UltraMom vs Sadistic Succubus

by noname002j
Storyline UltraMom: See Mega York and die.
Characters UltraMom
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“I can’t believe my eyes,” thought Ultraboy as he chased after the giant red scaled monster that had dragon-like wings and horns.

The hideous monster holding the daughter of the Devil grunted as it looked back down and saw Ultraboy near its tail. “Foolish boy, you are no match for me, Zioblog!”

“I said let her go,” shouted the teen superhero grabbing the creature long tail and pulling all his ultra might.

The creature known as Zioblog growled in pain and released Lettitia from his talons sending her failing towards the Earth below.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you,” declared the teen as he flew towards her and caught her in his arms.

“Quickly Ultraboy, we must escape before-” Letitia started to say before Zioblog flew up behind the teen hero and slashed his talons into the hero’s back.

“AAARRAAGHH!!” cried the young man as he lost the ability to fly. The sheering pain ripped through him and crippled his mind with agony, unlike anything he had ever felt before. Now he and Letitia fell to their doom.

Falling Bryce twisted his body to take the brunt of the fall and shield Letitia as much as possible. He crashed through construction site and toppled a six story building that was halfway built. Fortunately the union strike had shut down the area for a number of days and so the area was clear of any workers.

Ultraboy lay flat on his back, barely breathing. He groaned still in throbbing pain.

The daughter of the Devil opened her eyes, her hand cupped the face of the hero “Oh my angel, you risked all for me. No one has ever done such a deed for me before.”

“I must admit sister, you’ve always had fine taste in men,” said Anastasya as appeared behind them again. “Mmmm… such innocence… prime for corruption.”

“Back to Hell with you sister,” shouted Letita as her eyes turned red and burned with hell’s fire.

“You are such the black sheep of the family, yet you cannot hide what you are,” Anastasya said. “This Ultraboy cannot stop us, we’ve already have three of the four keys and soon we’ll have the fourth and then father will make Earth burn.”

“Father may be the devil, but I will not burn with him,” shouted Letitia as her eyes fired a blaze of hell’s fire at her sister.

The flames had no effect on Anastasya who merely just laughed as her clothes burned, “Please sister, it tickles! I’ll leave you for now, its more amusing watching you to try be.. “good” anyway. Your body rages with the desire to sin, it so foolish to fight the sins of your own flesh. This Ultraboy is amusing as well.. his power and heart is strong… but he’s nothing against magic.”

With that Anastasya slinked away, leaving Letitia to tend to Ultraboy.


Meanwhile in Mega York…

Ultramom flew towards police headquarters and slipped through the opened window of Commissioner Lordon in the blink of an eye.

Police Commissioner Jenny Lordon squealed in shock as she saw the motherly maiden of justice standing in front of her desk standing heroically with both her hands firmly on her hips.

Patricia Hallmark smiled and said, “Sorry to sneak up on you Commissioner, but your text message, and you did say it was urgent.”

“Well maybe next time you could knock,” laughed the policewoman reaching for a file on her desk. Her face immediately turned back serious, “We received a message from the Sadistic Succubus two hours ago. She claims that she wishes to surrender and face judgement for her crimes… At first we thought it was a joke… but everything seems to check out and she described details of her last crime that were withheld from the public so would know it was really her. She says she will surrender and unmask herself on the condition that you, Ultramom are the one that picks her up.””

“The Sadistic Succubus, many powerful heroes have fallen to her whip,” said Ultrmom. “Very few of them are alive now. But what she did them… even makes me shudder at times.”

“But your ultra powers will protect you, right?” asked the police commissioner.

“Maybe,” said Ultramom, “She captured Powerman once, held him for a month… Earth’s most powerful hero, a hero maybe as tough as me and he was nothing against her whip. I still can’t shake the humiliating position he was in when I found him… I doubt she plans to really surrender.. no doubt she wants to test her mysterious whip against my mantle..”

“Maybe you shouldn’t go then,” said Commissioner Lordon.

“No, then what would I be telling the citizens of Mega York then? That they should all live in fear,” asked Ultra Mom.

“I’ll fly to my doom before I let a villainess like her try and scare me,” declared Ultramom. “Just tell me where does she wish to meet at?”

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