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Storyline UltraMom: See Mega York and die.
Characters UltraMom
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The Devil? You must be joking!!!! I don´t believe on the Devil. I know that there are evil people, psychos, assasins, rapists….I have faced many of them. But the Devil? THE DEVIL? Excuse me young lady. You are right. I can´t believe you.”-Said the muscular teenager, thinking that the woman had just escape from a mental asylum

Lettitia, somehow, kept staring the blue eyes of the young super hero, his squared chin, his black hair…but also her seductive green eyes of the  woman slid along the massive 6’ body of Bryce and his swollen, well defined muscles, clearly visible under his clingy blue and red  Spandex suit…smiling in lust when she realized the throbbing knob between his groins. For her, Ultraboy was what an angel should be.

“I knew that you will not believe me, Bryce Hallmark…but I will demonstrate you my words….”.-Said gently Lettitia, approaching to the stunned young.

How…how do you know my name??? It..it imposible!!!”.-Yelled Ultraboy in surprise.

Lettitia slid softly her fingers along his hard, swollen, chiselled pectorals-“I know many things….about you….about your mother….about everybody and everything. I am the daughter of the Devil. Do you remember?.”-The woman approached even more to Bryce. With her large stilettos, Lettitia was as taller as him.

Seductively, her sexy body slightly touched the muscular body of Ultraboy. The nipples of her perfect breasts touched his own nipples, which were hard and visible under the thin fabric of his attire; sensually, the daughter of the devil rubbed her womanhood against the hardened, throbbing 9’’ penis.

“It is a trap!!!”.-Though Ultraboy, stunned, mesmerized by the wave of sexual bliss that went through his body.

Lettitia approached her red, fleshy lips to the opened mouth of the ultra young.-“It isn´t a trap, Ultraboy. And your little ultra secret is safe with me. But you have to help me. If you don’t, apocalipsis will fall over the Earth.-“.-The woman step back.

Ultraboy felt the impulse of embrace her, to keep the contact with that attractive, warm, peasant body, but he restrained himself…barely. Lettitia smiled him with lust.-“We will have time enough later for that, my ultra angel. But first…”.-Began to say the woman, but she didn´t ended the sentence.

"Father is worried about you Lettitia!!!”.-Yelled a feminine voice behind Ultraboy.

Startled, the young turned to the origin of the voice, to the deep of the dark alley. At the beginning, his senses were unable to see and hear the woman that had talked behind him. “How was it possible?”.-Wondered Ultraboy. Then, the shadows took the shape of a woman.-“What the…”.-Muttered the ultra young when he saw that she was Lettitia…or, at least, the perfect twin of her.

"Anastasya!!!!”.-Yelled Lettitia scared.-“You have found me!!!”

“Of course, darling. We are sisters, after all. Follow me, Lettitia. Father will be merciful with you.”.-Declared Anastasya gently.

“I will not follow you, Nasty. Father can´t break the seals. He must be stopped or the Power will destroy all of us!!!”.-Yelled Lettitia desperate.

"I don´t know who you are, but if Lettitia don´t want to follow you…..Aaaaaarrgghhh”.-Began to say Ultraboy, but he stopped abruptly. Slowly, his legs began to fold.

“SHUT UP, HUMAN!!!!! IT IS NONE YOUR BUSSINESS!!!!”.-Roared Anastasya, trying to give in his will with her own.

During a few seconds, Ultraboy was forced to fell over his knees…but Anastasya had underestimated his willpower. He wasn´t a simple human. He was Ultraboy. The ultra young stared her with a look of determination on his blue eyes and, inch by inch, he stood over his feet again.

“Well, ‘Nasty’, Is this your best shot? I am not impressed.”.-Said Ultraboy, tensing every muscle of his body, ready to attack the woman.

Anastasya looked him, first in surprise. No human had ever resisted to her will!!! But that little boy had got it!!!. Then, she smiled him with confident.-“Well. I have a few more…’shots’…a winged shot, really…ha, ha, ha….”.-Laughed Anastasya evilly. A scream of panic sounded behind him.

"LETTITIA!!!!”.-Yelled Ultraboy, turning him to the origin of the scream. The ultra young couldn´t believe his eyes. An enormous, winged, horned demon had taken Lettitia and it was taking her away, flying to the dark sky.

”Hold on, Lettitia!!! I will save you!!!!”.-Yelled Ultraboy, jumped into the air in pursue behind the impious creature while, behind him, Anastasya roared with an evil, insane laughter.


At 08:15 PM, Susanna Silk arrived at home, a large chalet outskirt of Mega York, deep in Arklay Hill´s forest. As usually, the young journalist took a long shower. Then, only dressed with a sheer, silk robe, Susanna opened her e-mails and, as usual, she found not only mails from her fans, but also mails from detractors, silk stalkers, vicious men and women, spam and phishing.

The 6’1’’ blonde woman usually erased the mails from her fans, preferring to read the others. Especially, she liked to read the mail from the vicious one. Instead of scaring her, those e-mails excited her.

Finally, half an hour later, Susanna also erased these ones. It was time to return to her job…her other, secret job. Her long fingers slid along the keyboard, re-routing her PC to a private, high security, encrypted server. She typed her password and a different kind of E-mails appeared in front of her…task for bondage, blackmail, racketeering and assassination…the kind of task that Sadistic Succubus, the criminal alter ego of Susanna Silk, member of the Femdom Sorority, liked to do.

One by one, Susanna read a dozen of those errands till her green eyes found one really interesting…The mission, killing UltraMom…Reward ten million dollars. The evil woman smiled. During years, she had fantasized with the fact of not only killing her but also humiliate her in such a way that she begged to be killed. But it had been a fantasy till then. The client called Mephisto wanted her dead and offer millions for that.-“I would have accepted this job by one million….”.-Muttered Susanna, sending the acceptation code for that job.

Susanna made her way to the secret basement of her house…her sanctum…her secret lair. Removing her robe, she dressed with the attire of Sadistic Succubus, a neck-to-toe clingy black latex suit, holed at the lever of her 40DD breasts and her crotch. She liked the idea of exposing her feminine attributes while the other heroines tried to cover them chastely. Then, she put her black 9’’ stilettos and her multi-purpose black belt. Attached to it, Succubus placed her Neural-Whip, able to inflict an indescribable pleasure or agony on its victim. Finally, she covered her head with a black latex mask. Only her green eyes and fleshy mouth were visible through it…and she put a dark, multi purpose visor covering them. The deadliest assassin of Mega York was ready to chase and kill the famous UltraMom.

“Now, the mayor is giving her the key of the city. Tomorrow, he will mourn in her funeral or worse…”.-Muttered Sadistic Succubus, rode on her black, modified bike, an improved copy of Tetsuo´s bike from “Akira” manga, making her way to Mega York.

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good chapter GAV. This chapter made me curious if Babs will join the harem or not.
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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To all the mothers out there have a nice day. I thought about adding to Holiday Madness, but other than giving someone morning sickness I couldn't think of what to do.

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