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Storyline Miss Muscle: The day after
Characters Miss Muscle
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Minutes before, Jessica 'Bunny" Rabbittowski had felt as something, or someone, was drilling her brain, avoiding her to think straight. Screeching in pain, she had fallen on the tatami of the Black Tiger, grabbing desperately her temples.  On her desire to become in a heroine as the image that had appeared, and talked on the mirror, the young Jessica had decided to train her body and get martial arts kills with experts…and the best of all only could be found in the “Black Tiger”, the most exclusive gym of Alpha City. But her training had been suddenly interrupted by…what? Seconds later, the pain had disappeared, leaving her only a slight headache…and the feeling that something was wrong.  

Staggering, dizzy, sweaty, ‘bunny’ stood over her feet and stared around her, just to see as all the people on the place were fallen on the ground, unconscious. 

–“What the hell…”.-Muttered the teenager, confused, walking among the fallen bodies.-“Hey, Johnnie, Wake up!  WAKE UP!!!!”.-Yelled Jessica to her handsome, muscular personal trainer, but the man, though he was alive, didn´t awake.

–“It seems a job for Bunny Girl…”.-Said a voice at her side… Her illusive ‘twin sister’, the image what Jessica wanted to become, had returned. Dressed as the own Jessica, with a pink, provocative sport bra and pink, clinging leggings, somehow, the illusion was a bit taller and much bustier and muscular than the 16 years old, black haired, girl.

-“This is not funny. Damned!!! What is happening with them?”.-Replied Jessica.

-“I don´t know…Darling. But, you can stay here hidden, wondering what the hell is happening or….”.-Said her athletic, enhanced reflex, grinning her.-“...or I could investigate...as a good heroine would do…”.-Smiled Jessica, staring her ‘twin’ with her blue eyes.

With self confidence, Jessica made her way out of the gym. Scared, the girl noted that everyone at her sight on the mall was unconscious as the customers of the gym. Fear hit her soul.

-“Why am I awake?”.-Thought Jessica.-“How can I awake them?”.-Wondered the teenager, walking along the mall, became in a large, sinister cemetery. Then, suddenly, a sound of fighting got her attention.

With long strides from her tanned, defined cheerleader legs, Jessica reached the place of the combat, a Burger Queen Restaurant. Her blue eyes wide eyes when the girl saw as the blonde titannes who she was fallen in love, was been hitting by two men dressed with futuristic combat armor with SHADO emblems on them. Jessica was confused. It was supposed that SHADO were the good guys. Why those men were beating up the marvelous woman that had saved her life on the museum? Was she perchance a villainess? Jessica couldn´t believe that. The amazing golden masked woman that had embraced on the museum couldn´t be a bad person.

Paralized, Jessica could feel the unbearable agony on the masked face of the golden titannes when the SHADO men hit her temples with their murderous multi-rods and, with astonishment, the teenager saw as, seconds later, the massive heroine fell as a cutting tree to the ground, while her perfectly defined, muscular body trembled in spasms.

-“It…it can´t be…”.-Muttered Jessica with incredulity, paralyzed.

-“Poor Jessica. It seems that your mighty, admired icon can be beaten easily…”-Jeered her ‘twin’, grinning her.

“I…I…I have to save her!!! I…I must….”.-Muttered Jessica, but she felt paralyzed by fear. If a strong woman as her had been beaten...Which were her own chances to defeat those SHADO agent?.

-“You should look for another idol, maybe Amazon…or Top Hat. She is a busty rookie. So muscular…but so weak.”.-Added the reflex of Jessica with scorn on her voice.

Easily, thanks to their servo-armour, the SHADO agents took the 270 lbs muscular, flaccid body of the heroine, dragging her out to the burger.  The pathetic view of the helpless of the beauty titaness that had helped her enraged Jessica.

-“Shut Up! Don´t say such a horrible thing of her! I have to help her! I will help her!”.-Said the teenager with renewed confident….-”… I…I will make that she love me…”.-Whispered, expressing her inner, secret yearning. 

Then, at the other side of the promenade, Jessica saw a costume store and smiled. It was a sign of fortune to make, to become, to get what Jessica wanted and desired most on her life


-“I…I am the woman that it is on the point to kick your ass!!!”.-Declared proudly Miss Muscle, staring at the totally black eyes of the psycho called Ultramind.

-“Ha, ha, ha…Proud last words, tomboy, but you can´t beat the power of the mind…MY MIND!!!”.-Yelled with arrogance the villain, lengthening his hand to her masked face.-“But first, I will unmask you…”.-Added ominously the man.

