What has happened to Scarlett O'Brien?

Storyline Miss Muscle: The day after
Characters Miss Muscle
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John Smith, AKA The Thinker glanced through a large screen the battered, naked, dying body of Scarlet O´Brien, that lied motionless on a metallic surgeon table, while a pair of his doctors took care of her wounds. That lab was in the deepest part of his Docks Lair, almost a mile under the surface, on a abandoned (and "forgotten") cold war nuclear bunker. The Thinker didn´t want unexpected visitors as his "new recruit", Miss Muscle. Though that woman was more muscle than brain, even Miss Leia-with-big-balloons could find by accident any on his real activities. And, by the moment, he didn´t desire that.

Kitalama/Killino had severely damaged the magnificent middle aged body of the former heroine. Long, deep cuts had been opened along her face, breasts, torso, abdomen, arms and legs, which revealed the insane, cruel, psychotic personality of the SHADO director. In fact, The Thinker was surprised that Red would be still alive after such a painful wounds and the massive lose of blood. Unfortunately, before his agent "rescued" her, Kitalama surgeons had removed the alien implant that had given her powers. It had been a annoyance for him but he had always a plan B under his sleeve (and a Plan C, D and E). Miss O´Brien could be endowed with his own, more predictable and secure, implants. But, somehow, the main purpose of "the rescue" of the woman was still intact.

His surgeons had made a great job, stabilizing her dying body and replacing her lost blood by a synthetic, more efficient one. But they had still many work to do on her body. About her mind, it was his task. The insidious man made his way to the lab. Once his body was decontaminated, he came in into the sterile surgery room. The Thinker stared one more time that scorched body. But with the help of his superior technology, her destroyed beauty could be recovered...and with his superior intelligence and mental manipulation arts, a loyal, lethal meta henchwoman could be won.

With a gesture of his head, The Thinker commanded to one of his technicians to awake her. Without any doubt, the man obeyed. In seconds, the blurred green eyes of Scarlet wide opened and a scream of agony left her fleshy, cut lips. Immediately, the technician released an small dose of painkillers on her blood. The pain was still there, but it was bearable for her.

"Relax, Miss O´Brien. You are with friends now....".-Said the villain gently.-"Who...who are you?".-Asked Miss O´Brien, trying to control the pain that still scorched her battered body. The Thinker asked with a warm smile on his lips.-"My name is Smith. John Smith. My employers rescued you.".-"Rescued me? I...I don´t.....No...I....I remember now....Miss...Miss Kitalama...No....She...she was...SHE WAS A KILLINO!!!!.".-Yelled Scarlet. Then, she focused her eyes on her naked body to see, in all its cruelty, her destroyed body. A deafening screech of rage and desperation sounded on the room.

"Try to keep calm, Miss O´Brien. Though everybody had abandoned you, though you are not important for anyone, you are between friends now. We have been the unique people that had helped you...and we can help you even more. Just....".-Began to lie The Thinker.-"I...I WILL SKIN THAT FUCKED BITCH. I...I...I.....".-Roared Scarlet. Then, she broke to cry.-"Don´t worry about that Miss O´Brien. We will help you. We will cure your body....Then, we will help you to get justice....or revenge...".Said with confident the villain, placing gently his hand on a shoulder of the crying woman.-"Recruiting this one has been really easy...".-Thought The Thinker.


"Breakfast?...Eeehhhh...aaaahhh".-Babbled the journalist confused and stunned. An small voice deep on her mind told her that something was wrong there. That woman, those VIP´s. Her primal survival instinct was screaming for running away of that place. Somehow, her will was unable to obey her instinct. That sexy body...that rounded breasts...that sweet voice...that...that...that green, mesmerizing eyes....

Adele Merviellaux smiled gently, satisfied of herself. She realized that, though her prey, usually, wasn´t feel attracted by women (thought she was a sexual icon for many of them), she had succumbed fast under her charms.

"But, If you want another thing to taste?".-Whispered seductively the French teacher, coming close to the frozen journalist, till her voluptuous bodies touched again. The avatar of Yig caressed gently the left cheek of Suzy.

"N....nnn...no. Miss...Miss...Miss Merviellaux. Quest....questi......questions...I...I have....".-Got to stutter the journalist.-"Darling!!! I will response any question you make me.....".-Say sensually Ms Merviellaux, approaching her fleshy lips to the opened mouth of Suzy and rubbing slightly her bust against the ample, rounded bosoms of the stunned journalist.-"She is not totally spent!!!! Thought the villainess in surprise. Her determination is stronger than I expected!!!!"-Then, she felt against her own breasts as the nipples of her victim grew and grew harder and harder under her satin blouse.-"No one can resist me, puny woman. Just a little push and you will be mine....".-Smiled the seductive daughter of the serpents, hearing as Suzy Slander began to heave in ecstasy.".-A few seconds more....".-Thought the villainess, sliding her free hand under the dark skirt of the mesmerized, blonde journalist, looking for her womanhood, which was already soaked with her inner fluids and close to explode in a orgasm.

"MISS STANDER!!! MISS STANDER!!!! THERE IS A META INCIDENT IN NEW BRADBURY!!!! IN THE CENTER MALL!!! WE HAVE TO GO THERE!!!!".-The small Asian helper of Ms Stander, Graciela Park entered as a typhoon into the house, breaking the charm over the anchor woman.

