The Battle of the Mall

Storyline Miss Muscle: The day after
Characters Miss Muscle
Previous Chapter What has happened to Scarlett O'Brien?

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“Well. Try to keep calm!!!!”.-Roared Mrs Hollit.-“Emergency lights will turned on immediately and we will reach the emergency exit...AAAAAARGGGGHHHH…..”.-Screamed the blonde woman in pain, falling on her knees.

Somehow, that howl of agony was chorused by hundreds of screams more. Kate fell on her knees, grabbing desperately her temples. It seemed that something, or someone, was drilling her brain, avoiding her to think straight. Seconds later, the pain decreased, leaving only a slight headache.

The emergency lights had turned on and, desperate, Kate began to look for her son, finding him close to her, lied down on the ground, motionless, with a void expression on his wide opened eyes.-“BILLY!!!...BILLY!!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME???? BILLY!!!!”.-Yelled desperate Kate, unable to awake her son.-”PLEASE!!!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!! PLEASE!!!!”.-Screamed Kate, looking around her.

To her despair and surprise, Kate realized that everyone on the gym, but her, had fallen in the same catatonic state. Almost immediately, the woman understood that they had been attacked by some kind of psychic beam. Maybe one of the villains that escaped from the SHADO facility was there. 

“But…Why am I not affected?”.-Thought Kate.-“Why the…?...THE MASK!!!! THE MASK IS PROTECTING ME!!!”.-Reasoned the woman. Then she looked for the golden item into her handbag and placing it on her face, Kate screamed.-“BY THE POWER OF MIGHT!!!!”.-Against that kind of odds, Kate Spencer was unable to help her own son or the other people but, as Miss Muscle, her alter ego, she could help all of them. It was her only chance.

A golden aura surrounded her and the transformation began. The pudgy body of the scholar teacher called Kate Spencer grew and grew in height and muscularity, tearing apart her clothes in the process. Seconds later, Kate had disappeared, replaced by a blonde goddess called Miss Muscle, a muscular, voluptuous, 6 feet platinum blonde masked amazon.

With a simple though, part of the golden<span lang="EN-US"> mask began to melt. Small trails of golden metal began to slide down along the ample chest and deep cleavage of the super woman. The large mask that, at the beginning, covered totally her face, now just only covered her eyes and nose, revealing her defined cheeks and jaw…and her fleshy lips.

The rest of the metal, ductile and malleable, covered a small part of her large, perfectly rounded 72HH bust with an intricate ornament, covering chastity her nipples and cupping the ample, rounded bottom of her cantaloupes. As the same way, her womanhood was covered too…but barely. In fact, her skimpy attire resembled the slave´s Leia bikini.

“I will back, Billy. I swear you….”.-Muttered the powerful woman to her son. Then, she run outside the gym, leading her way to the upper promenade of the mall, ready to face the responsible of that attack and save her son.

In seconds, the golden amazon reached the promenade. The explosions had ceased but, all along the way, there were people on the ground, catatonic as the others. Somehow, with the corner of her sapphire eyes, in the Burger Queen at her left, Miss Muscle saw movement. 

Leading her way to the place with long strides from her sculptural legs, the heroine saw, in surprise, as five members of SHADO, dressed with those futuristic combat armors, where carrying the unconscious customers to one corner of the restaurant. During a moment, she thought that they were helping them but, immediately, she realized that in wasn´t possible…they were piling the bodies!!!.-“What is happening here????”.-Thought the Maiden on Muscle. A second later, the muscular golden woman rushed into the place through the large window, landing in the middle of the restaurant among a rain of shattered crystals.-“Well, Boys. You have a second to explain yourself or…..”.-Roared with authority the voluptuous amazon, taking an aggressive pose, tensing to the limit every muscle of her developed physique.

The SHADO agents, at unison, raised their heads and stared her, trying to understand who was that almost nude, busty, muscular woman and why was she still conscious. During long five seconds, they kept their hidden eyes over her, mute, immobile. Then, at unison, they drew their insidious multi-rod.

A tremor went through their spine. The movements and behavior seemed unnatural. In fact, they seemed as zombies…or marionettes controlled by someone else. The five agents wielded the multi-rods, which shone with an ominous blue light, during a few seconds. The self confident of Kate began to fade. She wasn´t a fighter, she were unskilled on martial arts...and she remembered the painful effect of those rods over.