-“Don´t…don´t you dare….bastard!!!!”.-Declared Miss Muscle, trying to conceal her fear. If Ultramind removed her golden mask, she would become in the powerless Kate!!!! Desperate, the blonde, busty titaness struggled fiercely, but she was still too weak to break the grasp of the zombified SHADO agents that grabbed her by her muscular arms. 

With a evil smile on his lips, the man grabbed the golden mask of the heroine and pulled back of it. To their surprise, the mask didn´t move. It seemed melted with the skin of the muscular, blonde maiden. Ultramind grunted in frustration while the confident of Kate increased a bit, feeling as her numb muscles awakes. 

-“What is wrong with you, egg-head? Can´t you remove a simple mask for a defenceless woman?”.-Jeered Miss Muscle with a smile on her fleshy lips.

In response, Ultramind slapped her face with force.-“DON´T JEER OF ME, BITCH!!!!. I AM ULTRAMIND!!! YOU WILL LEARN TO FEAR ME!!! ”.-Yelled infuriated the villain, nailing his long fingers on her temples, applying brutally his mental power against her mind. 

The golden heroine gasped deep, while her sapphire eyes fluttered and her massive, kneeled physique trembled in spasms.-“I WILL BOIL YOUR BRAIN, BITCH!!! SUFFER!!!!SUFFER MY RAGE!!!!”.-Howled Ultramind, pressing harder and harder his fingers against the skull of Miss Muscle, whose wide opened mouth began to dribble


Kate had never suffered such an agony on her live, neither when those SHADO agents had beaten her head with their multi-rods. Feeling as if was fallen deep into a dark, cold abyss of pain, her conscious in a desert…the same desert of her nightmare. She didn’t know why but she was sure of that. Another sudden, sharp pain went through her massive body when she realized that she was impaled by a immense cutlass. Miss Muscle could see the curved tip of the mammoth bladed weapon appearing between her enormous, firmly rounded boobs, bathed completely in her own blood, which soaked the sand under her knees and the large blade that she had grip on her dream of the past night.  Around her, the muscular, dying golden maiden could hear ominous, sinister, scaring hissing, as millions of poisonous serpents, rejoicing on her predicament.  

The blonde amazon tried to raised her head to remove her sapphire eyes of the bloody show of her pierced, bleeding chest but the effort made her to cough up blood over her bust, over the growing puddle of blood created by the terrible wound of her cleavage.

-."Yhukara Yig...Ithxkara Yig...".-Said a hissing voice behind her. Suddenly, the doomed golden warrioress felt as a handful of her platinum blonde mane was grabbed and her head was abruptly pulled back with force.

Kate screeched in agony and fear when her eyes saw the face of her attacker, her killer.   Because what the woman was seeing was the face of a large cobra serpent with human facial features...or a human with cobra-serpent facial features, staring her with cruel green eyes, smiling her with a sinister grim on its mouth.

"Ghatush Yig...".-Said the monster, opening its mouth, showing its terrible, dripping poison teethes and viscous, viperine tongue.

"Drogalha nuth Yig...".-Replied the golden warrioress, though she didn´t know the meaning of those words. In fact, she didn't know the meaning of the whole dialog. Conscious of her fate, Kate tried to grab the enormous blade that, soaked in blood, laid on her knees, but her large, muscular arms remained flaccid, deprived of strength, along her voluptuous sides.

"YIG!!!!!!!".-Screeched the creature, launching its monstrous face against the defenseless, broad neck of the golden warrioress to bite her jugular vein with its poisoned fangs...


Abruptly, Kate´s conscious returned to the mall. Though she still felt the agony of the cutlass piercing her chest and the fear of the view of that human-cobra hybrid killing her, the muscular woman realized that the mental assault of Ultramind had ceased.

Getting over her dizziness and weakness,  Miss Muscle´s blurred eyes saw as Ultramind was fallen, barely conscious at few yards of her while, a bit farther, a woman, in fact, a busty teenager dressed with a pink, masked attire of a play boy bunny fought to avoid the blows from the multi-rod of the SHADO agents that, seconds before, were rendering defenseless in front of the villain. The girl was agile, really agile, but the SHADO agents had been able to cornered her. It was a matter of time that their murderous rods hit her.

"I...I must...".-Muttered Miss Muscle, trying to get on their feet. That mysterious bunny girl had given her a few seconds. Now, she had to take advantage of them.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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