of the Hell."

"We...we shall see...".-Grunted UltraBoy, getting clumsily on his feet.-"But...when I grabbed his tail...I didn´t lose my ultra powers. So, if he don´t hit me, I will retain them....and I will kick their impious faces.".-Declared proudly UltraBoy.

"Strong, handsome...and intelligent....".-Flattered Lettitia, embracing him and rubbing her voluptuous body against the muscular frame of the young ultra hero. UltraBoy felt his cock on the point to explode. This time, the orgasm was unavoidable.

"Your...your twin sister...Anastasya...talked about four keys...They...they have three...three of them...".-Stammered the ultra young, horny as Hell, feeling as his ultra 9´´ rod throbbed wildly under his red pans, menacing to pierce it.-"The four key...I know where to find it and...by the moment, I am sure that it can not take it. So...my brave Ultra....man....Relax....".-Whispered Lettitia to his ear. Her left hand began to caress gently the nape of the excited ultra young, while her right one made her way over his rippling abdominals till under his red pants. Then, grabbing gently his throbbing, moist virile member, she guided it out his pants into her moist womanhood.-"Thank to save me from Zioblog....".-Said Lettitia. Them, she kissed him passionately. UltraBoy got his climax ramming vigorously the daughter of the Devil. He was unable to imagine a better paradise.

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