Ms Stander blinked twice, confused, unable to remember what had happened or why she was so horny in front of that French teacher. Embarrassed, the journalist apologized.-"We...well. We...we will interview you in...other...other day...Ex...excuse me. MS...Ms...Ms...".-Stammered Suzy, making her way, stunned, out of the house, trying to contain the orgasm that menace to explode in any moment under her skirt. Ms Park wondered what had happened between those two women in that minute but she imagined that it had been something really exciting, considering the size of the nipples that outlined the sheer blouse of her boss.


Maxine Flynn drove to the hospital, where he had been led after the tactical action of the last night.-"Damned stupid!!!! The situation was under control!!! You didn´t need to take part on it!!! You are not a meta as Graviton or Jet!!!".-Thought enraged the red haired agent with her ex-boyfriend.

With long strides of her legs, the small woman made her way through the corridors of the Memorial Hospital of Alpha City till the private room in which Peter Johnson was being attended. Close to his bed, nurse Bodet was monitoring him. His injuries seemed more severe that they had expected. Maxine didn´t like her. So nice, so emphatic...so sexy dressed with that skimpy, clingy nurse uniform....Somehow, her meta talent and her competence as nurse had been tested many time successfully. Peter was in good hands.

Nurse Bodet greeted her, but her voice sounded worried.-"Good morning Miss Flynn. I supposed to that you will come here....I can´t imagine someone better to stay with him now...."-Say Bodet sadly.-"How...how bad is it?".-Asked Maxine, trying to contain the tears that began to appear on her eyes.-"We have called Dr Nightingale....".-Answered Bodet.-"So. It is really serious....".-Said Maxine, grabbing the hand of the unconscious man.-"We are doing our best, miss Flynn, but....".-Said Bodet, placing gently her hands over her shoulders. But Maxine didn´t hear her any longer. Her mind was just focused on the man that she still loved, despite of the years that had passed since her relationship had finished.


"I can´t afford it. It is too expensive for our incomes....".-Said Kate to her son. Minutes later, they had arrived to The Center, the largest mall of Alpha City , on the heart of New Bradbury District. The Center, and every one of its thousand of shops were opened 24 hours-a-day all the days of the year...and it was far enough of her home to Kate´s purpose.-"But The Black Tiger....".-Protested Billy.-"....is too expensive for us. Also, I think that the Gym is more a social club for former heroes than a real gym. I only want to be of fit, just all, son.".-Sentenced Kate.-"Though if Graviton train there, I would be pleased to pay the bill".-Thought the school teacher, imagining as the muscular man held her 'barbells' with his large hands."

"Then, let´s try Miss Muscle´s gym".-Said Billy.-"What...what did you say?".-Asked confused Kate, wondering if her son had discovered by chance her alter ego.-"Cora Everhard Gym. A few years ago, when was a pro, she was known as Miss Muscle. She retired when the federation authorized the use of 'legal' drugs for the competitors. I read, on one of my magazines that you tried to seize me, that her gym was here...If you only want to be on fit, I suppose that it is your best option...".-Said Billy.

"Well, let´s try".-Thought Kate, though she supposed that a gym run by a ex-pro would be too expensive for her too. Also, she realized that Billy seemed disappointed by her decision. In a weird idea, she thought that her son expected that her mother became in a pro bodybuilder woman as the woman of his magazines....Then, another weird idea hit her mind. What if he get a pic of me as Miss Muscle? Big muscles and big breasts!!!! A lethal mix on the mind of a teenager, especially because Miss Muscle was her own mother. Kate tried to avoid the image of Billy, closed on the toilet with such a pic in one hand meanwhile the other hand was on....."Enough Kate. You will be insane if you think on that way. Besides. You will not Miss Muscle many time. Just find Miss O´Brien and then...". But She didn´t know what she would make after that.


Finally, they arrived to the Cora´s Gym. To her surprise, it was a discrete place, situated in the basement of one of the secondary wings of the mall. When they were on the point to come into the gym, a nubian 6' 6'' mountain of muscles were on the point to run over them.-"There is no need to come back, Karen!!!!".-Yelled a feminine voice from inside.-"None of us needs your 'merchandising'!!!! GET LOST".

Surprised, they finally got the hall of the gym, just to discover the origin the origin of the voice, a 5'6'' athletic blonde woman, dressed with a green spandex sport top and short green leggings. The sapphire eyes of Kate wide opened in surprise. That athletic woman was clearly on her middle forties. Somehow, she had a body that Kate had never imagined to get even on her twenties. Specially, Kate stared her rounded shoulders and her flat, rippling abdominals. They were nothing compare with the assets of her as Miss Muscle but, for a ordinary woman, even for a woman with her age, the slightly, but well defined musculature of her was simply impressive.

"Good morning, Mrs. My name is Rain. Rain Hollitt. May I help you?".-Smiled the woman.


Minutes later, Kate was sure that it was the place she needed. It wasn´t really expensive. in fact, it was really cheap according with the services that it offered. During the tour along the facility, Rain had showed different areas, not only to get muscle, but also to learn martial arts. And to her surprise, all the men and women that trained on the gym, seemed ordinary people as her, and evidently,  though they chat each other, the main purpose of all of them was the training.

"Well, Mrs. Hollitt...Rain. I want to be a member of this gym. It is simply magnificent!!!".-Said Kate, exultant.

"Glad to hear you, Kate. Besides, you are lucky. Usually, Cora came to train here on the nocturnal shift...and she likes to teach the basis to the rookies. So, if you are so...Began to say Rain when a deafening explosion shook the place and the lights turned off. Other explosions could be hear outside the place. The Mall was under attack.

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