The agents began to walk around her, surrounding her as a pack of wolves, just waiting the chance to attack. Miss Muscle didn´t know what to do. She was stronger than them, she was sure of that. The last day, she had kicked the metallic ass of a few SHADO battle bots but…The maiden of muscle spin over herself, trying to cover all her attackers, but her nervousness grew and grew at every second.

Then, almost a minute later, one on the SHADO man broke the formation and attacked her….on silence, startling her. The man raised his multi-rod over his head, ready to hit the head of the golden woman with that. By instinct, Miss Muscle raised her own muscular arm grabbing his armored wrist in the middle of air. Kate felt the amazing strength of the servo-systems of the armor, trying to overcome her own strength. In vain. She was much stronger than him. With her free hand, the blonde amazon punched the armored torso of her foe. And, though Kate was sure that she hadn´t used all her strength, the SHADO agent flew backward to the air, landing heavily on the kitchen of the restaurant. Kate was amazed of her prowess but, immediately, she had to face to another attacker, which was trying to stab her with the multi rod. 

By just an inch, the muscular amazon got to dodge the rod, stepping aside her massive frame. Unfortunately for her foe, he was unable to stop on time due to his impulse. With his back exposed an defenceless, without any doubt, Miss Muscle just pushed him hard, sending him out of the Burger Queen though one of the wooden walls of the place.

Before she could enjoy of her successful attack, with the corner of her eye, Kate realized that the third agent was really close to her. Extending her massive arm, the voluptuous titaness turned her body to her opponent, hitting him on his chest, launching him heavily backwards along the place, destroying the furniture along his way. But, unfortunately, this time his rod had reached its target, bruising her rippling abdominals, just on her navel.

Miss Muscle howled in pain and, instinctively, she placed her hands over her damaged, aching belly, distracting her a few valuable seconds of the fight. Unfocused of the combat, Kate didn´t realized as the two agents remaining fell over her. Totally distracted, Kate was unable to avoid as the rod rods remaining were nailed on the sides of her huge rounded orbs of flesh.

Miss Muscle´s body twitched in pain and a deafening howl of agony could be heard along the mall. Her sapphire eyes blurred in tears while her face froze in a grim of pure pain. She was totally stunned and paralyzed. Then, the agents hit her behind her knees. Another wave of unbearable pain went through her body and another howl of pure agony left her throat. Her mauled legs folded immediately, sending the voluptuous golden titaness to her knees. Finally, as a coup de grace, they nailed their rods on her temples.

A mute screech of pure agony froze on her mouth while millions of volts went through her brain, short circuiting her neurons and nervous synapsis. The brain of an ordinary man…or woman would have been burned by the energy applied against her skull. Somehow, her physiology were much more resilience…she will survive but the pain inflicted sent her into oblivion. The heroine, as a cutting tree, fell to the ground with her breasts first among nervous spasms.


Miss Muscle finally opened her blurred, sapphire eyes, moaning confused. She was dizzy, with a terrible headache. She felt every fiber of her portentous musculature numb and her enormous bust on the point to explode as nukes.

Little by little, Miss Muscle realized of her predicament. She was on her knees, held firmly in that position by a pair of SHADO agents (or SHADO marionettes) that grabbed her arms. Though she was stronger than them, in that moment, her body seemed made of pure lead and she was weak as a kitten.

“So, finally our guest awakes. I am simply impressive about the way in which you dispatched a few of my puppets. Really, I am impressive by the fact that you have survived to the multiple impacts of multi-rods….”.-Said a hissing voice in front of her.

Miss Muscle raised slowly her head. A sudden wave of vertigo hit her but she controlled it. In front of her, there was a tall, thin man. His skin was pale and cerulean, and his face was haggard. And his eyes… His eyes were totally black. Besides, his skull seemed abnormally large, as bulbous.

“Tell me who are you, pathetic woman, because, obviously, you are not the leader of the rebel steroids alliance. Tell me who are you or suffer the wrath of Ultramind.!!!”.-Roared pompously the man in front of her. Then, his eyes began to shine in black. Kate screeched in pain when she felt her brain squeezed by the mental power of the villain. Seconds later, the villain released her.

The golden amazon was stunned and dizzy, defenseless at the hands…and mind of that freak. Somehow, Kate remembered the reason why she was there, the reason why she was fighting. Then, the golden maiden of muscle stared to his eyes holding his look.-“I…I am the woman that it is on the point to kick your ass!!!”.-Declared proudly Miss Muscle, though she had no idea about how to do it.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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